Being Royal

Chapter Four

While Lisa was busy staring daggers at her best friends hair she didn notice the wave of relief that washed down her friends face. She even let out a breath she didn know she was holding. how did you see all that and we didn ? Sarah had to know what spell she used. Lisa visibly froze her lips trained into a thin line. She just stood there staring at her friend. Then she smiled. remember I saved your life few minutes ago. She said letting out a nervous laugh. But her friend just stared at her not amused. well, I took the magic meant for the uncloaking to perform I dark spell one which caused our deaths. But I knew your amulet would protect you. If not I swear I won risk your life. She said looking extremely guilty. so thats why it never worked I mumbled absent minded. Melissa is dead because of you. I said trying to push back the tears threatening to fall. Lisa just smiled saying

you are wrong she is not dead she is alive. At least she will be very soon she is actually a necromancer. Not as powerful as I am but yes powerful enough to resurrect. She said consolingly try to get her best friend to calm down. Just great she will resurrect soon Sarah thought to herself. She looked at her friend her chocolate brown orbs trying desperately for any hint of uncertainty but she only found sincerity and absolute certainty. that is a relief that she will make it. Do you think she saw what you did? Sarah asked faking her relief. no but if she is close to the other dead bother she can harness the memories from it. Lisa said with a distant look on her face. Thats when her best friend noticed she was zoned out like she was busy searching or listening to something she couldn hear. how do we find her then? ” Sarah asked. It took Lisa about seven seconds to acknowledge her. I already did. I am heading there now. Lisa said looking at her with a proud smile. Great I need to get out of here Sarah thought inwardly. Then a brilliant idea got to her.

Meanwhile at Sarahs home, Alex freezes when he saw the wicked creature that tore his family apart disappear he went into a rage and began t trash things in the house. He went about breaking every single vase chair table etc. after what seem like an eternity of trashing and vandalizing Sarahs furniture he decided to take a break and feed with a foggy mind he went to the kitchen hoping to find blood to consume. Even in his mindless state Alexs love for his family never faded he remembered his brother Nicolas always kept a few blood bags in the fridge in this foreign house for he didn know why or what he was doing there anymore all he knew was he was extremely angry and hungry he found a few blood bags which he consumed like a pig snorting moaning, groaning and chocking the blood down some of it spilled on the floor and all over his clothes. It took about four to five bags before he regained consciousness. Only then, did he ten notice he was at Sarahs and he had thrashed the entire place. He was relieved she wasn home to see him like this he had no memory of what happened to him the moment before or what he did to Sarah. He stood up and ran out with full vampire speed he needed to get away from all the drama s he decided to go to a small private cottage in the border of their realm. It was isolated and nobody will find them there. He couldn stomach what would have happened if he had met Sarah at home.

Sarah had finished formulating her brilliant plan. Now was the time to execute it. you
e a genius Lisa. I am so proud of you. Oh God I forgot about Alex, I have to go help him he is in blood lust and it could be dangerous for anyone near him. So lets split up ok. You go for Melissa and Ill go help Alex lets meet back her at midnight. She said not having her friend the chance to talk she teleported out. This left Lisa baffled. She wanted to go with her as back up. Sarah appeared in what seemed like an abandoned house the only thing visible was a bed a wardrobe and night stand. where are the bodies? ” she yelled out to someone. Easy there. You scared me. A dashing six feet blue eyed hunk emerged from what seems to be the basement of the house he was the same man she saw sitting on a chair at Lisas house. Oddly he had a striking resemblance to Alexander. His neck length hair swayed by his sides adding to his beauty.

His ocean blue eyes seemed to sparkle under the light. He looked as her as a smile crept its way onto his plump pink lips. For a split second Sarah forgot to breathe and just stared at him. She forgot why she was yelling or why she had rushed here to warn him. He stood there looking at her with a puzzled look on his face she had rushed here yelled and now she just stood there saying at him. why were you yelling? Is everything alright? his deep alluring voice said. Thats what broke her out of the spell. The bodies I sent here where are they? She yelled looking around like a crazy person. Calm down I moved them to the basement. He said as he casually sat on the bed not aware of the danger tracking them both. She frantically walked pass him heading for the basement. I need to cloak her so Lisa can find her but first wipe her memories.

He followed behind closely behind her but didn interrupt or question her ridiculous behaviour. When the reached the basement to Sarah horror Melissa was conscious and hovering over Lisa supposed dead body but the body was a rotten corpse instead of Lisa and it seemed to look like a males dead body. She looked up at the two her eyes looking from Lisa to the male behind her. Sarah was unsure of what to do because she didn know if Melissa had already retrieve the memories or was just about to. She tried to look as calm as she could. how could you? What kind of person are you? Melissas sharp and angry voice made her flinch due to the amount of hatred dripping from her voice. Sarah then decided to play innocent trying to confuse and deceive her into questioning what she saw. what are you trying to say? ” as she concluded her sentence she heard the most terrifying scream she had ever heard and felt the worst pain cursing through her body. Her heart literally stopped for about a second she heard him fall to the ground with a thud. Her whole life had just died right in front of her. She felt frozen, sick, and was unable to turn around to look at him. I am not a fool I just saw you. You cloaked the maid and helped her escape. At first I didn get it but now that I saw him, he must have been the master mind. All for What? power? Melissa spoke but she could only see her lips moving she couldn hear a single word for she was currently in her own personal hell. too bad you won be queen. He will soon be dead for good and you will life a long miserable life. They say the pain of losing a soul mate is the worst pain ever. Melissa cackled. But all Sarah heard was he will soon be dead for good the seven words were all she needed to have hope and she regained her composure. He is not dead yet I can still save him what is the best way to kill a bloody necromancer. Lets see how you can resurrect without you head. Her vampire instincts surfaced as her fangs elongated and her eyes turned blood red. Melissa didn know of Sarah being a hybrid so she was surprised and a little taken aback she lost focus for she didn see Sarah move on time before she knew it she was right in front of her. She didn have time to defend herself as she used her bare hands to rip her head of her body letting it fall the ground. She even went through the satisfaction of kicking her body to the floor.

In a flash she was by Nicolas knelling beside his still body unmoved. Nicolas please don leave Me. she cradled his body n her arms and cried. I can live without you please don do this to me. Sarah sobbed uncontrollably. Looking at her dead lover Sarah suddenly lost the urge to live. I refuse to live in a world where you don exist my love. A tear rolled down her check as she grabbed a piece of wood using her magic she raised the wood aiming straight for her heart. Sarah believed if she killed herself she would be reunited with her sweetheart once more. So she gave his body one last look and released the pointy wood. See you soon my love. Were her last thoughts.

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