”Ravella, why is he in your house? Why Jayson in your house? ” Erick Lehnsherrs voice trembled and his face was livid, pointing to another man nearby.

He really didn want to believe it. He personally took his fiancees order, sent her takeout and prepared a surprise for her. As a result, he opened the door of her house, and there were other men in it. However, he still knew this man. Jayson Scarr was a little gangster in the class next to his senior.

At this moment, Jayson is looking at him with an extremely joking look, like a clown.

However, Ravella not only didn have the slightest shame on his face, but looked at Erick with disgust and scolded:

”What are you yelling at, Loser? You
e good at it, aren you? You
e barking before I settle with you? ” Ravella said. ”Who told you to deliver the takeout? I warned you not to deliver the takeout again. Are you still doing such a **ing job? ”

”Don you know what shame is? ”

”How can it be humiliating to deliver takeout? ”

Erick clenched his fist, clenched his teeth and opened his mouth. He didn understand why Ravella despised the job of delivering takeout. He made money by his own labor, not stealing.

”Pa! ”

A crisp slap fell firmly on Ericks face.

Hes face was burning.

”Talk back, you loser! ” Ravella said, looked angry.

”Its also a man. He can earn 5000 a month when he is young, but you get up early and work late like a dog every day, but you earn less than 500 a month. ”

”And you said its no shame to deliver takeout? ” Ravella Watson screamed insults, as if she didn feel relieved to scold Erick Lehnsherr. She grabbed the takeout box in Ericks hand, opened the box, and poured the takeout in the box directly on Ericks face.

The boiling soup, mixed with vegetable leaves, immediately drenched Erick.

”Are you ashamed now? ” Ravella roared angrily.

Erick stood at the door, laughing miserably.

Instead of wiping the vegetable leaves and soup on his face, he let the hot soup pour down from head to foot.

He did not expect that after three years in the Watson Family, he would finally meet this end.

As Ravella Watsons fiance, he never did anything wrong. He worked tirelessly and made money by his own work without taking a needle from the Watson Family.

But the Watson Family has always regarded him as a pig and dog. In the Watson Family, his status is lower than that of a servant.

Now Ravella is trampling on his last dignity as a man.

For Ravella Watson, Erick Lehnsherr has been extremely disappointed, and the last hope has come to naught.

Erick shook his fist and was ready to turn and leave.

Just then, a middle-aged beautiful woman wearing a yellow nightgown and a big red wave curl came out of the room. The appearance of the beautiful woman is six or seven points similar to that of Ravella Watson. Unlike Ravella, she has a mature charm and temperament.

Caroline glanced at Erick, and the beautiful woman turned her doting eyes to Ravella:

”Well, well, Ravella, calm down. Whats your strength with a waste? ”

”Mom, its not that I want to compete with this waste, but that he really humiliates me. ” Ravella Watson couldn help looking at Erick with hatred.

”I haven looked up for three years since this waste came to my Watson house. ”

”Every day, my classmates mocked me in front of me, saying that I found a delivery loser to be my fiance. ”

”Alas … ”

The beautiful woman sighed and said, ”Ravella, do you think mom has the heart to see you like this? ”

”The engagement was made by your grandmother three years ago. Mom must abide by the rules. ”

”Shit rules! ” Ravella couldn help scolding.

”Let me say that the old man of the Watson Family three years ago is a charlatan. Its ridiculous to say that he is an old expert doctor in the German! ”

The beautiful woman nodded. ”Your grandmother was really confused about this, but she couldn help it at that time. After all, the German old miracle doctor saved your grandmothers life and was kind to your grandmother. He put forward this request, and your grandmother had to agree. ”

”But why should I be the unlucky one? ” Ravella Watson was very angry.

”Because at that time, our Watson Family, you were about the same age as this waste. ” The beautiful woman sighed and explained that when the old miracle doctor brought Erick Lehnsherr to the Watson Family three years ago, Ravella was the marriageable age of the whole Watson Family, so the old lady promised Ravella to Erick, but she promised a three-year deadline. When the deadline came, the two could get married.

”Well, well, don be angry. ” The beautiful woman patted Ravella on the shoulder.

”Tomorrow is your grandmothers 70th birthday. Youd better think about what gift to give to celebrate your grandmothers birthday. ”

”If you can please grandma, when the three-year period expires, your grandma will drive him out of the Watson Family and won let you marry him at all.

”At that time, you can be aboveboard with Mr. Scarr. ”

With that, the beautiful woman also glanced at Jayson Scarr on one side, and the appreciation in her eyes was undisguised.

In her opinion, only the dragon among people like Jayson Scarr deserves to be her son-in-law.

”Mom, I don want to let him get out of Watsons house after three years. I want him to get out of Watsons house tomorrow. ” Ravella said, she really doesn want to stay with Erick for another second. She wants to be with Jayson now.

”Ravella, there is only one month left from the three-year period. Can you wait a month? ” The beautiful woman has some helplessness.

”I can wait! I can wait all day! ” Ravella clenched his silver teeth.

”Well, well, since my baby can wait all day, Ill plead for my baby at Grandmas birthday party tomorrow, let Grandma open up and drive the waste out of Watsons house in advance. ” Jayson pinches Ravellas pretty face. He is the heir of the Scarr family. If he opens his mouth, Ravella Watsons grandmother will not give him face.

”Thank you, Jayson. Jayson is the best for me. ”

Ravella smiled sweetly and hugged Jayson intimately.

This scene makes Erick worried. There is no one in the Watson Family. Take him as a person.

”What are you looking at? You
e a loser. You
e not going out and quit your job! You
e angry about your dream! ” Seeing Erick Lehnsherr still staring at Ravella, the beautiful woman was angry and didn fight at all.

Erick bit his teeth and turned away from the exquisite building of Ravellas family without saying a word.

”A disgraceful thing. ”

Even if you go downstairs, you can still hear the abuse of beautiful women.

Erick laughed at himself. He didn know why he finally became his own fault?

After sighing, he went back to his own small room next door, took a bath and changed his clothes. Then he planned to go out and quit his job. Erick knew that as long as he did this job all day, he would have no good life in the Watson Family all day.

However, as soon as Erick pushed the door out, a fragrant wind collided with him.

”Rachel? ”

At present, the pure and lovely girl is Ravellas sister, Rachel.

Rachel is the only one in the Watson Family who takes care of Erick and is the best to Erick.

”Euh … Erick, you came out just in time. I was looking for you. ” Rachel looked around furtively, took out a pile of money from her body and stuffed it into Ericks hand.

”Tomorrow is Grandmas 70th birthday. Our Watson Family attaches great importance to this matter. If you can carefully choose a gift to grandma and please grandma, you can go up if you rub your position in our family. My sister will also look at you with admiration, and life will be better in the future. ” The little girl said strangely.

”This … ” Erick pursed her lips and her eyes were hot. Rachel was the best for her family. She was two years younger than herself. She was a sophomore. Erick knew that she usually had little pocket money. It must have been left by her frugality. Now she gave it to herself

”Stop this and that. Take it quickly. Don let my sister see it. ” Rachel said nervously.

”Ive seen it! ” At this time, a voice came coldly from the rear.

Rachels expression was suddenly stiff. Her eyes turned around and said with a smile. ”Rav … Ravella, I borrowed the money from brother Erick before. Ive got enough today and just returned it … Erick … ”

”Lend him? This loser can support himself. Can he lend you money? Do you think your sister is so easy to cheat? ” Ravella sneered.

”Sister, I didn lie to you … ” Rachel was anxious and wanted to explain, but Ravella didn listen at all. She walked to Erick a few steps, grabbed thousands of dollar in Ericks hand, pointed to Ericks nose and scolded:

”Rubbish? You want my sisters money? Wheres your face? If I were you, Id better die! Don you feel humiliated when you live? ”

”Ravella, you … ”

”Shut up, go back to your house and settle with you in the evening! ” Ravella said angrily to her.

Rachel glanced at Erick apologetically, shrunk her head and left here.

Erick doesn blame her. Rachel has helped him enough in the past three years. As his sister-in-law, Rachel doesn need to favor him. After all, he is really unpopular in the Watson Family. For his reasons, Rachel has suffered many grievances. However, she has never complained. Sometimes Erick feels that Rachel should be his fiancee, How gentle this woman is.

”Lets go, Ravella. Its getting late. Hurry to the antique market to help grandma choose gifts. ” Jayson looked at the Longines watch on his wrist and pressed the BMW key.

”I see, lets go! ” Ravellas face suddenly blossomed and turned to follow Jayson into the car.

”I took your fiancee to play. You, hurry to deliver the takeout to earn money, or there will be no place for dinner. ” Jaysons eyes fell on Erick, with a faint smile on his face, full of ridicule, and then the two disappeared.

This naked humiliation made Erick clench his fist tightly, and his fingernails were directly embedded in the palm of his hand.

Money, all because of money, because he Erick is now a poor man, poor people deserve to be looked down upon!

He hates not only himself, but also the family. Three years have almost passed. Erick doesn understand. Why did the family make such an assessment three years ago?

Just to let him see the world? If so, Erick admits that the purpose of the family has been achieved. He has seen through this thing called peoples heart. Its ugly and people can look directly at it!

Just as he thought, the old mobile phone in his pocket rang. Erick subconsciously took out his mobile phone. When he saw the number, Ericks pupils couldn help shrinking.

An old voice came from the phone.

”Young master, the family assessment is over. ”

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