“But .
I heard that the Miss was engaged to Marquis Whitmore .

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Anne didn’t know about her, but Emily must have known about her that far.
Emily, who was about to say more, glanced at Marie, who was sitting opposite Anne.
In an instant, her tightly stretched hand grabbed Anne and pulled her away.

“Lady, there are some items that I haven’t been able to return before, but it’s in the back room, so can I give them to you now?”

“Items .

As she thought about whether there was such a thing, she blinked a little.
Emily was conveying with her eyes that this was just an excuse and that she had something else to say.
As she turned her gaze to Marie as if uncomfortable, it seemed like a story Emily didn’t want to bring out in front of Marie.

Marie, I’m going in for a while, so have some tea.”


Marie, who put the cake in her mouth, answered with an innocent face.
Anne, who left Marie behind and followed Emily, took a look at the knights waiting outside the window and headed to the inner door.

“I suddenly left that day, so I hadn’t been able to tell you about it.”

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As soon as the door closed, Emily shut her mouth immediately.
After she looked around her to see if anyone could hear her and made sure no one was there, she spoke up again.

“Lady, are you really married to the Lord?”

That’s what happened.”

She understands the surprise, but Anne wonders if this was something to ask so seriously.
As she tilted her head at the trembling that was sent through her hands, Emily, with a rather wretched expression, resolutely opened her mouth.

“Please take me as a maid.”

“No way!”

Anne just cut it off and refused.
If Emily became a servant of the Grand Duke’s castle, she could receive a high wage and live a decent life.
However, she suffered while working as her maid in Libelois, and Anne didn’t want Emily to do the same again.

Her firm, shining gaze turned to Anne.

“Allow me, please.
I want to be by your side.”

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At Emily’s earnest request, Anne was at a loss as to how she should respond.
As the Mistress of the Grand Duke’s castle, there was nothing that prevented her from hiring Emily, but what bothers her was that as soon as she came here, the Grand Duke blocked all the servants of the Libelois family.

There’s no way I’m going to get blamed for something like this, but .

Outside the door with the two of them murmuring, Marie, who had been holding her ear, slowly pulled herself away.

* * *

She couldn’t dissuade Emily’s stubbornness, who eventually asked to be her maid.
Anne returned to the castle with Emily, who had packed her bags, saying she would follow immediately.

It’s just one maid .
It should be okay, right?

It was a fact that she came to know about, but all of the employees who were allowed to enter the Grand Duke’s castle were from the Wald family.
The aide Ashton, the chief handmaid, the chief attendant, and the rest of the employees.
All of them were of the Wald family.

The members of the Wald family have served the members of the Cromund family for generations and have done their best as their members.
So she was worried that the Grand Duke wouldn’t listen to her request.

As soon as she got out of the carriage, she was greeted by the chief handmaid, Mrs.
She should have waited inside, but in this cold weather, she had to go outside to meet her.

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“The Grand Duke is waiting for you.
But, this person .

The wrinkled chief handmaid’s eyes turned to Emily, who was watching the Grand Duke’s castle with admiration next to Anne.
She was wary, as there was stranger who was not there when Anne went out.

“This is Emily.
She will be my maid in the future, so please prepare what she needs.”

Thanks to her long years of working as the maid, the savvy Emily nodded with polite gestures.


The courteous chief handmaid’s attitude became cold in an instant.
The stern eyes ran slowly across Emily’s from head to toe.
At that glance, Emily’s bowed head fell further.

“I will ask the Grand Duke first.”

“I want her as my maid .
Does this require His Grace’s permission too?”

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Anne’s voice was raised in displeasure, but Mrs.
Wald didn’t even show any signs of distress.
She just added her words in a polite and respectful tone.

“As I said before, the Master is directly involved in the use of people.”

“Then let me ask myself.
Give Emily a room first.”

It wouldn’t be as difficult as her meeting the Grand Duke, anyway.
As she handed her coat and gloves to the maid, and went straight to her room, a maid who had been receiving the book called for Anne, who was in a hurry.

“Madame, a letter has arrived from County Libelois.”

It was then that a blue paper bag stood out over the silver tray that the maid was holding.
Anne looked away from it and turned her back.

“You can throw it in the fireplace.”


Again, there was an obedient answer without any questions asked.
The only thing she liked was that the employees of this castle did their job silently without much response to any instructions.

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