Being Royal

Chapter three

Alex please listen to me its not what you think. she said as she lifted herself from the ground. Sarah was sure he thought she was siding with the necromancers aiding them to escape. And that is considered high treason. With what he just saw? If she were him she would probably think the same. Oh really? Tell me what am thinking right now. He said in a very cold spine chilling voice. He looked intimating at surprisingly sexy at the same time. Okay I need you to calm down. You know I would never dare betr… the sharp pain cursing through Sarah chest cut her off what she was trying to say. Alexander had stabbed her in the chest inches away from her heart. She staggered backwards trying to catch her balance but failed falling to ground with a thud. I trusted you but you betrayed me and betrayed my family. You will pay with your life for what you did to my brother. He said his British accent was very distinct he still holding the knife walking towards her. Something was wrong with him he was never like this; he was always that whatever this was, it had nothing to do with her. She tried to open her mouth but her voice was lost. She couldn utter a simple word. She looked up at her attacker trying to plead with him through mind link but what she saw made her realise it will be of no use to communicate. His eyes were a bright glowing crimson red instead of his beautiful forest green eyes. Alex was in blood lust he had temporarily lost his mind due to hunger.

The bright side was after today he might not remember their encounter. Alex please hear me out, I didn betray you and your family. It was Lisa I just found out myself I couldn let you hurt her you would also have regretted it. Besides she is on our side. She mind linked him because she still couldn find her voice. At this point Sarah had lost so much blood. Alex let out a dry and cold laugh one which sent shivers down her spine. Oh really and how do you explain murdering my father in cold blood and kidnapping my brother? Not to mention Daniel is devastated. He snarled viciously his voice dripping with so much venom. Okay this is defiantly not about me. Its that stupid Demon. Sarah thought to herself cursing the vile creature. Alex you need to snap out of this I never did any of that. Its me Sarah please listens to me. I will never hurt Nicolas he is my soul mate. I am in as much pain as you, if not even more every day I wished I was taken instead. She used the mind link once more to remind him of who she was. He paused for a moment and Sarah felt a wave of relive wash through her thinking she had finally gotten to through to him but little did he know that her victory was short lived and she hadn gotten to him but instead her was staring at a pair of swords displayed on her wall as decoration. And instantly she regretted going for the real swords instead of the plastic ones. She never thought it would be used against her.

Note to self get rid of the swords she thought bitterly. She watched as he drew one of the swords. you
e lying your only saying that because death is staring right at you. He said as he twirled the sword around playing with it and making her extremely nervous. He plans to kill her he won stop until she was dead. He lunged at her with the sword like his entire life depended on it. Sarah knew if didn get out of there now she will sure die so she did the only logical thing she could do was use the very last remaining strength she had to teleport to the only person she knew she could trust her best friend. She appeared in the living room. She prayed to God that her best friend was home. Lisa I need your help please come to your living room. She heard distant footsteps coming towards the room. Oh My God did he do this to you because of me? ” Lisa asked worried for her best friends life. b-blood I n-need b-blood Lisa. Was all she could manage to whisper after finding her voice. Lisa game her a sceptical look but went to her fetch the blood after what seemed like seconds she returned with two blood bags. She carefully gave them to her friend while curiously waiting to see what she would do with the blood. She watched in horror as her best friend chocked down the blood hungrily swallowing and staining her living room rug. She then noticed her friends wounds healing instantly like a vampire would. After Sarahs wounds had healed completely she finally noticed the look of horror on her friends face. She just stood there frozen looking at her. oh Common you
e a necromancer and your shocked about seeing a hybrid? Sarah teased her as she got up but it seemed as though Lisa didn hear her. Ill take a shower then we will talk you have a lot of explaining to do. Sarah winked at her friend trying to ease the tension and walked toward the bedroom to take a shower.

As she walked into the bedroom she couldn help but cringe, the room was so pink it looked like a thousand pretty princesses puked in it. Not a single thing in the room that wasn pink even the door. For a necromancer her colour choice seems so girly. But that was typical Lisa. She walked into the bathroom took off her clothes and washed off all the dry blood. She tried so hard to ignore the whole pink thing. Even the soap was pink. After she felt she was clean enough she walked out of the shower and dried herself off. Since she was alone she grabbed a towel, the closet was just next to the toilet. She walked out and grabbed a one of Lisas gowns thankfully her obsession for pink didn extend to her clothes. I turned around and screamed Nicolas was sitting right behind me on a chair staring at me. I heard Lisa foot steps run towards me I turned to look at her standing there with two fire balls in her hands ready to launch them when I looked back at the chair he was gone. I took a deep breath and smiled at her. sorry I thought I saw someone, it must be my imagination. She tried to brush it off. come on we have a lot to discuss. Lisa said urging her best friend to follow her. She was slightly worried but she brushed it of thinking it was just the trauma.

The two reached the living room to Sarahs surprise there wasn any sign or proof that the bleed on the floor just a few minutes ago not even the smell of blood. She made a mental note to ask her about what spell she used to clean the mess up. They both settled down on the couch. why didn you tell me about you? I am your best friend after all. Lisa said looking upset. Oh hell no she not going to put all the blame on me Sarah thought to herself. just as you didn tell me your necromancer? If you ask me I guess were even. She replied to her friend not even a trace of guilt or remorse because she didn feel any. yes your right I guess we both had our secretes. Lisa said looking very sad. Typical Lisa she always exaggerated things. Sarah thought rolling her eyes. Hey look at me. She said cupping Lisas face with her hand. I didn tell you because didn want to endanger you and I know you felt the same thats why you hide your necromancy stuff from Me. she said then instantly retracting her hands from her face realising how dangerous her friend was. She looked slightly offended but smiled it off. I am sorry too. But from now on lets promise no more secretes. She said with a smile to which Sarah returned a smile of my own. so… lets talk about what you saw in my basement you with the witch. Sarah said desperately trying to find out what she saw.

Lisas eyes lit up instantly I saw the witch it was a girl about our age wearing a black gown. She whispered paranoia evident in her eyes. Sarah sat there looking as expressionless as she could but deep down she was panicking. well what did she look like then? You know I hate suspense she said as boldly as she could muster, while pretending to look irritated towards her silence. I saw the girl that poisoned the king. She is a maid in the castle her name was Susan. But as I was about to fully see the witch that help her I died the other me died. The only thing I saw what her hair colour. She was a brunette like you. Now that I think about it yours is almost identical to hers. She concluded. Staring at Sarah brown long locks.

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