She thought to open the letter and only check the contents and burn it, but seeing it for nothing would only hurt her feelings.
On the way to the room, Anne erased the letter from her memory.
They must have sent it out wondering what’s going on here rather than asking how she was, anyway.

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As soon as she entered the living room, the gloomy dark room greeted her.
It was as if all the windows were covered with curtains where no moonlight was coming in.

Anne, who narrowed her eyes at the dark view, looked around, but didn’t even notice a sign.

Is he not in the room?

As she stood by the doorway, waiting patiently for her eyes to get used to the darkness.

“Come this way.”

From not far away, a heavy bass sound fell.
It was the Grand Duke’s voice.
Perhaps her hearing became more sensitive due to her blurred vision, as even though his voice was small, each letter clearly grabbed her eardrum.

“Daymond, where are you?”

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Like a child wandering through a black cave after taking the wrong way, Anne walked slowly.
She stretched out her hand and fumbled through the air, but her steps slowed, losing her sight.

“Please turn on the light.”

She couldn’t understand why the lights weren’t on after he called someone.
She thought she just wanted to get out of the room, but she needed the Grand Duke’s permission to put Emily to sleep in the castle tonight.

Forced to swallow her sigh, Anne fumbled for the soft rug she felt on her toes.
She had never been to the Grand Duke’s bedroom, and had no sense of where she was now, but she proceeded cautiously, based on that guess, as they would usually have a rug in the middle of the room.

“Come closer.”

This time, a more weighty voice came out.
At the same time, there was also a clicking sound of submerged ice hitting the glass.

It seemed to smell like light alcohol.

Are you calling someone and drinking?

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The more she thought about it, the more rude he seemed.
Even so, thinking that she should ask about yesterday’s incident, the moment Anne took a wide step, her body swayed violently as her leg caught on a blunt corner.

Huh .
? Before she could utter a word, her body slid forward.
Thinking she was about to fall, she prepared for the pain to come, a tight chest hugged her before her face touched the floor.

The unique cold aura deeply stimulated her sense of smell.
It had only been a month, and even though the Grand Duke’s face was invisible, she remembered his body first.
The Grand Duke’s hard chest muscles touching her skin, his tall body that was more than enough to wrap around her entirely, and the thick forearms stretched out to wrap around her waist were felt intact.

“Daymond .

She tried to stand properly on the floor, but for some reason the Grand Duke still was holding her.

“You .
can let me go now.”

She said because she was held awkwardly, but the Grand Duke did not respond.
She pushed her hand against his chest to try to center herself , but instead of letting go, he only tightened his grip.

“Today .
Where did you go?”

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There was a voice that had subsided.
Before going out, she told Mrs.
Wald where she was going, so he must have already known.
It was more like a rebuke than a question of unknown intent.

“I just went to the bookstore.”

“And where else did you go?”

“I .
I stopped by a store for tea and .
That’s all.”

“You probably didn’t come here after wallowing with someone else.”

Anne, who was about to immediately answer no to that absurd question, suddenly remembered that he was no different from her.

“So, where have you been today?”

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The Grand Duke, who did not respond, suddenly turned to Anne fiercely.
He grabbed her hands, forcing her to grab hold of something in front.
The smooth thing wrapped around her hand was the post of the bed canopy.

“You’d better grab it properly.”

Anne’s face was colored with embarrassment at the voice mixed with anger.
Because she guessed what he was going to do.
Even if he wanted to, she thought he would do it after she went back to her room, but she didn’t know that he would do it so randomly.

“Wait .
Here is .

She tried to turn her head, but after the sound of the fabric ripping, her back became cold.
Her heart was pounding.
The moment she hardened her body, the messy dress tumbled to the floor, and her underwear was ripped off and barely caught on her ankles.

“I want to talk .

After a while, Anne stiffened at the damp feel of her smooth, exposed back.
The sensation of his hot tongue swiping long along her spine was thrilling, as if the hair all over her body stood.

In her fear, she rubbed her knees together, and a hand stretched out from behind her and grabbed her breast roughly.
Tears welled up in the corners of Anne’s eyes as her bruised chest bulged out between his knuckles.

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