Perhaps there was some conflict, as Marie’s eyes were on the floor.
She seemed to be deeply troubled as she looked at the ground with her head lowered like a sinner.

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“What’s the problem? I’ll just buy a book and come back.”

“If you tell me, I .
I will buy it.”

Her voice was plain, but her attitude was somewhat nervous.
By this point, even if she didn’t want to suspect her, Marie looked very strange.
It was as if she was reluctant to let Anne go outside.
Especially at this point in time when the Grand Duke left the castle.

“No, I want to read the other books.
If you don’t want to go, you can stay.”

After she resolutely remarked that Marie should not follow her, Anne was about to turn coldly, when an urgent voice stopped from behind.

“Well then .
! I’ll go with you too.
There are books I want to read too.”

She must have made it up as an excuse, but Anne nodded her head.
Even if she said Marie didn’t have to come along, Marie would follow her anyway.

While riding the carriage downtown, Marie kindly explained everything she could see to Anne looking outside.

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“This is the residential district of Langtenais.”

According to Mrs.
Wald, half of the castle employees commuted to work from the residential district of Langtenais.
Because the master didn’t like people coming and going, she said it’s always been like that.
She had said that she was trying to reduce the number of employees altogether, but when they managed the Grand Duke’s castle, there weren’t enough hands, so they switched to commuting.

As soon as she entered the business district, the carriage slowed down to streets bustling in the good weather.

“Madame, it seems that it will be difficult for the carriage to go any further because there are so many people.”

As the coachman said, there was a large crowd, so Anne and her party decided to get off the carriage and walk.
After basking in the sun after a long time, she felt refreshed.
Due to the gloomy weather that had lasted for quite some time, she almost fell into depression.

Every time she stepped on the unmelted snow, there was a soft, cute crunching sound, and with every step she took, the hem of her dress gently waved.

“The Lord’s knights.”

“A woman from the Cromund family .
Who is it?”

Everyone she encountered stopped and muttered at the sight of Anne, a stranger.
They were guessing at her identity by looking at the knights in uniforms with the emblem of the Grand Duchy.

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As she never officially married and there was no official announcement, it seemed that the people of the estate were unaware of Anne’s existence.

Rumors must have spread in the capital .
But this place did not receive the public announcement.

Anne turned away from the people’s eyes and headed straight to the bookstore.
She was a proud noble woman everywhere, and she was not shy.
She didn’t know how long she’d be in the castle anyway, and she didn’t care as it only affected the capital.

At the bookstore she visited, Anne was fortunately able to find the book she was looking for.
As soon as she bought the book, she went right back, leaving behind Marie, and Anne pointed to the dessert shop across.

“Marie, I like tea.
Why don’t we go drink over there while we’re here?”

“Ah .
yes .

Marie, who was about to head to the carriage, hesitated, but this time she followed Anne without questioning her.


The bell hanging from the door made a cheerful sound to greet the guests.

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The young man turned around and greeted them with a refreshing smile.
The staff, who gently led them to the table, smiled and started reciting the menu.

“Are you new to our store? Today’s menu is hot tea to warm you up and a carrot cake made with fresh carrots that arrived from the south at dawn.”

“Please give me today’s menu.”

As soon as she ordered simply and clearly, tea and cake were ready.
As Anne was going to take a sip of the steaming tea and stare blankly at the people outside the window.
When she suddenly felt a standing presence, she looked to the side and saw a female clerk standing at the counter approaching the table they were sitting at.

The woman with faded red hair stared intently at Anne.
They looked at each other, looking for something, but the woman’s green eyes, like buds, somehow caught her eye.

Miss Anne?”

The voice of a woman who casually said Angroanne’s nickname was trembling.

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“Emily .

Then Anne, who recognized the face, got up from her seat.
She was her maid, Emily, who took care of Anne like an older sister at the Libelois mansion.

Emily was a maid with whom Anne was close enough to know her small habit.
Then she suddenly quit her job and disappeared, and it was only when she was older that she found out why.
Her mother knew that she had slept with Robert and was kicked out of the mansion.
Anne later inquired about her whereabouts, but she never found anything.

But I didn’t expect her to be in the North .

This was the reason she couldn’t find Emily, even though she tried.
She couldn’t send people to the North because she needed money to sneak in.

“Miss .
Why are you .

“I’m married to Grand Duke Cromund.”


Startled, Emily covered her mouth with both hands.

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