Best Of The Best Son-In-Law


Rachel crept into the restaurant like a thief for fear of being noticed.

”Don do this. Well eat in a fair and aboveboard way. We don steal or rob. ” Erick looks at Rachel in silence.

”Why don we go out? Its said here that a simple meal for two people costs thousands of dollar, not including labor service fee. How long do you have to work? ” Rachel doesn want Erick to spend money. She knows how hard it is for Erick to earn money alone.

”Lets go. Ill book the card seat in advance. Even if you don eat me, youve already paid the money. ” Erick was helpless and said.

”Ah? You
e a waste! Don do this in the future! ”

Rachel shrugged her ears and walked in with a stiff scalp.

”Ill go to the toilet first, and Ill be back later … ” suddenly, Rachel walked towards the toilet, looking so careful that Erick couldn help laughing.

The girl still knows to think about him? Ravella would never.

By the way, Ravella, is she eating here with Jayson now? But the White Swan music restaurant is very big, with two floors. They come first. He is afraid they
e already in the private room or card seat, so its hard to meet them.

In this case, it makes him less embarrassed. Its very good.

”Erick! What are you doing here? ”

Just as Erick thought, the voice from behind startled him.

Turning his head, Jayson and Ravella stood in front of him.

”Oh, I see. Im still delivering takeout? Its amazing. Ive received a big list. Can white swan make a lot of money for takeout? At least there must be more than ten or twenty dollar for freight, and the business has become bigger? ”

Thinking of Ericks work, Ravella suddenly understood, and his face rippled with different colors, like looking at the clown.

”Ive stopped delivering takeout and taking a part-time job. ”

Erick said expressionless. He didn know what Ravella always scolded him for. They had got rid of their relationship. Isn it good to separate peacefully? Erick really doesn know what Ravella is thinking in her heart.

Maybe … Maybe seeing that Jayson has great potential, the Scarr Family has resumed cooperation with Graymer Group and wants to show their sincerity in front of him … Its really ridiculous.

”What are you doing here without taking out? Do you know the place here? White Swan music restaurant, the minimum consumption is 2000, you know? Its up to your part-time salary for a month! ”

Ravella doesn believe that the other party comes here to consume. She can afford such a place at his level.

”Ravella, people don come here for dinner. Where does he care how high the consumption level here is? He doesn even have the concept of a five-star restaurant. He doesn necessarily come in to take photos and send them to his circle of friends. ” Jayson conveniently lit a cigarette.

”Erick, aren you following me? Haven you given up on me yet? ” Suddenly, Ravella picked her eyebrows, thought of this possibility, and looked at him with bad intentions.

”You think too much, I … ”

”Stop talking nonsense and get out quickly. I was in a good mood and saw that you were ruined. ” Ravella didn give him a chance to continue talking. ”Waiter, drive him out. This man has no spending power and his purpose is suspicious. ”

The waiter in a suit and vest had a cordial smile on his face and walked quickly with a silver plate. His eyes swept over Erick, and then fell on Ravella and Jayson.

”Sir and madam, have you booked a card seat here? ”

”Of course! Can you still doubt that we have no spending power? ” Jayson was not happy to hear this. He deliberately pulled his sleeve to reveal the Longines watch on his wrist.

Seeing this scene, the waiter smiled and made an invitation gesture to Erick, ”Sir, this restaurant welcomes high-end people to spend here. In order to create a good dining atmosphere and high-end consumption experience, outsiders are not allowed to stay here. If our guests are uncomfortable because of your behavior, it is our dereliction of duty. ”

Obviously, this is an eviction order.

The waiter is also a watcher. He knows which side he should serve by slightly comparing his clothes.

Customers are God, Jayson, Ravella, and the waiters will be particularly satisfied with their requirements.

”Youve gone too far! ”

Rachel, who came out of the bathroom, just saw this scene. She came angrily and defended Erick.

”Elder sister, how can you do this? Erick didn offend you again. Why do you always have trouble with him? He has been suffering for the past three years! ” Rachel can understand.

”What are you doing here? ”

Ravella frowned to the extreme.

”Also, Rachel, when is it your turn to teach me a lesson? What are you? You take yourself seriously after making some money, don you? ”

”Oh, I see. I know. I dare to earn money and bring him to spend it. OK, Rachel, why didn I find you so awesome? Come on, how much private money did you hide? ”

Suddenly, Ravella realized.

She said how could Erick, a poor man, appear in a place like white swan? It turned out that her sister took him with her.

Rachel became the project leader between the family and the Pearl Group. She had a lot of money. Just for the first time, she got hundreds of thousands back. Except that her parents took most of it and she took tens of thousands, the rest must have been hidden by the dead girl. Didn see. The girl began to have an idea. Its really not simple!

”I don have any money. You and your parents have all the money! ” Rachel bit her lips and explained.

”Come on, Ravella, lets eat our food. Whats the matter with him? He can eat one meal, and he can eat another? ” Jayson sneered.

”Wait! Rachel, Ill settle with you when I get home! ” Ravella is fierce and weak.

After putting down this cruel remark, Jayson pulled him away.

”Waiter, we have booked seat 1. Please serve us quickly! ”

Ravellas voice echoed in the air.

”Im sorry to have wronged you. ” Erick feels guilty.

”Im fine, but its you. They wronged you. Obviously, you invited me to this meal. ” Rachel shook her head.

Suddenly classical music rang out in the hall.

Its Beethovens moonlight piano. The elegant keys beat at the fingertips of a foreign beauty. A small band came to Jaysons table and played the violin on the side.

”Wow, Jayson, you are so romantic! I love you so much! ” Ravella couldn help reaching out and crossing her fingers with Jayson.

Unlike other tables, the tableware in block 1 is made of crystal and is located in the middle of the whole hall, which has attracted much attention.

This kind of marketing method is really great.

After a while, the dishes were quickly delivered, accompanied by two beautiful waiters, who were ready to be sent at any time. They were almost fed one mouthful at a time.

”I love you. I like this service! ” Ravella couldn help shouting wildly. She picked up her mobile phone and took photos one by one. She quickly spread to her circle of friends. With beautiful photos, she received a lot of praise.

Ravellas roommates envy her to death.

”Thats nice. I heard these are special services for white swans? They
e so expensive. They cost tens of thousands at a time. ”

”When can we be as natural and unrestrained as sister Ravella? Its hard to find a good boyfriend! ”

Only Jayson sitting opposite was muttering.

He didn order these services? Are these clerks mistaken?

But now its hard to ride a tiger. Seeing Ravellas excited face, he didn say it.

Ravella glanced at Erick provocatively and found Erick walking towards the front desk.

”Please help me arrange the location. My friend ordered the order for me. This is the screenshot of the order she sent. You can have a look. ” Erick hands over his mobile phone with a wechat screenshot with QR code and order number on it.

The card seat was ordered by Rachel for him. Erick doesn know what position Rachel ordered.

The front desk took the machine and scanned the order number. Suddenly, his eyebrows frowned wildly and glanced at the center of the hall, ”No. 1 card seat? Isn there someone? ”

The beauty at the front desk reconfirmed the information. Suddenly her face changed greatly and called the waiter directly. ”Are you mistaken? These two are the guests who book the No. 1 card seat. Those two guests are ordinary No. 1 seats. How did you arrange them to the central card seat? You can get confused. Do you want to do it? ”

”Ah? No, let me see! ” Wearing a suit and vest, the waiter who wanted to drive Erick out was scared and sweating. He hurried to Jaysons table, ”Sir, is it convenient to show your ticket? I need to confirm the information! ”

”Whats the matter? Disturb our dinner! ” Jayson was stunned. He picked up the order ticket on the table and threw it to the waiter. The waiter looked at it twice and said with a bitter smile, ”guys, sorry, your seat belongs to the exclusive card seat. It belongs to those two guests. Your seat is in that corner. ”

The waiter pointed to the window at the door. The table there is more than twice as small as here, and the tableware is also very leaky, not to mention the style of these things.

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