Anne, who had forgotten her breathing and wrinkled her eyes, quickly shook her head.
It was throbbing as if her body was cut in half, and she was afraid to even think about what would happen to her when he came in.

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The Grand Duke’s gaze scanned her face as she exhaled with difficulty.
In an instant, one of his thick fingers protruded between her lips, which were bitten to the point of bleeding.
He felt the breath exploding from her tiny lips and groped every nook and cranny of her flesh.

“If the wife asks me to, I will consider it generously.”

“I .
Ah .

Anne tried to spit the words out, but the fingers clenched against her tongue, disturbing the soft flesh of her mouth.

“No .

As if he didn’t like the answer, the Grand Duke slowly pushed his cock into the already tight hole.

“Huuuuuu .

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Anne’s long eyelashes were wet into moisture.
As her belly contracted rapidly against her trembling upper body, she unintentionally clenched her inner walls around the thick penis.

Cracks formed in the Grand Duke’s slim forehead in the walls of her sticky vagina.
He thought it would be nice to stop joking around and to shove it directly, but watching the woman’s distorted expression was also quite a good sight.

He lowered his torso and asked, pushing his face closer to Anne.

“What did you say?”

The moment Anne was about to part her lips, the hard genitals were pushed all the way to the end.
Anne, frightened by the pillar that had pierced her at once, bent her waist and trembled.

“Aahh .
Haa .
Stop .

Anne began to struggle against the excruciating pain she had never felt before.
Her slender arms pressed against the sheet.
Even if she tried to twist her back, she couldn’t move the leg that was on his forearm.

He lowered his upper body and supported himself with his elbows, caressing Anne’s soft cheeks as if soothing her.
Between the trembling eyelashes, he could see the blue eyes full of water.
He licked the tears that hung from the corners of her eyes with the tip of his tongue.

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“Oh no.
I couldn’t hear you right.”

“Huuh, heuu.”

Satisfaction bloomed on the Grand Duke’s face when he saw her unable to even breathe from the pain.
Then, as if he had no intention of taking it out in the first place, he pressed her flat belly with his large palm.
As if an outline was drawn under her soft skin, the hard thing felt thick even when stroked.

“I have changed my mind.
It’s already in so far, it’d be a waste to take it out.”

Huuuh .


Tears welled up in Anne’s eyes the moment the Grand Duke inserted the thick pillar he had barely pulled out again.

The Grand Duke’s eyebrows twitched for a moment at the stiff inner wall, but when he saw Anne’s pained face, his eyebrows were smoothed out.

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“How did you make such a bold offer to give birth to a successor when you can’t even stand this much?”

The hand that tidied over her sweaty hair was very gentle, unlike the one below.
When Anne, nervous, swallowed a gulp, the Grand Duke, who smiled wryly, began to move his waist in earnest, as if he had no intention of looking at her from the beginning.

Anne’s pelvis, held in his large hands, was pulled towards the Grand Duke’s crotch with a yank.
A tingling sensation engulfed her entire body, causing tears to flow as her butt slammed against his hard hip.

“Hahh .
hahh! Haaaaahhh!”

A screeching scream erupted, the voice amorous even so.
Every time the thing was pushed upward and pulled, her vision fluctuated and her stomach churned.
With each of the Grand Duke’s movements of hitting her, her immaculate breasts soaked in saliva also shook.
He greedily sucked at the swollen nipples.

“Hah .

Anne let out moans uncontrollably.
Tears welled up in reflex at the sensation of the thick flesh scratching her inner wall and spreading everywhere it passed.
The cold tears in her blue eyes ran down her cheeks every time she closed and opened her eyelids.

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Her sensitive body and even her mind were becoming dizzy.
Her lips trembled at the sensation as he stirred inside her scorching stomach.

“I’ll do whatever my wife wants me to do.”

The man, who had been languid and full of leisure, was terribly preoccupied with his actions.
Even after pulling out the length that was soaked with the slippery liquid, she was entered again like a horned beast.
Anne was crushed by the man’s weight.

Meanwhile, the Grand Duke’s object kept mercilessly poking into her vagina.
The more blunt the pain seemed to be, the more her senses began to clear up.

As the inner flesh was rubbed, the sensation that rose like a haze took root and spread throughout the body.
Her delicate hands trembled at the dizzying sensation, and she grabbed the sheet she was holding and crumpled it again and again.

The Grand Duke exhaled a low breath on the flesh that was clinging to him.
The damp inside was squeezing on him.

“Looking at how you won’t let go of my dick .
Are you a woman who has always been crazy about men?”

The Grand Duke spoke coldly as he tore through the wrinkled inner walls that were tangled around him.

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