nding on the gravitational force I could even create a pushing and pulling force to propel and summon objects or humans at a close distance toward or away from me.

This is the true nature of gravity. But…just where did this information come from? ”

My inner monologue was disrupted by Orsteds hand on my shoulder.

”Young Magni, have you completed my task? ” He asked sternly.

To him, who had been watching from a distance, it looked as if I sat and meditated for the entire day. For me it felt like minutes.

”I can sure try. ” I replied.

The knowledge I had just acquired gave me new found confidence. Something as small as increasing gravity? In the large scale of things, thats a minuscule feat.

I summoned my magic and created a tight veil of mana around my body, I could instinctively feel that it was going to work. I had already thought of a name for my new spell.

”Kings Aviation. ” I muttered.

After activating the spell like it was second nature, I kicked of the ground and cleared 10 metres in a split second.

The goal was to decrease gravity around me by 5x, the speed I had shown was easily 15x and I had also been able to create an effective spell.

Orsted was dumbfounded.

”Y-youve achieved the goal as expected. Your reward will be in your room when training is over. Back to work! ” Orsted struggled before regaining composure.

*Orsteds POV*

”That **ing kid is something else. I wonder if that leech Hans made the right choice.

Not only did he create a new spell, albeit with some guidance, he also applied it perfectly almost instantly and all in the span of a day. Monster. ”

Orsted had just realised how much talent the young mage had. To put it into perspective, normal mages have manuscripts passed down from their predecessors with countless spells that they could learn from.

Even with the blueprint, it would take them months to learn. The prodigies would take a week or two but one day to learn a spell was unheard of. To devise and apply such magic.

”I should report this to the king, this might reassure him that we made the right choice. I wonder how Sigmund is fairing with Hans? He probably gets treated like royalty by that pig. ”

*Sigmunds POV*

*pant pant pant*

”Captain…h-his sun magic is truly s-strong! ” A young mage struggled to get out.

The entire training session for Sigmund consisted him repeatedly sparring the mages in the intermediate class and beating them until they drop. All under Hans order.

”C-captain I think thats enough for today. You said I would be just proving my strength, at this point I am just bullying my fellow comrades. ” Sigmund pleaded as his kind heart started to waver.

The young mages of the intermediate class looked at Sigmund with a gleam in their eyes silently thanking him for speaking up. Their fighting spirit had been completely broken.

”Young Sigmund, this is training for the field. You can show any mercy when enemies show their true nature. Again! ”

The blazing Sun captain ignored his complaining and the mages eyes went back to being dead.

Sigmund didn realise how bad he had it until right then.

”He is truly evil. ” He thought inwardly.

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