Ascension To Sovereignty

Bandit Subjugation 3

*Two Days Before Bandit Attack*

”Blazing Sun, gather! ” Hans called his brigade to attention.

The Blazing Suns intermediate members fell into formation with perfect posture.

”Scouts have just arrived back from the outskirts of Zerxes. According to their information, a group of bandits have been moving a lot recently and it looks as if they are planning for something quite big.

Part of our job is also to stop potential chaos as well as the chaos that already exists. We will plan a preemptive strike and asses the situation for ourselves. ”

*Sigmunds POV*

”A bandit subjugation mission huh? Sounds interesting. I can let Magni outshine me; I must preform well! ” I declared to myself.

”I will now pick a team to head out tomorrow at first light. The trip will be for around two days so those that are chosen pack extremely lightly. The list goes as follows: Sigmund Aphelion, Jorgun Blake, Fey Pasternich and Draco Lionheart.

This team of fours mission is to infiltrate said village where bandits seem to be active, assess the situation and if it looks like you can handle it use lethal force. Team leader will be Sigmund. Dismissed. ”

Hans immediately left the premises without further question. A lot of the brigade looked at Sigmund with envy; he had arrived less than a month ago and has already been assigned team leader for his first mission.

Soon after the meeting, many salty members had left leaving just the four warriors that were selected.

”I…guess we should introduce ourselves first, we
e going to be spending some time together after all. ” A slender girl named Fey suggested.

”My names Fey as you all know, I was enlisted last year and this would make my third mission. ” She spoke expectantly.

”My name is Draco, I enlisted 3 years ago and this is my tenth mission. ” A silver haired boy spoke confidently.

”Jorgund. ” This individual in particular, had a very lean physique that was hidden under his cloak. He had a sword strapped to his side and covered his eyes with a black line of cloth.

”Man of little words. ” Draco said while looking at me. ”Get used to it, hes not being rude. ”

”No its fine, my name is Sigmund. I was enlisted 3 weeks ago and this is my first mission. I have been assigned team captain and I won let the trust the captain put in me go to waste. We will succeed flawlessly. ”

”Hey, I like your spirit. I didn take you for a motivational speaker. ” Fey winked at me seductively.

I had learned a lot of things over the years, how to talk to females was not one of them. My face quickly turned red and I became flustered immediately.

”Eghm! Y-yes, my brother always lets small things get to him so hes been good practise over the years. ” I managed to get out some words.

”Smooth. ” Draco chimed.

I sent him a deathly stare and rose the temperature a couple of degree.

”Hahahaa! It was a joke calm down team captain. ” He slapped my shoulder while not even bothering to contain his amusement.

”Hmph. ” Jorgund stifled a chuckle.

”Even you? ” I looked at the slender individual with a face of betrayal.

”Pugh! Hahhahaha! ” Fey laughed until tears started to form.

I stared at her blankly which only just amused her more.

”Sigmund, you should of told us you were this funny! Haha! ” She chuckled in my face.

”Cute. ” I couldn help but think.

”Enough! Im the team leader I won be treated like this any further. ”

”Whatever you say boss. ” Draco spoke while grinning. ”Weve got a early start tomorrow, why don we turn in. We have plenty of time to bond tomorrow. ”

”Yeah hes right, Ill see you guys tomorrow. Don be late. ” I turned and left with an embarrassed face.

”Hahaha! ” I heard Fey laughing at me while I walked away.

”Humph! Those insolent turds. They seem to forget how badly I beat them up yesterday. I don regret it any longer! ” Sigmund lied to himself.

A merciless attitude is something he would not be able to develop. His bright personality negated the chance of him becoming a cold silent killer. He would always be Sigmund and he knew that deep down.

*Magnis POV*

”Finally! I reached 20x gravity! ”

I stood in a clearing in the woods, all around me flattened trees and debris. I had took it upon myself to do some personal training.

I had all these theories in my head, but they would all be impossible if I wasn able to increase the amount I can effect gravity.

”Kings Aura! ” I exclaimed.


After the 20x benchmark, my gravity magic now let of miniature shockwaves that would now be able to increase the range an attack can reach.

If I applied 20x to my fist at the moment of impact with an opponent, I could send them flying with one punch. I would then activate ”Kings Aviation ” catch up to them in a second and deliver another terrifying blow.

”Im creating my own personal fighting style. The basis of this style with rely on both incredible spread and terrible force.

My fighting styles name will be ”Juryoku Brachium ” The fist that will break all. ”

Another memory flooded into my brain as I developed my fighting style. This name was special, it resonated deep within my soul.

”What is this feeling. I need to bring this up with Sigmund. For now lets train. ”

”Juryoku Brachium! ” I twisted my back foot and delivered a devastating cross hook into a tree, increasing the pressure of gravity around my fist briefly at the moment of impact.


The tree blew backwards and ripped out of its roots. I decreased the gravity around my body in a split second and arrived behind the tree before it touched the ground. I send a roundhouse kick with the force of 20x gravity my wrapped around my foot.

The tree broke in half and exploded into bits.

”This is the first move of Juryoku Brachium. ”

”… ”

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