Dressed up, Ravella came up with Jayson in a suit.

”You gave your gift to this loser. What will you do later? ” Ravella looked at Rachel fiercely.

”Sister, I … ”

”I what, I, get in! Ill settle with you later! ” Ravella showed no mercy.

After scolding Rachel, she turned her eyes to Erick and said sarcastically, ”Waste, you really don want a face at all. You can afford a gift yourself. You even asked my sister to prepare a gift for you! ”

”You really have to lose your face. ”

Ravella really couldn find a word to describe this kind of man. He said that he was flattered by the losers, and the mud couldn help him up to the wall.

”Lets go, Ravella. Go in and celebrate your grandmothers birthday. Whats the matter with silly guy hat here? ” Jayson grabbed Ravellas shoulder, smiled at each other and walked into the room.

They didn give Erick a chance to speak at all. Ericks expression changed and changed. Finally, all kinds of helplessness turned into a faint sigh and followed him into the house.

Today, the Watson Family is full of friends. There are nearly 100 people. There are 20 tables outside. The house is full of people. Most of the younger generation can only enter the inner hall after giving valuable gifts to show their face in front of the old woman, and then they are hurried out by their elders.

The inner hall is too small. The people here are basically Watsons lineage and some boss figures. Ordinary people don have the opportunity to sit here.

”Zachary Landon, Boss Landon of Pentagon District, send a gold silk nanmu plaque, which is worth 100000 Dollar! ”

”Rachel, the third generation of the Watson Family, sent a hundred year old longevity ginseng worth 30000 Dollar. ”

”Derek Watson, the third generation of the Watson Family, sent a pair of high-quality blood jade bracelets worth 500000 Dollar. ”

”The third generation of the Watson Family, Ravella and his friend Jayson, sent the calligraphy and painting, The Bright Moon On The Sea, worth 800000 Dollar! ”

After the ceremony official reported this sentence, the air was quiet, and dozens of eyes couldn help shooting.

Big money, 800000!

Ravella wandered in the eye-catching envy light, with a proud smile on her face. She was light and almost flew.

”Ravella, bring your friend in and let Grandma have a look. ”

Just then, a voice came from the inner hall. It was the old Miriam of The Watson Family who spoke. Everyone was envious. This was the treatment. Only Erick frowned.

But he didn care so much. He handed his gift.

”The bronze Bracelet unearthed in The Warring States period is worth one million, ” Erick said.

”What?! ” The salute officer was stunned, and immediately his face became joking. He didn know Erick. He was not as good as a servant girl and nanny in the Watson Family. How much is he? Bronze bracelets unearthed in the Warring States period? Lying to ghosts?

”Do you know what the price is for cheating the old Miriam? On the 70th birthday of the old Miriam, you cheated and dazzled your eyes. Erick, you have a lot of courage? ”

”Why am I so timid? ” Erick stared at each other.

”OK, OK, you can. Ill see how you end later. ”

The salute officer sneered and did not argue with him, but deliberately increased his voice, ”Watsons redundant son-in-law, Erick, send a bronze Bracelet unearthed in the Warring States period, worth one million! ”

The whole audience was surprised at this remark!

”Ha ha ha … ”

”Erick? Does that boy still have money to give gifts? Can he support himself? ”

”Open your mouth and shut your mouth for a million … You
e crazy about money. Grandma has always loved collecting antiques and stationery. Shes a treasure expert. He made a fake antique to fool grandma. I don know how many jokes to make! ”

Immediately, the whole audience laughed.

”George Lazarr, come in to see me with something and Erick! ”

After an uproar, the old Miriams voice came from the inner hall without accident.

”Erick, you don leave steps for yourself. You haven been humiliated enough in the Watson Family for three years? Why are you so cheap? ” Hearing this, the salute Officer immediately shook his head with Schadenfreude, and then walked in with something.

Erick didn speak, but followed behind.

In the hall, the old woman, dressed in yellow, sat on the leading chair made of mahogany, next to the second generation of the Watson Family, that is, uncle Rachel.

Apart from the core members of the Watson Family, those who can stand here are the bosses who are dignitaries and have cooperative relations with the Watson Family.

Among these people, the more prominent ones are a young man with gold wire glasses behind the old Miriam and a tall woman in a long black skirt. His name is Derek Watson.

He is the third generation heir of the Watson Family. The womans name is Teressa Zoe, the young lady of the Watson Family.

They are the only three generations of young people who can follow the old man.

The salute officer first handed over the moon rising from the sea.

”Grandma, this painting was carefully selected by Jayson and I, and it cost 800000 Dollar. ” Seeing that it was her own thing, Ravella immediately came forward and affectionately took the old Miriams arm and said coquettishly.

”OK, grandma, lets have a look. ” The old Miriam doted and nodded and took over the moon rising from the sea from the courtesy officer.

Just didn look for a few seconds, her eyebrows frowned and couldn help looking at Jayson.

Jayson lowered his head somewhat guilty. He bought the pair of sea rising moon for 8000 dollar. The seller said that the similarity with the authentic work was 99%. Most people can see it at all except professional treasure forensics masters.

”Hows it going, grandma? ” Ravella didn know the painting was fake and continued to ask for credit.

”Very good. Grandma likes it very much. You have a heart. ” The old woman nodded and a smile appeared on her face.

But Ericks eyebrows at the bottom are wrinkled. Jaysons The Bright Moon In The Sea is simply fake. It can be fake anymore. The old Miriam can see it.

Put down the The Bright Moon In The Sea, the old Miriam picked up Ericks Bronze bracelet.

This time, Old Miriam studied for a long time and even put on her reading glasses.

The serious look of the old Miriam made the audience very strange. Is it because the bracelet given by the waste really has some ways?

”Is this the bracelet you bought for a million dollars? ” After half a ring, the old woman asked.

”Thats right. ” Erick answered truthfully.

”Hum, Erick, you are not only a waste, but also have a problem with your character. You can afford a gift. How can you return the ten dollar fake? Do you think my old woman is easy to fool? ”

”If you really spend one million, you have to pay for that one million! My Lehnsherr Familys money is not wasted by your loser! ”

Suddenly, the old man threw the bracelet aside and asked loudly!

As soon as these words came out, there was a burst of sob on the court.

”What, a ten dollar fake? ”

”This waste has really sent a fake! ”

”Hum, cheap thing, you should fool me with fake things. ”

”Im ashamed of him. I really don know how this loser has such a thick skin? ”

The unbridled sarcasm of the people, like a needle, pierced Ericks heart and hurt incomparably.

Old Miriam waved her hand like a fly and said to Erick, ”Go away, I don want to see you again. ”

Erick shook his fist. At this time, he couldn understand the idea of old Miriam.

Why doesn the old Miriam know that Jaysons The Bright Moon In The Sea is false?

Why can the old Miriam see that his bronze bracelet is true?

But whats the point of all this?

It doesn matter whether something is true or false!

The important thing is, the giver!

He is only the superfluous son-in-law of the Watson Family. His status in the Watson Family is not as good as a dog. Even if he gives old Miriam gold today, he will also be called shit by old Miriam.

Jayson is Ravellas boyfriend, the heir of the Scarr family, and a typical rich second generation. He just gives the old Miriam a piece of shit, and the old Miriam will say its gold.

Erick laughed at himself and was completely disappointed with the Watson Family.

”Get out of here, loser! ” Jayson joked and smiled, his eyes full of pride.

”Wait a minute! ”

Just as the two security guards were about to push Erick out of the inner hall, Ravella took two steps forward.

”Grandma, please don say that your granddaughter is capricious. Today, your granddaughter wants to officially withdraw from her marriage and completely terminate her engagement with this loser. ”

As soon as Ravella said this, everyone became interested. Today, there are one good play after another. These two peoples plays are almost more than old Miriam.

”The three-year appointment will end in the near future. Ravella, can you wait? ” The old woman asked expressionless.

”Yes, I can stand it for a moment. This loser will only disgrace my Watson Family and embarrass me at school. Anyway, he will be kicked out sooner or later. Its better to cancel the engagement earlier. ”

”Its just grandmas birthday today. Lifting the engagement is a double blessing. Besides, this guy dares to deceive you with fake goods. I don know what disgusting things he will do in the future. Grandma, what do you say? ” Ravella can wait to say.

Below, Erick only felt that there was a breath in his heart. The backlog of gas made him more and more uncomfortable and unable to breathe.

The old Miriam pondered for a moment and looked at Erick again.

”Erick, whats your opinion? Ill give you the right to express my opinion. If you also want to terminate the engagement, you can stop doing it today … If you still want to rely on my Watson Family, I should fulfill the Agreement three years ago and let you stay longer. After all, my Watson Family is also a trustworthy businessman family. ”

”You have said so. Can I still rely on your Watson Family? ” Ericks face was expressionless and opened his mouth.

”Ha ha, I know myself very well. ” Jayson lowered his voice and couldn help smiling on his face.

”If I were him, I wouldn have the face to stay here for another second. ” Teressa Zoe teased.

Everyone in the hall has different expressions. 90% of them are in the attitude of watching jokes. This is a matter of the Watson Family, and outsiders will not intervene. Rachel is the only one in the Watson Family who has a good relationship with Erick.

Rachels face is ugly. Her two small hands are stirred together. She doesn dare to look up at Ericks expression. She knows Erick is very embarrassed, but she doesn have the ability to rescue him.

”So what do you mean? ” Old Miriam looked at Erick.

Erick laughed at himself and took two steps forward.

”Im an outsider, so my one million bronze bracelet, whether true or false, is fake. ”

”Ravella is a member of your Watson Family, so even if you take fake goods and shoddy them, it is true. I can understand that you Watson Family protect their shortcomings. However … I can understand that you trample on a mans dignity in public. ”

Ericks bitter smile became stronger and stronger. He took a deep breath, clenched his teeth, took off the engagement ring of his ring finger and threw it in front of the hall.

”Today, of course, the marriage contract can be dissolved. However, the three-year contract was made by both of us. Now its not time. Your Watson Family abandoned the agreement and ignored it. In addition, Ravella didn abide by womens morality, respect womens morality and have sex with others during the marriage contract. Therefore, today, its not that she retired me, but that I divorced her! ”

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