Being Royal

Chapter 5

However she waited for the impact to come but it never did. Hmmm I didn know dying could be this painless. She thought to herself. what do you think you are doing? she head a deep alluring voice that could only belong to one person her beloved he was alive, she opened her eyes and they immediately locked into his. Tears of joy dances down her cheeks as she hugged him. ”You are alive. You
e really alive. I wanted to die I dint want to live in a world where you didn exist. ” He just hugged me tightly consoling me. don ever do that again. Death is never an option not for you my Love. He said cupping my face in his hands. The least you can do will be avenge me. He joked as he chuckled lightening the mood. She laughed along with him then a sudden familiar scent hit her nostrils it was Lisa she is close. whats wrong? ” he noticed her discomfort and decided to ask her. its Lisa she is close. He furrowed his eyebrows clearly not understanding what she meant. then let her come, you the most the powerful witch you can just kill her. He said non-challantly she however was terrified Lisa had shown her side she had never seen before she knew Lisa was more powerful than she had led on all these years.

I don think we can my love. I discovered a lot about her today she is powerful and I do not want to test how powerful she is. I came to move the dead bodies because she is tracking them. I don know how must be a necromancy thing. We have to move fast and you have to abandon this place the location has already been compromised. How about that little cabin in the wood the one at the border? It might be around the werewolves territory but if you quite they won notice your presence will create a mirror portal for you. She explained to her beloved enlightening him. I hate having to run away like this, leaving you to do all the work. ” he said but she cut him by motioning him to be quite. Lisa was above them inside the house they could hear her footsteps. she is here leave! she mind linked while creating the portal which he passed through. She took Melissas decapitated body as bait to lure Lisa from further investigating the apartment and purposely left the head. She teleported to a lake leading opposite direction to where her beloved headed and dumped it there.

Life has been unfair to Daniel since the disappearance of his murderous mate. He wished he could at least talk to her ask her why she poisoned his father. His father would die at mid night if they couldn find her. He was the youngest of all the princesses yet he was the most powerful and in their realm the most powerful shall rule once his father dies he will be crowned king. His father Victor Thornton the king of the kerma was the most powerful. The contained supernaturals such as witches, fairies were cats and a unique species of humans called seers. These unique humans we referred to oracles. This realm was well hidden from the humans. Daniel, Alexander and Nicolas were vampires. Their blood was imperial the very first vampires to walk the earth they changed and sired a lot of vampires. They built an empire and now they rule the entire supernatural realm. He sat beside his dying father holding his hand sobbing. I have failed you. I am so sorry. I am glad you
e not awake to witness how our family is falling apart. His deep raspy voice said still sobbing uncontrollably. your highness you have a visitor. A guard interrupted his moment of weakness. tell them am busy. He ordered the guard. I don think he can do that Daniel. A familiar female voice said from behind him. Sarah Marshal his elder brothers mate. She waltzes in confidently without a care for the world. What she didn know was Daniel never liked her. its your highness to you I am soon to be your king. He said irritated by her presence. how are you so cheerful and full of energy? Have you finally located your mate? Or mine? Oh! And don forget the witch cloaking them. He said knowing very well she hasn done any of that. She immediately paled her blood running cold. well at least they should be a little progress right? New ideas? He said bitterly making her flinch a little. He had a hunch that she wasn trying her best. She just stood there staring at him. I am your superior and I demand you answer all my questions. ”He practically yelled at her. She never thought Daniel would be this cold to her. They were never buds but he never disrespected her or showed any kind of irritation towards her.

she was scared that he would hurt her like alex did but somehow she noticed he was calm yet furious its safe to say he was in control. I am sorry she stuttered. my father is on his death bed can you tell me why the most powerful witch in this realm is totally useless? ” he shouted at her taking a few menacing steps at her fighting the urge to rip her apart. why can you find a human? he yelled. Sarah stood fozen in place a feeling of déjà vu. ”s-she is anything but h-human your highness. She stuttered. He just stared at her baffled as to why she would call his soul mate inhuman when he was closest to her and he could hear and feel the veins on her next. He could smell her delicious scent. ”Care to explain? ”He inquired for he was curious to hear what she had to say. ”She was a Demon. A succubus to be precise. Her touché would feel just like that of a mate. Thats how she was able to seduce you without raising Alarm bells. ” She said. Daniel froze, demons were extremely rare besides only certain level of witches could summon and control one without going on a killing rampage. ”A succubus can only be summoned by certain type of witches who are now extinct witches. He voiced out his thoughts. ”Yes however, a normal witch can do the summoning as well if powerful enough. I believe someone summoned her and planted her on your family through you. ” She elaborated.

”I know a witch almost as powerful as me that is capable of doing such a thing. If we can find proof we might be able to get justice and find what type of poison was used. Sarah smiled as she said those words. and also find your supposed missing mate. Daniel added giving he a sceptical look. He found it strange that for months she didn have any information but all of a sudden she had solved the case. Seem too fishy. In Sarahs brilliant mind she had finally found a way to get rid of Lisa temporarily nut she could leak the fact that she was a necromancer. This accusation might land her at least two weeks in jail. That will be long enough for her and her beloved to finalize their plans. But she could be more wrong. and you came about this information how? he asked watching her squarm uncomfortably. I performed a spell. ” She brushed it of. He wanted to push further but decided to just go with it it was 10pm and his father was losing time. take me to her. I commanded. She walked to a mirror and created a portal which they passed through.

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