Being Royal

Chapter two

Sarah and her friends arranged the candles carefully in a circular manner around the pentagram and drew symbols on the floor of her basement, each symbol representing an element earth, water, fire, wind and death. She released a deep breath of frustration knowing that what she is about to do is very risky and could turn entirely useless. Trying to track a cloaked person is hopeless. Cloaked by whom? She kept asking herself that question and she thought she was the most powerful person in the entire realm clearly she was wrong there was someone else more powerful than her and it was a huge blow to her ego. I have to finish the spell before he arrives. She thought to herself. Before we begin I would like to introduce you to each other. Melissa this is Elizabeth my best friend but I call her Lisa. She said to the two witches in front of her. Elizabeth was a fair skinned beautiful woman with the most beautiful brown eyes you can ever see, there were brown encircled with a black circle and people say if you stare at them long enough they spackle. She had a straight nose and plump lips painted with a deep red lipstick. She was stunning with an hour glass body. Her get black hair fell delicately reaching her shoulders. She wore a black mini skirt reaching about mid thigh with a red crop top and black high thigh boots. Mal was dark skinned beauty with big baby blue eyes, with plump wide lips and she wore a black tank top with blue jeans, her long black hair almost reached her waist. She was breath taking not as much as Lisa. Sarah decided to go straight to the point today we are going to track someone. However she is cloaked and will not be easy to find. You all know the risks! Shall we begin? they replied by nodding.

With that we began casting the spell. However half way through something unexpected happened. All the witches were lying motionless on the flour. Sarah caught a glimpse of her amulet before it burnt out and vanished for good but it had protected her. She stood up slowly as fear of the known creped its way into her. She shockingly reached for her best friend to feel a pulse. But there wasn any she checked Mal as well. Shit! She is dead they are dead what have I done? Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! Melissa! Lisa! Hey please get up! PLEASE GET UP! she screamed hoping that the words will make them wake up as if some kind of miracle. But, they didn move of course. It had been long before she felt the pain of losing a loved one. All she could do was sit there and sob uncontrollably its all my fault I am murderer I killed my best friend. They are dead because of me. Sarah blamed herself for her best friends death. As she cried and wallowed in her grieve she heard her door bell ring. She quickly wiped off the tears on her face and walked to the door, upon reaching it, she paused to recollect herself for she couldn show him any weakness. She then reached for the knob and opened the door and gasped. She stood there frozen her eyes getting wider with every second that passed by.

She couldn believe her eyes as she reached out with a shaky hand and touched the face of her best friend whom she thought was dead to her surprise she was flesh and blood real and alive. For a split second she experienced mixed emotions, fear, happiness sadness but mostly relief. But realisation downed her that this could be equally been a shape shifter posing as her best friend after all she lived in a realm where creatures capable of shape shifting exists. Lisa is that you? she tried to say boldly but to her horror her voice betrayed her and came out strangled as a whisper. H-how ar-re y-you alive? I stuttered however she reply she just stared blankly at me after what seemed like ages she said, invite me in Sarah I have a lot to tell you. I know you are sceptical but its me Lisa your best friend I died a few minutes ago in your basement. Was all her royal highness could say? YOU DIDNT ANWER MY QUESTION HOW THE HELL ARE TOU ALIVE? I screamed at her letting out all my frustration. She was my best friend and I had just seen her die a few minutes ago and now she just magically resurrects from the dead? Only necromancers resurrect and they are extinct thanks to the royal family. Oh Hell no! I am not buying that without a valid explanation. if you want to come in you better explain how you are still here after all my best friend just died. I said making air quotes around best friend. She scrunched her nosed and frowned. I don have time for this. Was all she said before waving her hands. Before I knew it she had brushed me aside and headed for my basement. I wanted to protest but when we reached the dead bodies where gone. we are too late. Lisa said disappointed. Wait what? She knew this could happen? How? Okay let me get this straight you knew this could happen how? Sarah asked puzzled. yes I knew and I am so sorry for all I have done. I can stay here I haven concealed my true form if he see me here he will try to kill me. She said frantically. what are you so afraid of? He won try to hurt you unless. Sarah paused and looks at her best friend trying to look beyond her physical form to her spiritual form. Then she could see it clearly the dark evil aura surrounding her, the creature stood where her friend stood and the evident stench of death. Her best friend was the creature they were told bed night stories about. She was a necromancer. An evil that wasn supposed to walk this realm. And she was right Alexander hated necromancer more than his brothers he will kill her. And Sarah couldn blame him they are practically evil. The entire art requires human sacrifices. But Lisa is her best friend although she is a necromancer she knew her, she is far from evil. yes you are right you
e a necromancer why didn you ever tell me Lisa. I am your best friend. she said to her recalling those times necromancers were hunted down and burned to the stake.

I am so sorry Sarah I wanted to te… Lisa was cut off by the door bell. They both knew he was here. Then Sarah motioned to Lisa to keep quiet and to follow her. She led her to the bedroom. ”I can teleport you but I can create a mirror portal for you. she mind linked her. Lisa looked surprised but chooses not to say anything. She created the portal and Lisa went through, how she will explain the stench to him Sarah thought as she walked back to the door but to her horror Alexander was standing right behind her. She stared at him with horror; he however looked at her with a cold calculative stare looking for any form of dishonesty or lies. After what seemed like forever he finally spoke who was that? those three words were the most horrible fearful words Sarah had ever heard. He had seen Lisa. His forest green orbs stared at her intently waiting for a reply one she didn know how to give. His jaw clenched and his eyebrows shoot up. Alexander was incredibly handsome he had short black hair, thin lips with a chiselled jaw line. His six feet height and broad shoulders only added to his beauty. She however was barely above five foot tall. He towered over her as he walked up total sweetheart and very understanding person. Well as long as he isn angry and well feed and there is also there is the hatred for necromancers but he will never hurt her so she thought as she stood there in front of him trying to come up with a believable lie to tell the royal. Alexander now stood inches away from Sarah studying her demeanour trying to find out what she was trying to hide, he accidently sniffed the air and caught a distinct scent one he is very familiar with. The stench of death, the stench of a vile evil creator one that his family had spent centuries hunting for sport and revenge. Necromancer. ” Alexander said in a cold deep masculine voice. That was all Sarah heard before she was thrown across the room with an impact so hard she think she heard her rib break.


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