Best Of The Best Son-In-Law


A word, full of surprise!

Everyone in the Watson Family explained that they were stunned. No one expected that this loser who had been in the Watson Family for three years would be so sharp today.

The incredible expression on everyones face.

Only Rachel clenched her lips and gave Erick a distressed look. She didn know how far a man had to be forced to make such an angry roar.

”Waste! Waste! ” Different from Rachel, Ravella almost wants to kill Erick on the spot!

Erick scolded her for not being a woman in front of dozens of people. Where did she put her face? The big family is the most polite and can tolerate damaging the family style.

While she was in collusion with Jayson, she was also seen by the public, so Erick didn slander her.

”Enough! ”

The old woman scolded angrily. ”Get him out of here. I don want to see him again! ”

”Take your rags and get out of here! ” Ravella was so angry that she picked up the bronze bracelet on the table and wanted to smash it on Ericks head.

”Stop! ”

At this time, there was a sudden reprimand under the stage.

Ravellas action was immediately stiff.

The next second, a middle-aged man wearing reading glasses hurried forward and came to Ravella.

”Miss Watson, this bronze bracelet can be thrown. If it hits the ground, it will break. ” The middle-aged man wiped the cold sweat on his head and said.

”Who are you? What does it matter to you whether this broken bracelet is broken or not? ” Ravella is furious and doesn know why.

”Ravella, don be rude. ” The old woman drank in a deep voice, ”this gentleman is master Landon. ”

”Master Landon? ”

”Is it the one on the treasure program? ”

”It seems true. I saw him on the treasure program. He is a special guest. ”

”Special guest? I remember! His full name is Benedic Landon. He is a famous treasure expert in the antique industry. ”

”Yes, yes, he has a nickname called Benedic Landon. It is said that he can tell the year of antiques at a glance. ”

”Why is master Landon interested in that waste bronze bracelet? ”

”Can you say … ”

The crowd could not help but turn their eyes to the bronze Bracelet in Ravellas hand.

”Old Miriam, if you don like it, Landon is willing to pay one million for this bronze bracelet. ” Benedic Landon arched his hand. Up to now, he can hide.

In fact, at the first moment Erick took out the bronze bracelet, he found that the bronze bracelet was wrong. It was too old!

It is likely to be a cultural relic of the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period!

Absolutely priceless!

I thought that after receiving such a precious gift, the old Miriam should smile and bloom happily.

But I didn expect that the old Miriam had no eyes. He not only didn know the treasure, but also had to drive out the people who sent the treasure.

Whats more, Ravella has to smash the treasure, which makes her how to bear it.

A million, buy a bronze bracelet?

The audience was silent, and everyone was like a sculpture, petrified on the spot.

Especially the old Miriam, with an old face, is even more painful. She just said that the bracelet was fake in front of everyone.

In the twinkling of an eye, Landon ghost eye came to her.

At this time, even a fool can understand that the bronze bracelet given by Erick is true.

”Unexpectedly, this waste really gave grandma a baby. ”

”What kind of shit luck did this trash get? Why did he die so well? ”

The publics comments made Jayson lose face. He didn expect that the things given by Erick by mistake were really worth a million.

Ravella was unconvinced. ”What if his broken bracelet is true? The Bright Moon In The Sea sent by our super brother is no worse than his broken bracelet. ”

”More than 800000 items? More than 8000 items are almost the same. ” Benedic sneered. He couldn listen. He had never seen such a brazen man in the Watson Family.

”What does Master Landon mean? ”

”What more than 8000 pieces? Is master Landon talking about Jaysons painting? ”

The Watson Family were stunned.

”He knew what I said. ” Benedic glanced at Jayson disdainfully. What he hated most in his life was Jayson, a man who practiced fraud.

”Wait … What do you know? ” Jaysons tongue was knotted and he was sweating.

”What are you talking about? Are you sure everyone in the room is a fool? ” Benedic sneered.

”I don understand what you mean. ” Jayson stubbornly denied it.

At this time, Benedic stepped forward and raised, pinched and pulled his fingers.


The Bright Moon In The Sea, known as 850000, was instantly torn by Benedic.

Everyones mouth is wide open.

Jayson was surprised and angry.

Benedic ignored everyones eyes and directly pulled a thin line from the painting and threw it on the table.

”Do you understand now? ” Benedic Landon sneered.

”Nylon thread! ”

The crowd could not help crying out, and then looked strange.

Anyone with a little common sense knows that nylon thread, a kind of synthetic fiber, was born in 1983 and has only a history of more than 30 years.

The authentic work of The Bright Moon In The Sea was painted by Tommy Daozi for more than 800 years.

Everyone is stupid.

Jaysons face was ugly at this time. He didn expect Benedic to kill him suddenly.

Ravellas face was red and ashamed. She wanted to dig a crack in the ground. She didn expect that her proud Jayson would send a fake picture to her grandmother.

”Master Landon, what do you mean? ” The old Miriams face is also burning at the moment. Benedic not only hit Jayson in the face, but also hit her in the face.

”Its not interesting. ” Benedic glanced at Erick, who looked very calm from beginning to end, and said, ”I just can stand you bullying this little brother like this. ”

”Master Landon is too lenient. This is our family business. ” The old Miriam tried to hold back her anger. If Benedic hadn had some origin, she would have asked someone to drive Benedic out.

”Family? ” Benedic sneered, ”old Miriam is related to bronze bracelets, but its not a family matter. ”

”You know, if I don stop your granddaughter today and let her break the bronze bracelet, what consequences will your Watson Family face? ”

”During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, only three pairs of mother and son rings were produced. The other two pairs had long disappeared in the long river of time due to war and historical reasons. ”

”Now, there is only one pair of child and mother rings left in the world. ”

”So its no exaggeration to say that the child mother ring is the treasure of the country. ”

”Old Miriam, you said that if your granddaughter broke the treasure of the country, would the country sentence her to be innocent? ” Benedic Landon asked with a sneer.

The old Miriam looks ugly. Of course, she will be sentenced. Not only will she be sentenced, but the Watson Family is afraid to face a sky high price of compensation.

”Ravella, bring the bracelet. ” The old Miriam whispered an order. Ravella, panicked and disoriented, nodded hurriedly and respectfully handed the bracelet to the old Miriam.

At the same time, she hated Erick. Why did he send such a precious thing to the old Miriam? She almost hurt her badly.

The old Miriam put away the bronze bracelet, and Benedic knew that there was no hope. He looked around the crowd to find Erick, but found that Erick had left the hall long ago without knowing when.

In the evening, with the end of the banquet, the tide of the Watson Family gradually dispersed, and there were only some core members of the family in the inner hall at this moment.

”The three-year period will end in one month. Now drive him out to attract peoples tongue. You did wrong in this matter, Ravella. You shouldn be so close to other men before terminating the engagement, although the Scarr family is really good. ” The old woman pondered for a while and made her voice first.

”Im just a little wronged. Why should I be angry with that loser? ” Ravella was a little unconvinced.

”Grandma knows you
e wronged, but theres no way. The old man who sent him to our Watson Family three years ago is an old gentleman in the German. He once helped us, the Watson Family and showed some kindness to our Watson Family. Moreover, through the relationship with that person, we also got on the line with Graymer group. Only in this way can we have our Watson Family today. We should not go too far and let people chew behind our backs The root of the tongue. ”

The old woman said, ”Well, we have a project to do with Pearl Group recently. Grandma asked you to be the person in charge of this project to compensate you for your grievances over the past three years. ”

Everyone in the house was envious when they heard this. The project leader? This oil and water, Im afraid it can make her take off in an instant!

Even Derek Watson is a little sour.

Ravella jumped up for a moment of joy, rushed up and grabbed the old mans hand, and shouted sweetly one by one.

Ericks resentment and grievances were swept away in an instant.

Nearby, Ravellas parents looked at each other and smiled. If it weren for the seriousness of the occasion, they would have jumped up and cheered.

In this way, its absolutely worth the past three years. When you kick the boy out completely and marry the Scarr family, whats waiting for them is to see the sky and glory.

Erick naturally doesn know what they are discussing privately. However, he has made his own decision.

Now that the family restriction is lifted, there are many things waiting for him. The first is the asset takeover of Berlin City.

The Lehnsherr Family is not rich, but in business, the Lehnsherr Familys business empire is really invincible, and the worlds top 100 groups are far from enough.

This has led to the prosperity of the Lehnsherr Family. Each of the descendants has to go through three years of experience in order to inherit part of the control of property. Even those with higher seniority like Erick are no exception.

In the center of Berlin City, on the top floor of Cunningham building, when Erick pushed the door in, the executives of Cunningham building had already been waiting here.

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