Ascension To Sovereignty

Bandit Subjugation 2

*Sigmunds POV*

I couldn remember a time where I felt so disgusted at my self. Training had long ended but I can shake this feeling of disgust.

Those with strength should use it to protect the weak until they get strong enough to protect those weaker than themselves.

I was meant to be proud of my strength but what had transpired today had made me ashamed of it.

I walked back to Magni and Is accommodation. I wanted to confide in my brother but I was conflicted.

I soon decided against it as I didn want him to feel bad for making us stay.

”I will shut my mouth for my brothers sake. ” I gathered my resolve.

I clutched the door to our room and opened it only to find Magni in the meditation pose he used whenever he needed to clear his mind.

Im familiar with it as I was the one who taught him. I don know where I found this knowledge but it had almost felt like a memory.

We would turn sixteen this year and many strange memories had started to flood my head. In dreams or while awake I would get visions.

”Brother, Im back. ” I said while closing the door behind me.

”Brother! Ive been trying to calm my nerves until you came back. I was so excited! ” He exclaimed while shooting up.

I chuckled at the sight of this. My brother has always had a hard time expressing his feelings so when he showed emotion I found it to be quite pleasant.

”Go on, tell me. Not like I have to tell you to anyway. ” I said while laughing lightly.

”Brother I learned a new spell! I don know how but today when I went into the lotus position knowledge started flow into my head rapidly. But it felt like it was apart of me, like a memory.

Honestly it was weird but because of it I learned a new spell. ”

I looked at my brother with a sudden serious expression.

”Hes been getting visions as well? Theres more to this than meets the eye. I will just observe for now. ” I thought.

”Thats strange brother, but what did I tell you; your magic is not simple. Ive never doubted you could get stronger. But whats the spell and its effects? ”

”I know, you don have to remind me. I just got disheartened for a while. ” He spoke with a sigh. ”The spell is called Kings Aviation. The name come from within also.

It allows me to decrease the gravity on my body by veiling myself in a thin layer of gravity magic. Im essentially able to move 15x faster at its maximum capacity. Awesome right! ” He confided.

”Brother thats…really something else. And I spent my day dawdling. Ive been surpassed in 24 hours I can believe it.

Im happy for you brother youve finally acquired strength as youve sought after for so long. ” I was genuinely proud of my younger twin.

”Haha, thank you brother. What did you do today anyway? ” He asked anxiously.

”Well i sparred with my brigade in the intermediate team. They were all quite powerful. ”

”Brother, why lie? I know your already the most powerful among them. Don sugar coat it just for my sake. Be proud Sigmund. ”

My eyes widened at his intuition

”Am I that easy to read hehe. ” I chucked while scratching my head.

”No, I just know your strength better than anyone. ” He said frankly.

”Well that is also true. Brother Im going to shower and turn in. Ive used a lot of mana and I need to recover. Again, Im truly proud Magni. ” I ruffled his hair and went to my own room.

”… ”

In a village a few kilometres away from Zerxes a group of dark cloaked men with owl masks arrive at the gates.

”Its here. ” Man 1 spoke.

”A village outside the protection of Zerxes. Wonderful for so many sacrifices to gather here willingly. This will be perfect to resurrect a fragment of his soul. ” The leader of the men said.

”Leader, we should attack at night. Theres a few hours until dark. Lets just enter as tourists and wait in a tavern. ” Man 3 said.

”I suppose thats a good suggestion. Alright move out. If anyone asks we
e magic knights from Zerxes returning from a mission, we just need to rest and refuel for a few hours. Understood? ”

”Yes magus. ” The men replied in unison.

After a short walk, the men made it to a tavern in the centre of the village.

They entered the place and it fell silent. All eyes had turned toward them and some men gripped their weapons anxiously.

”True Death. ” The leader muttered.

Everyone in the tavern fell to the ground, dead instantly. Not a soul was spared.

”Dante, remove their bodies. ” He spoke.

”Yes sir. Spacial Magic: Nexus Realm. ”

The bodies vanished into thin air without a trace leaving the tavern deathly quiet.

”Alright everyone prepare for nightfall and don let anyone enter. Im going upstairs and resting. True Death magic takes a toll on my life force. ” The leader spoke while trying to hide his fatigue.

True Death wasn a spell he could use indefinitely but it was an effective spell for a large group of people.

As the leader left, the men began to relax and take of their cloaks and masks. They drank until nighttime without a care in a world.

Nighttime quickly befell the unfortunate village and it was time to let hell loose.

The leader of this strange group of dark mages walked back down from the stairs and looked at his subordinates. They had fully geared back up and cast restoration spells so they were perfectly sober.

”Unleash hell. ” The leader said and walked back the stairs not even doubted the strength of his men.

”Yes sir! ” They shouted.

”Remember, we need survivors for the rituals; don go too crazy or else this will just be a waste. The towns population is around 500. Lastly…have some fun. ” Dante spoke with a sinister smile behind his mask.

”Ive been **ing waiting for this all day lets go! ” Man 5 spoke.

”… ”

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