entered the circle.
The number of his Weibo fans was second only to Yu Zhaohan. The last time he played with him, while the opposite C and support were distracted, he assassinated them with a dagger from strange angles-IPL, Timeless.

There were only two long/gun positions that could irritate Timeless Cut and frequently counter-kill him.
One of them was Yu Zhaohan.
When the two played 1v1, the winning rate was basically 55%.

In Yu Zhaohan’s view, underage assassins were frivolous and flamboyant, and they lacked social beatings, so they were not enough to be his opponents.
But in today’s wave, he was willing to give Shi Du a year of freedom from scolding.

No, half a year.

[One thing to say, Timeless is very disrespectful to his opponents]

[What’s wrong with the comment above, do you respect TCO, but does TCO respect you]

[It turns out that Seoul TCO really has a filial son [touched]]

Beijing IPL eventually defeated Seoul TCO 4:1 and was only one step away from the championship.
TCO has already won the top four positions, which makes domestic players uneasy.
Even if they lose this game, they will still be able to share the $20 million prize money with the top three, but the prize money will be much lower.

How the fuck could they stand this?

The audience left the venue one by one at the end of the game, and Yu Zhaohan’s work was considered to have ended today.
Yu Zhaohan changed into R.H’s team uniform in the locker room.
The R.H autumn team uniform was a hooded sweater in pure black, with only the team’s logo plated.

As he walked out of the stadium, Yu Zhaohan noticed two buses parked in the parking lot, with many TCO members standing next to one of them.
Yu Zhaohan paused and quickly typed on his phone:…how to say in Korean.

Yu Zhaohan took a screenshot of the translation and reread it on the “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive”: how the cold male protagonist annoys others.

Everything was ready, Yu Zhaohan strode towards the TCO’s captain.

The Chinese and Korean teams competed in the Eastern Division.
R.H and TCO were old rivals, and the captains of both sides were also old acquaintances.  Before Yu Zhaohan could speak first, the captain of the TCO said, “What?!”

Yu Zhaohan sneered, nonchalant—that’s right, he was indifferent.  He raised his eyelids casually, pressed the tip of his tongue against his inner cheek, and held his phone up to TCO’s captain.

The TCO captain’s eyes widened as he saw the Korean language on the phone screen as if surprised at how the beautiful boy in front of him would say such a thing.
He soon reacted, and his face turned red and white.

“You!” The TCO captain panted heavily, took a big step, and reached for Yu Zhaohan’s collar.

At this moment, a hand was placed on Yu Zhaohan’s shoulder and took him a step back, avoiding the opponent’s touch.

A boy’s laughing voice sounded in his ears: “What are you two talking about, can I listen?”

Yu Zhaohan quickly put down his phone and frowned openly: “It’s you.”

“It’s me.” Shi Du looked at the TCO captain, “I’m here to say hello to him.”

The TCO captain couldn’t understand what they were saying and kept a wary eye on the two of them, refusing to make any further moves.

The people around them had noticed their movements, and the IPL players had arrived.
He knew he couldn’t be too arrogant on his opponent’s home court, especially since the two boys in front of him were taller than him, and Timeless, despite having the body of a sports student, was still a ruthless character who wasn’t afraid of big things.

Shi Du actually raised his hand and said, “Hi.”

After a long pause, the TCO captain swallowed his breath and said in Korean: “What do you really want?  This is a public place, and officials are nearby!”

Shi Du’s eyes shone with a childish innocence: “Senior, did you just want to attack Shine?”

“He insulted me first!” exclaimed TCO Captain angrily.

Shi Du smiled beautifully: “Is that so, I see. It’s unfortunate that I only saw you attempting to do something to Shine, but I didn’t see him insult you—as we all know, Shine from R.H never swears.”

“He typed it on his phone…”

“Enough of that.” Shi Du started to lose patience, he didn’t even bother to pretend anymore, and his tone abruptly became cold.
“This is Shanghai, be honest, and don’t mess with us.”

After being treated like a child, he couldn’t even retaliate.
As his rage grew, the TCO captain’s veins on his temple bulged, and he could only redeem himself by saying, “Regarding the network problem and your insult to my teammates, the TCO will appeal to the officials.”

Shi Du laughed so hard that he couldn’t stand up straight.
“I ask you to hurry up, I’ll wait for your news,” he said, placing his hand on Yu Zhaohan’s shoulder.

Yu Zhaohan was pressed down by him, his brow furrowed even more tightly.
Although he couldn’t understand what they were saying, he could guess roughly.

Shi Du had finished pretending what he was going to pretend, so what was he doing.

When the TCO team left, Yu Zhaohan immediately said, “Let go.” The second rule of the “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive” was that you must have a habit of cleanliness, and hate being touched by others.  “I’m a cleanliness freak.”

“Sorry,” Shi Du said happily, releasing his hand.
Shi Du lowered his gaze as Yu Zhaohan turned around in front of him.
BKing, who didn’t wear a suit or sunglasses, who doesn’t wear a suit or sunglasses, didn’t look so pretentious.
He looked like a college student.

Yu Zhaohan asked, “What did you just say?”

Shi Du roughly translated the conversation between himself and the TCO captain, and asked curiously, “You really swear at him? How did you swear at him?”

Yu Zhaohan coldly said: “It has nothing to do with you.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrows: “I told you everything, and you didn’t tell me? So unfair.”

Yu Zhaohan looked into the distance; he wanted to be like the hero in the novel, “his eyes sank,” but he didn’t know how; all he could do was use light and shadow to hide his face in the shadows, creating a gloomy feeling: “In this world, there is no absolute fairness at all.”

Shi Du transformed his laughter into a light cough in time, “Okay.”

Yu Zhaohan paused for a moment before saying something genuine that had nothing to do with pretending: “Prepare for the finals.”

The Chinese team has missed the finals for three years in a row.
Domestic players and fans have waited far too long for a championship.
He’d rather be the arrogant primary school student claiming to succeed, winning the game, and receiving the FMVP because he doesn’t want domestic players to be disappointed again.

Shi Du tilted his head and looked at Yu Zhaohan: “By the way, Captain Yu, you have two tufts of dull hair on your head, you know.”

Yu Zhaohan froze and reacted in an instant.

The “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive” once stated that sharp eyes were the most favorable language in the face of embarrassment.

Yu Zhaohan’s eyes were icy cold, and a cold light burst out: “I messed it up when I changed my clothes.”

Hiss… so fierce.

Shi Du had something to say, but he heard the IPL coach calling him, he said to Yu Zhaohan, “Let’s go.”

“No,” Yu Zhaohan replied boldly.

Shi Du raised his lips and smiled, but instead of saying goodbye to Yu Zhaohan, he simply turned his back on him and waved his hand.

Yu Zhaohan observed Shi Du catching up with his teammates, while the boys who won the game laughed uncontrollably and happily.

He wasn’t sure if they’d be as relaxed and at ease when they faced the defending champion in the final.

Yu Zhaohan silently put on his sweater hat and pressed his dull hair down on his head.

It seems that he didn’t pretend this time, annoying.

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