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Rachel has no choice but to call Erick after leaving the Watson Family. However, she also respects Ericks decision. If Erick doesn want to go, she won force him to go. After all, her sister has too much prejudice against him, and its really embarrassing for him to have dinner with Jayson at the same table.

Unexpectedly, Erick agreed after knowing this.

Erick himself also knows that its useless to hide some things. If he should have a showdown, hes not hiding from others, let alone afraid of some people.

At the beginning, he dared to say that in the hall of the Watson Family. Naturally, he was well prepared. Ravella didn feel for him, and even humiliated him in every way, which proved that the fate between the two people could only end here.

If he hides all day, it will make people feel guilty and dare not face the fact.

Erick is a person who values feelings, but he is definitely not an indecisive person.

Watson Family, only Watson mother, Watson father and Ravella.

Three people sat on the sofa.

”Since the incident that happened on my mothers 70th birthday, in order to avoid gossip, our Watson Family decided to let him stay in our Watson Family for a few days. After the three-year appointment ended immediately, we drove him out in good faith. It also showed the style of our Watson Family. ”

”Now your sister has become the project leader again. She is rich in oil and water. Your boyfriends family has also resumed cooperation with Pearl Group. Everything is developing in a good direction. Ravella, don have too much resentment. Anyway, your sisters fool won spend money. Isn it all our familys money? ”

”When the time is ripe, you can get the person in charge of the project, plus the Scarr Family, maybe we can become the richest man in the forefront of Charlottenburg District. ” Samuel was immersed in his dream.

”Yes, Ravella, you know what we love most is you. Your sisters character is doomed to be unable to do great things. In the future, it is impossible to give the family to her. For the time being, be calm and take your time. ” Knowing that her daughter was in a bad mood these two days, Yanna couldn help comforting her.

”Ive already wanted to open up. I just took this opportunity to invite them to dinner and talk about me with Erick and Jayson. Otherwise, everyone really thought I was the fiancee of the dead waste! ” Ravella looked up proudly.

The next day, Ravella and Jayson set up a private room early.

As a star restaurant in Charlottenburg District, the consumption of that restaurant is not cheap. A meal costs hundreds of dollar per person on average. There are thousands of dollar per table. With private room fees and drinks, luxury can even eat tens of thousands of dollar.

Ravella chose here for a reason. Let Erick take a good look at the gap, crush her sense of superiority naturally, and tell other students and friends that she is doing well now.

Soon, several of Jaysons classmates arrived and occupied several upper positions.

”Brian, Justin and Xavier, you know my three brothers, too, ” Jayson said.

After a while, Ravellas friends who had a good time also entered the private room.

”Mouza and Tiara, lets get to know each other. There will be more opportunities to play together in the future. If you look at each other, leave a wechat. You can make an appointment alone. My sisters are all single dogs. ” Ravella smiled and blinked.

”Who else? Ravella, who else did you invite? Why are there two vacant seats? ” Tiara looked at the two lowest positions.

”There are two more, you should have guessed, my sister Rachel and the boy Erick. ” Ravella tilted her mouth.

”Ah? Ravella, your fiance? ” Tiara opens her mouth wide.

We all know that Ravella hates Erick very much. She has changed her sex today. Invite him to dinner?

”Don talk nonsense. Ive long abandoned my relationship with him. That boy is an orphan. My grandmother used to see him pitiful and take him in. As a result, the boy took himself too seriously and wanted to marry me? Daydreaming! ”

”Now my boyfriend is super brother. I have officially agreed to the pursuit of super brother! ” Ravella quickly explained.

”So it is … You should have kicked him away. How much shame did that boy make you lose? ” Tiara said.

”Shh … ” Mouza put her fingers on her lips and winked at them.

The crowd looked at the door of the private room. Erick and Rachel appeared there.

”Are you all here? Sit down quickly. After this meal, some people should know how to do it. I don need to call the roll! ” Ravella said strangely.

Erick was expressionless and naturally sat down with Rachel to the bottom two seats.

”Erick, you
e so poor that you can bear to eat a takeout. Ill take you to qiweizhai for consumption today. Don have anything to do with me in the future. Its just that you were tough that day, and our engagement relationship ended ahead of schedule. However, you can still live in my Watson Family these days, but I still advise you to find a house quickly these days, otherwise don say Im not considerate. ”

”Isn it the same with accommodation? It can save rent money and improve life. ” Jayson smiled.

”Thats right. It iss so considerate, Erick. Thank you, Jayson? ” Ravella kindly took Jaysons arm.

”Ravella, I … ”

”Don call Ravella. Can you call it? Is it your fiancee? Also Ravella, Ravella. ” Jayson directly interrupted Erick.

”OK, Ravella Watson, I promised to have this meal today. I also want to solve the matter between us. I know that these three years have brought you a lot of inconvenience because of me. Anyway, the three-year period is coming soon, and you are free. I won entangle you, ” Erick said.

He is also a man and has dignity. He is extremely disappointed in a woman, which is probably the case.

”Interesting, good! ” Jayson gave a thumbs up.

Then the waiter began to serve.

It has to be said that the dishes of restaurant are some cauliflower dishes that are difficult to see in ordinary times. They are beautiful. A candle is inserted in the middle. Its not much emotional. People eat and drink, and soon someone gets drunk.

”Oh, Jayson? I heard that your family broke off cooperation with Pearl Group? Are you still engaged in drug agency? ” Justin asked.

”Hey hey, to be honest, we resumed cooperation with the Pearl Group yesterday. Thanks to Ravellas help, todays meal is actually a celebration banquet. Ill treat you. Lets eat! ” Speaking of this matter, Jayson couldn close his mouth and his expression was happy.

Yesterday, his father was very happy to know and rewarded him with tens of thousands of pocket money.

Later, he will even slowly start to take over the family industry. At that time, Jayson is a real little rich!

Next, Rachel, the most meritorious person, sat there alone and ate with her head down. She didn want to grab the credit.

Erick glanced at Rachel, saw the latter silent and sighed faintly.

Apart from Erick, who can make Graymer Group change its decision, Im afraid Rachel is the only one? Because of Ericks relationship, now Graymer Group knows a lot about Rachel. The girl is soft hearted. Her sister chews her ears in front of her. Im afraid she will help immediately. What a silly girl.

Suddenly Jaysons mobile phone rang. After answering the phone, ”Jack? Im in the restaurant. Yes, yes, yes, come on, come on, you
e eating. Come and have a drink. Yes, yes, yes, Ill treat you. Come quickly. Don talk to me! ”

After hanging up the phone, Jayson explained to Ravella, ”My friend in high school just came back from abroad. I forgot to be busy with this meal today. Ill introduce you to authentic returnees and single girls later! ”

After a while, a young man dressed in foreign style entered the private room with his bag on his back, said a foreign language he didn understand, and said hello to the people. As a result, he glanced and saw that there was no place … Exactly nine positions were occupied, and there was no place to add seats.

Obviously, Jayson and Ravella are also aware of the embarrassment.

”Erick, get up and give a seat to my brother Jack! ” His eyes turned around, and suddenly Jayson shouted at Erick who was buried in eating.

”The poor man … He hasn eaten for ten years. If he doesn say a word, he should eat there and be full. ” Brians smile was full of sarcasm.

”Erick, you should also eat well? Give Jack a seat. If you are not full, you can fish and eat on the side. Ill ask the waiter to bring you a chair. ” Ravella followed.

The so-called fishing, in fact, is to stand on the side and eat vegetables. Generally, there are no seats. Only when the younger generation gets the next seat will it be like this. For the peers, it is very disrespectful, so Ericks face sank.

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