Chapter 3: The King Of Sleaze

Apartment 42, The Bowerstone Apartment Complex, 4th And Flint Street, Attison District, Temple City (3040)…..

By the time Det. Baddwulf had arrived at his apartment complex he found that he had not been alone as Mrs. Callens, a gorgeous blonde bombshell of a woman with fringe curled hair pulled back into an elegant bun, she wore a stylish tight fitting red dress that ride up her inner thigh and was well beyond her knee to be deemed appropriate by all manner of good society as she let her breasts, which were bare beneath the top of her dress show in the form of open cleavage as she stood with the sweet scent of her perfume, a kind of watered down variant of honeysuckle toilet water, filled the already drunken mans nose as he did his best to unlock the door while feeling himself being pulled via the magnetic impulse to pin the lovely woman up against the wooden door and have at her the way his loins saw fit. Despite the urge, however he was much more of a gentleman than he cared to realize to do all that. Mrs. Callens stood in front of his door as if shed been waiting for him all night but had not said a word to him as he moved passed her. Her green eyes shimmered in the dim light of the inner hallway that lead to his place and the rancid stench of the often soggy and mildewed brown carpeting could do little to dampen the scent of the woman which wafted all about the place from her merely standing beside his door.

Shed been here before, of course once as a client and again when it came time to issue payment. Baddwulf finally got the door opened, after wrestling with his key to do so while being bombarded with the overall desire of his loins to have at the beautiful dame right then and there. She stepped inside the moment he offered holding the door open for her as his father had taught him to when wooing members of the opposite sex. He made his way inside, taking off his trench coat and hanging it upon the rack behind the door as he did the same with her white coat that she carried draped at her forearms. Her ruby red lips were puckered and appealing as he finished hanging their respective coats before heading toward his kitchen where he fixed himself and his apparent guest a drink while she awaited his return via the light brown leather sofa she sat on in the living room. He handed her the glass, a drink consisting of light liquor made of vodka and olives with minimal ice cubes from his freezer.

He had a trusty shot of the brown stuff in the form of what the ones from the old era called ”Tennessee Whiskey ” before they figured out how to remake it and sell it on their own. It was an interesting thing learning from the digital files about the world before The Great Regression and the chaos that nearly ended the lives of billions on a grand scale just to fit the agenda and plots of a select few assholes whom never mattered. The would be ”gods ” of the age ended up going into hiding of course as the new era caught on to their twisted ways and spread the word from sea to shining sea so to speak.

Baddwulf sat down in his usual armchair prompting his trusty Russian Blue Cat, Sullivan to come from out of his bedroom and make himself known. Sullivan, known affectionately as ”Sully ” was silver in color with lovely dark green eyes and a sleek build. He had come across Baddwulf when hed been a kitten scrounging about amid waste and garbage cans, The sentimental lad took him in despite the little kitten being somewhat of a canine in a felines body. Sully meowed and hopped into Baddwulfs lap nuzzling the grim mans chest via his head and curled into a ball to roll on his back in his masters lap before jumping back down again after receiving the amount of attention he desired from his owner.

Mrs. Callens thought him cute even adorable, but Sully could careless for her approval as he was only interested in Baddwulf. He ventured back toward the master bedroom and hopped back onto the bed where he took yet another nap in the solitude of the room as if they had not been in the living room at all.

Baddwulf had always been a sucker for a beautiful face, often doing more free favors for women than he had the men whom had come to him even without the proposition of sex involved. Most of the time it was dames like Mrs. Callens whom had been wronged by no good men. Baddwulf often delighted in taking the assholes down a peg and making the unhappy women smile either via his detective skills or the ones he acquired through trial in error when in the bedroom should they so desire him to.

While he genuinely believed in the sanctity of true marriage, he was also of the mindset that turnabout was fair game if the husband or wife was stupid enough to step out on their spouse even for the smallest of reasons. It was this mindset that made him both hypocritical and logical when dealing in skin with known married women whom had come to him for his personal skills as a means of getting back at their no good husbands. Mrs. Callens had been one of the many young women taken for a ride by the man she commited her life to and now here she was throwing herself at the only man she seemed to trust which provided the bonus of further humiliating her wayward husband.

The blonde took notice of the blood from Baddwulfs nose and his busted lip. Without a word, she got to her feet after setting her half empty glass down on the coffee table and moved about the apartment. It wasn as if she hadn known where everything was, as shed been there before. Baddwulf relaxed in his chair reclining slightly as he slowly, sipped his drink. Mrs. Callens reappeared after rummaging for what she needed in the form of a wet washcloth that she dipped in a bowl of warm water as she set to work wiping away the blood from Baddwulfs mouth and lip. He winced a bit from the stinging sensation, but allowed her to continue.

He didn make a big deal out of it due to the fact that hed been in worse scrapes and knew all it took for him to heal was a good nights rest. Of course for much worse injuries he was prone to sleeping for a few days to heal properly. Baddwulf puffed on the remainder of his cigar before putting it out at the behest of Mrs. Callens expression of disgust at his smoking habit, which she believed was counterproductive to healing after watching a bunch of digital files on medical records from the old era.

She slowly wiped away more of the blood and even further loosened Baddwulfs tie as she sought to get him out of the blood stained shirt. He was stripped down to the white mens tank top shirt dubbed in the old era as ”a wifebeater ” due to men who often wore then in their age having a tendency to beat on their significant others while wearing them. Baddwulf had found them to be comfortable when enduring the agonies of a hot day, such as this one. She took it off and carried it back to this bathroom, which was surprisingly clean and tidy. She tossed it into the hamper behind the door and ventured back toward the living room where he took her by the hand and pulled her gently down onto his lap.

They looked at each other for the longest time before her lips crashed into his still decidedly tender ones as she stroked his bearded face indulging in the needs of her own fantasy life as opposed to the sad sorry state of the one she lived when she left his apartment to go back to her own as Thom Callens wife of six long years of lies and humiliation. Just as before, she concluded that her husband deserved a bit of humiliation of his own as she slowly trailed her free hand along the crotch of Baddwulfs trousers delighted to see the effect she had on him as his cock rapidly made itself known via the bulge that came with it.

A low growl rumbled from his throat and he proceeded to give in to his baser nature as he stood up, scooping the lovely blonde woman into his powerful arms and carried her back to his bedroom. Leaving behind the glasses of half finished booze and his snuffed cigar on the coffee table. The moment he kicked open the bedroom door, Sullivan had hopped off the bed and rushed out into the hall as if hed known the drill, he proceeded to venture toward the living room and hopped into the reclining armchair and curled into a ball of silver fur as his master kicked the door closed to his bedroom after stepping inside with Mrs. Callens in his arms.

Sullivan rolled onto his back when he himself fell into a deep slumber ignoring the antics of his master and his guest as he had not a care in the world aside from his food and water dish being filled as he like it and a warm dry place to curl up at his leisure. As for Detective Baddwulf, he had been of the mindset that turnabout was fair game and as such proceeded to give Mrs. Callens as good as hed gotten in terms of ”fair play ”.

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