arately it can be found that the long/gun found Timeless’ position at 10 minutes 45 seconds, took 0.3 seconds to put the center of aim on the headshot, and after that for more than three seconds the center of aim followed Timeless’ movement…”

Old Tan handed Lu Youshan a glass of warm water: “Don’t rush, speak slowly.”

“Assuming the TCO’s network delay is x, the reticle moves s distance, the time t, and then count his reaction time… Is this logical?! I can confirm that the TCO is a malicious pause, interfering with the game on purpose.” Lu Youshan scribbled down a long series of complicated formulas, then drank a full glass of water and slammed the glass on the table, exclaiming, “This is fucking evidence!”

Old Tan felt distressed and said: “Take it easy, don’t smash the cup, it’s nine yuan and nine.”

Lu Youshan shouted: “That’s not the point! The last time TCO claimed there was a problem with the headset, they just get away with it, but this time I caught them.
Come on.
They think it’s a traditional sports competition, and just if you want to pause the game, you can pause it?”

Yu Zhaohan corrected him: “Traditional sports are not paused whenever you want either.”

Cheese made a vomiting gesture into the air, “No, no, I’m really going to vomit.”

Yu Zhaohan stayed away from Cheese and said with disgust, “Don’t vomit on me.”

Old Tan pondered: “I wonder if the IPL coach has found evidence that the TCO maliciously suspended the game.”

“For IPL, the most important thing now is to prepare for the finals, their coach doesn’t have much time.” Yu Zhaohan thought for a while, “Send me this video and formula.”

Old Tan asked: “Do you want to send the video to IPL?”

“No, I’ll just post on Weibo.”

There was something in Lu Youshan’s review that ordinary players might not understand.
Yu Zhaohan simplified it before posting it on Weibo, with only a short caption.

Yu Zhaohan was one of the most popular players in the Eastern Division.
Not long after it was posted on Weibo, it became popular and was forwarded and commented on by major game bloggers.

[The formula is not clear, but the beautiful captain has spoken, so TCO is dead]

[@Official, the hammer you want is coming, come out and express your position]

[I’ve never been this angry when my boyfriend cheated on me, but I ended up so angry at TCO, my breast/gland grew overnight [Smiles]]

[The match between IPL and TCO, why is Shine posted it on his Weibo early in the morning on the second day of the match.
What about IPL’s own people? ]

[There’s nothing strange, the five domestic teams were originally brother teams, and R.H was also cheated by TCO, and this wave also avenged himself]

[Pass it on, R.H and IPL are brothers! ]

[Pass it on, R.H and IPL brothers have become lovers! 】

[Pass it on, R.H and IPL are married! ]

[Pass it on, R.H give birth! ]

Following that, the IPL club’s official Weibo and IPL players all forwarded this Weibo.
Then, one by one, the other three domestic brother teams voiced their opinions, and even some European and American clubs in the Western Division who were dissatisfied with TCO launched an Internet protest, asking TCO to explain and respond.

Things got bigger and bigger, and TCO finally came with their small essay:

[We don’t know how the organizer did it, but our players’ operations were indeed affected by network fluctuations.
Maybe there’s something wrong with Shanghai’s e-sports venues Undisclosed special technology.
In addition, the @IPL.Timeless player had made insulting gestures to our players during the game, causing him to suffer serious psychological trauma.
The player is currently undergoing psychotherapy in Seoul.]

Shi Du took time out of his heavy training to respond to TCO, and his response was only one word- pfft.

[Simple word “pfft”, vividly shows TCO’s shamelessness, my brother is so bold, I love it]

[I have already edited the scene of Timeless whipping the corpse, click to see it, no need to thank me]

[I’m a domestic player, I also think the Timeless scene is really overwhelming.
This time he whipped someone else, next time it was someone else’s turn to whip him.
What you do not wish upon yourself, don’t do it to others]

[Notre Dame de Paris lacks a bell ringer, upstairs you can go there.]

The “Destination” official has suffered from pressure from all directions.
Seeing that the player’s boycott was getting more and more fierce, they finally announced the results of the suspension of the semi-final match.

TCO cancels the ranking of this International Invitational Tournament and does not participate in the distribution of the bonus pool.
The bonus for the original fourth place will be distributed to other top eight clubs.
At the same time, TCO was fined $200,000 and issued a public apology on social media.
If the TCO refuses to do so, it will be suspended for one year.

Cheese holding the mobile phone and filled with righteous indignation: “Captain, have you read netizens’ comments? I can’t believe there are still people speaking for TCO, what a big injustice.”

Yu Zhaohan also held his phone and said calmly: “What did it say…”

Cheese typed, and said angrily while chatting with netizens passionately: “Although TCO is wrong, Timeless whips the corpse too much.
I asked the commenter to go to Notre Dame Cathedral to ring the bell, and he said that my mother might not be better.”

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Are you angry?”

“Of course, he’s scolding my mother!”

Yu Zhaohan said solemnly: “Don’t be angry.
Anger will only make you lose your mind.”

Cheese said excitedly: “But he scolds my mom!”

Yu Zhaohan paused, trying to come up with a compelling and philosophical sentence in his knowledgeable mind, but was disappointed to discover that how to console his scolded teammates was still a blind spot in his knowledge.
In any case, his final obstinacy was rhyming: “Remember: virtual network virtual mother, virtual ancestral graves are not afraid to dig.”

Cheese stared, and opened his mouth into an O shape.

Yu Zhaohan was a little disturbed, and said calmly: “What’s wrong.”

“Captain woo woo woo,” Cheese sniffed, “You are really good at it, I want to set this sentence as my mobile wallpaper.”

Yu Zhaohan was relieved: “It’s up to you.” He stared at the screen of the phone again, wondering in his heart- Wasn’t it three days, how come it hasn’t come yet, there won’t be any accident, right?

Ding, an incoming text message popped up on the phone, lighting up Yu Zhaohan’s cold face.

At this time, Old Tan happened to come down from the second floor and said, “Shine, I asked the tournament officials, and they said that the appearance fee for the guest seats will be paid in three working days.
Did you get it?”

Yu Zhaohan calmly said: “I didn’t notice it.
I’ll check it later.”

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