Ashton continued what he was saying despite his master’s ferocious appearance who didn’t give a single glance.

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“Shouldn’t the wedding ceremony be held properly?”

Ashton recalled the Grand Duchess’ face, who was trying to keep herself calm.
She was a woman with a beautiful complexion, as rumored to have taken the place of Marquisate Whitmore’s fiancee, surpassing other ladies of prominent families.

That was not all.
With the dignity and elegance of an upper-class noble, an appearance that does not fall short of any one, and the ability to properly get along with people.
She was not a pure noble lady who knew nothing except to decorate herself lavishly, but was more suited to the position of the Grand Duchess than anyone else.

Even when Ashton made a coercive claim, the Grand Duchess didn’t panic and even spit out her words at a glance.
It was a first meeting that was quite impressive for him as well.

However, after coming to the Grand Duke’s castle, the Grand Duchess who he occasionally encountered was a little different from before, even though she was smiling softly.
It was because there was a slight uneasiness in her clear eyes.
And Ashton thought that had to do with the poor situation because she couldn’t even have a wedding ceremony.


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The dull sound of the sharp nib breaking split through the room.
Rather than throwing away the pen or something like that, he kept his seat, holding up his glasses.

“Since when have you been interested in people other than me?”

The Grand Duke’s eyes, who had been ignoring Ashton the whole time, now reached Ashton in an annoyed way.

The Grand Duke nervously pulled off the indoor ruffle-neck shirt he was wearing, and rolled up the ruffled sleeves up to his forearm.
His chest muscles, visible through the clothes that were open to his chest, caught the attention of even the same man.

Even in the cold weather that frost fell on the windows, the Grand Duke was dressed as if it was midsummer.
Every time this happened, he had to realize that the Grand Duke was really different from him.
However, it was also the duty and loyalty of a subject to his master to reveal his beliefs.

“That’s because she’s Your Highness’ wife.”

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“Ashton, you lost your manners.
Your father did not dare to say anything cheekily.”

As the chilly low-pitched sound descended, the inside of the office sank heavily with a sense of dreary pressure.
It felt as if a sharp blade of murderous energy was pouring down on Ashton as the pressure was so high that the air he could breathe disappeared.

Ashton swallowed more words when the Grand Duke referred to his father.
Adding words to the master without knowing their place was one of the things the Grand Duke looked at the most.
Ashton, who swallowed a gulp, bowed his head.

“I’m sorry.
I… I made a slip of the tongue.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, tell me properly.”

The Grand Duke who folded the paper he was writing on, waxed and stamped his seal, gave it to Ashton as if tossing it.

The words that he had to say this far reached his throat, but he could not further increase the Grand Duke’s wrath here.
Swallowing his words, Ashton carefully took the letter and left the room.

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After Ashton left, the Grand Duke’s eyes turned to the clock on the other side of the wall.
At three o’clock, it was time to move his feet to the library as usual.
He doesn’t like to read books, but it has something precious to him, so he always visits once a day.

However, before reaching the library and opening the door, he read a different atmosphere and stopped his feet.
It was because he felt a small presence from the inside.

‘Who is it? It’s not that person….’

He slammed the door open and looked for the intruder with fierce eyes.
However, seeing the face of the woman in front of him, his breath fell from his tense teeth.
In front of him, there was a stubborn woman who was terrified but answered her words clearly.

I was wondering who it was.”

He almost immediately broke the intruder’s neck without delay.
Fortunately, she slept conspicuously like that.
If so… she would have been locked up that night again.

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A book was lying on the floor, it looked like she fell asleep while reading.
Although he went all the way to the sofa without hiding his presence, she did not notice at all and fell into a deep sleep.

Her puffy chest rose and fell lightly as her even breath ran through her tiny lips.
Bright blonde hair meandered down between her deep-seated chest lines, and her shallow cheeks were reddish as if they had been crushed and dyed with roses.

Her smooth, immaculate nape stood out.
Last night, he had sucked that neckline several times.

A soft body that trembled in his arms, but could not resist, stimulated his excitement and brought out the sadism that had been sleeping inside.
At the end, she burst into tears, but nothing relieved him as much as that time.

cold… .”

At that moment, Anne, who was recklessly grabbing and dragging anything she could hold in her hand in search of her warmth, murmured in her sleep.

“It’s hard if you’re careless like this….”

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