The game started, Yu Zhaohan controlled the bulky tank and walked in front of the team, blocking every bullet for his teammates, the blood bar dropped madly, but he didn’t see any healing, instead, he saw Shi Du was crazy killing in the upper left corner, accompanied by an assist from the support.

Yu Zhaohan: …What about the great treatment that she promised? Oh, girl.

[IPL.Timeless: Support, don’t mind me]

Buy Shine’s hair at a high price: “Oh, then I’ll go to support Yuyu, brother, be careful.”

Yu Zhaohan coldly typed:

[Yu: No, I’ll find the blood bag myself 】

How can a high-cold person want to be treated and rely on others?

Assassins must move around the map in various ways and rely on tanks to occupy the target point.
Yu Zhaohan quickly captured target point A and attacked target point B with one C and one auxiliary.
At the same time, Shi Du completed the assassination again, and he died before the dough war began, with no ability to fight back.

This round became a crushing round after two top professional players took the lead.

At the end of the game, the system evaluates the MVP and plays the wonderful moments of the MVP.

Shi Du leaned back on the gaming chair with just a little interest and watched as he brutally killed the sniper on the opposite side.
Suddenly, a picture of Yu Zhaohan turning 180 degrees and sniping during a game appeared in his mind.

In the entire league, there were only two snipers who could make him feel excited and stimulated in the assassination: Tide and Shine.

The game showed that Yu Zhaohan had already left the room.
Shi Du thought for a while, then straightened his body and put his hands on the keyboard.

[IPL.Timeless: Double play?]

[Yu: Not interested.]

Shi Du held his chin and watched Yu Zhaohan’s reply.

Gee, still so fierce ah.

[Hahahaha, so what if it’s a big handsome guy, so what if it’s a young master, it’s still going to be rejected by our big beauty!]

[Cold light is universal, all beings are equal [Amitabha]]

[Pass it on, Shine rejected Timeless’s double-play invitation!]

[Pass it on, Shine rejected Timeless!]

[Pass it on, Timeless couldn’t get what he wanted, so he locked Shine in a small dark room out of love and hate!]

[Pass it on, Shine is giving birth!]

Shi Du’s phone on the table vibrated with a text message from an unknown number: [Hello, Timeless.
I’m Lawman’s manager.
I wonder if you are interested in joining Lawman?]

In general, matters involving player transfers must be handled through the club’s management.
Privately contacting professional players was strictly prohibited.
Lawman was clearly not afraid to offend other clubs, and he was confident that the people they were interested in would be interested in Lawman.

Shi Du had previously learned from the manager that Lawman intends to invite him and Yu Zhaohan to try out in Los Angeles; however, he did not know whether Yu Zhaohan had received any text messages.

Yu Zhaohan’s expression remained unchanged in the live broadcast room, and the solo queue began for the next match.

Shi Du replied to the opposite:

[What do you mean by interest?]

[We would like to invite you to Lawman for trial training.]

[How to solve the language problem.]

[Lawman is an American team, no matter whether it’s a Korean or a Chinese player, you can only communicate in English in Lawman]

[Unfortunately, I don’t know English]

It took a minute for the opposite side to reply to him:

[I saw you in a North America interview, you speak English very well]

[I suddenly can’t now, so I only consider clubs that communicate in Chinese]

Speaking of which, Lawman’s manager realized that he had been tricked but he didn’t dare to go too far because of Shi Du’s background, and can only say arrogantly:

[This type of ridiculous insistence is completely unnecessary in the professional arena, and it will only delay your future.
In e-sports lack of power is the greatest sin, and winning is the truth.
The All-China team may not make you a world champion, but Lawman certainly can.]


Lawman’s manager thought he had persuaded Shi Du, and this time he replied almost in seconds:

[I promise you, you can definitely make it.]

[That’s not fun.]

Without waiting for the other side to reply, Shi Du dragged this number into the blacklist.

Yu Zhaohan broadcast for an hour and then abruptly went off air, unmoved by the barrage of pain, hysteria, or tenderly addressing him as a wife.
Old Tan called up everyone downstairs and announced a brief meeting.

After Wings proposed to retire, he moved out of the base and went to accompany his wife.
The R.H base was deserted by one-sixth.

For the past few days, Old Tan has been knocking on doors in search of loan recovery results.
R.H’s funder has always been from the traditional industry.
It only recently followed the trend and entered the e-sports field.
Later, it was discovered that the majority of e-sports clubs were burning money for love, with only a few making a profit.
Even if the results were good and high sponsorships could be obtained, it was a drop in the bucket compared to the transfer fees of tens of millions of star players.

Although the boss was a jerk, the salary could still be paid.
After Old Tan “returned his hard-earned money,” the boss continued to send everything that was supposed to be sent and agreed to spend money to recruit new short/guns, but he had to “control the costs.”

Disgusting control costs.

It’s not that Old Tan didn’t consider exposing the main company’s heinous behavior, but the non-disclosure agreement was in place.
The rest of R.H didn’t want to leave before winning the championship and fulfilling Wanfeng’s last wish.

Lu Youshan was busy looking for new short/gun players for the club.
After rigorous analysis and comparison, Lu Youshan photographed a piece of data in front of everyone: “I want this man!”

Yu Zhaohan glanced casually:

IPL.Timeless, 17 years old, short/gun/assassin

Various data (every ten minutes) League Ranking

Hero Damage: 2nd

Hero Assist: 2nd

Last Strike: 1st

Old Tan twitched and asked, “Old Lu, are you serious?”

Qi Xian scrutinized Shi Du’s various items Data, said with a smile: “The coach’s choice really doesn’t surprise us at all.”

Cheese told the truth: “But we don’t seem to be able to afford Timeless, right?”

Old Tan said: “More than that, we can’t afford him.
Let’s put it this way, with that little signing budget, we can go to other teams to pick a young trainee at most, and even they may not be willing to come.”

Lu Youshan stared at Old Tan with determination: “We can think of a way.”

Old Tan took a deep breath and patted Lu Youshan’s chest: “Old Lu, Old Lu, look at me and take a deep breath with me.
Exhale first, then inhale slowly… That’s right, that’s it, have you calmed down a bit?”

Lu Youshan took off Old Tan’s hand: “If you want to win the championship, R.H must be impeccable.
Short/gun position has always been our biggest shortcoming, we must make up for it, and Timeless is the most suitable piece of the puzzle.”

Everyone fell silent.

No one could deny the truth, but the budget was so small.
Some of them ran out of money, and even if they each sold a kidney, they might not be able to afford Timeless.

“I don’t know if Timeless is a face obsessed.” Qi Xian broke the silence with a smile, “If it is, we can ask our beauty Captain to negotiate a price, maybe it will be useful.”

Cheese couldn’t hold back and burst out laughing.

Yu Zhaohan narrowed his eyes slightly, full of warning: “Xu Lanzhi, Qi Xian?”

Hearing the captain calling him by his name, Cheese realized the seriousness of the problem and hurriedly put on a serious expression like attending a funeral.
Qi Xian apologized with a smile: “I was wrong, Captain.”

Lu Youshan thought about this possibility seriously: “I think we can try it.
Shine, in order to win, in order to win the championship, we need to open up…”

Yu Zhaohan coldly interrupted: “Timeless may not be suitable for us.”

Cheese, Old Tan, and Lu Youshan asked in unison, “Why?”

“His life span is short.”

Several people looked at each other.
Qi Xian sighed sadly: “It’s a pity, Timeless is such a handsome younger brother, and I like his personality very much…”

“I mean, his career life is short.
I don’t deny that he has strength and goals, but he wants to accomplish the set goals in a limited time, there is a possibility that he will be in a hurry and will drag down the whole team.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Youshan said in disbelief, “Timeless wants to retire at such a young age?”

Yu Zhaohan said, “Umm”.

Qi Xian asked curiously, “I’d never heard of it before.
Do captain know Timeless well enough to know about it?”

Yu Zhaohan said concisely, “No, I don’t.
There may not be good ones among the youth trainees.
Don’t just focus on data.
Personality and potential are very important.”

Lu Youshan was moved by Yu Zhaohan: “Then I’ll take a look.”

Old Lu breathed a sigh of relief and teased: “Sure enough, only the captain can convince you, a paranoid maniac.”

That was a must.
Yu Zhaohan was a little smug, and the corners of his mouth almost didn’t hold back.
He walked past several people and said lightly: “I’ll go out.”

Cheese asked, “Where is the captain going?”

“For a walk.”

“Are you going alone?” Qi Xian said, “Do you want us to accompany you?”

“No need.” Yu Zhaohan opened the door, the evening breeze came and lightly brushed his short hair, and he said something meaningful at the right time, “‘A walk alone is a date with the earth’.”

Compared with the shabby R.H base, IPL’s base can be described as luxurious- four-storey villa, swimming pool, gym, and entertainment room.
After returning from Los Angeles, the club went into holiday mode, and the number of people was less than half.

Shi Du found the manager who was struggling on the treadmill in the gym: “Did Lawman contact you?”

“No.” The manager squinted at him, “Why, did they contact you?”


The manager said angrily: “Did they think that as long as Lawman’s name is mentioned, all the players will rush to them to try out- you must have refused.” After saying that, he added unconfidently, “Right?”

“That’s right.” Shi Du absentmindedly said, “Do you think Shine will agree?”

The manager said without hesitation, “No.”

Shi Du had nothing to do with his hands, and helped the manager to increase the speed of the treadmill by a notch: “Are you so sure? Isn’t R.H’s boss a lousy person?”

The manager was forced to speed up: “No matter how bad it is, Shine will definitely stay at R.H, Old Tan told me personally.”


The manager shook his head: “I don’t know the specifics.
It should be related to the previous captain of R.H.”

“Who.” Shi Du entered the circle late and didn’t know much about some players in the early league.

Wanfeng, who plays short/gun positions like you, has been playing since the first season of the league, a veteran-level character, and one of the original founders of R.H.”

“Now retired?”

“No… it could be said that it is.
Due to illness, Wanfeng was forced to retire.
He was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer and left the hospital shortly after.
Shine stepped in for him.” The manager sighed, “At that time, Shine had just turned seventeen, and the oldest team member of R.H was in his twenties.
However, although Shine was young, he was mature and stable, neither spoiled or scared, and there is nothing wrong with being a captain.”

Shi Du remembered the last time he met with Yu Zhaohan in Shanghai.
No wonder Yu Zhaohan was not so Bking when he heard him say that there was only one year left.

Two years ago, he was just a high school student who had not even started playing games yet, and Yu Zhaohan had already become the captain of R.H.

“Understood.” Shi Du said.

“By the way, Old Tan said that Wings will also retire.” After the last incident of TCO’s malicious suspension, the relationship between IPL and R.H has made a qualitative leap, and they exchange waves from time to time.
Many fans also made a CP of the two clubs, so everything can be connected.
“In R.H’s situation now, I don’t know if their coach can find a cheap treasure to go back- don’t press it, you’re going to kill people, this speed has been increased to 10!”

“The speed is too slow to be effective.” Shi Du increased the speed to 11, with a bright smile and bad intentions, “Practice hard, you can do it.”

It was still early, and Shi Du was thinking about finding Xu to go to the US server for a double play.
Xu was sitting on the sofa in the living room and swiping Weibo, with a suitcase at his feet.

Shi Du lay down on the sofa, his long legs resting on the armrest of the sofa, leaning on Xu and asked, “Are you reading Weibo comments?”

Xu muttered, “I don’t, I want to live two more years.
I’m looking at a fan’s homepage, and his Weibo is very interesting.”

“Which fan.”

“Little fish blowing bubbles.” Xu showed his mobile phone to Shi Du, “I was so nervous during the semi-finals.
No, it’s a little better just to watch the stress relief video he recommended.”

Little fish blowing bubbles’s latest Weibo post was posted the day after IPL lost the game:

[@IPL all members don’t give trolls attention.
The mother they scold on the Internet is only a virtual mother.
When they see your mother in the third dimension, they will definitely call you aunt affectionately.
If you took them seriously, you will lose.]

Then there was one on the night of the final: [It’s hard to bear (っ╥╯﹏╰╥c)]

Someone replied: [Hard +1.
It’s a pity IPL lost, my roommate and I have been hugging and crying for an hour…]

Little fish blowing bubbles: [I also want to hug, but no one dares to hug me]

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