Making his was out the store, Shin saw his reflection in the pieces of glass again, this time he was more shocked than before.

What the ** happened Shin looked in amazement, as the wounds he had earlier, was long gone, and even though his body was pale, behind the rip T-shirt abs could be seen, Plus his face was now better looking than it used to be. Sadly this eyes are blood red and his hair remained white.

Is It because I ate that zombie Shin questioned if eating tye zombie caused him to become like this, it is the only possible answer. But he could only wait until he eats another zombie to be sure.

If it is true, shin can deny that he is a unique zombie, well that is already obvious since he can think like he used to, when he was human.

This is not important right now Shin shook his head, right now his main focus should be revenge.

With that in mind, shin started walking to the hide out, where him and the so called most important people, use to survive.

10 minutes later

Shin arrived at the street of the apartment complex. Saw that their was a crowd of zombies filling the streets.

Theres way more than before Shin was suprised, The last time he got through here with Jessica and Micheal, the Zombies here was not even half as much. They were easily able to get through without being detected.

But now no human can pass by without being detected and eaten alive. But Shin was not a human, he was a zombie now. And evening if they did attack him, he didn care.

”Here goes ”

Shin rushed into the crowd of zombies.Thankfully they didn attack him just growled everytime he shoved zombies out of the way. halfway through he pushed about 30 zombies surprisingly without getting tired.

”My strength? ” Could
t help but be amazed by his strength, that seemed to change.

You must know, other than having infinite stamina, zombies strength remains the same to average humans.

But Shin strength seen to increase a bit since becoming a zombie.

After a few minutes of pushing and shoving, shine finally made it through the zombie crowd.He then made his way to the street right after, where the apartment is located

”Did those f*ckers leave ”

Shin began to get worried, if they leave to a new place. He would have to look around the entire town to find them.

Shin clenched his fist, he walk into the apartment and made his way to the hideout, and just like he expected no one was here.

Shin smiled in anger, he didn knew there would be a low chance of finding them, Worse they might be dead.

No I want revenge with my own hand!

Even if the chance of them being alive, shin promise himself he will find and kill them.

Cooling himself down, Shin decided to replace his tattered clothes. Noticing his clothes back was still there he took the few set of clothes that they left. It was a black pair of jeans, and a tank top.

He dressed himself then he went to the bathroom sink to wash his face.

After Washing his face and drying it off, He looked at himself in the mirror, Shin was suprised on how his body had changed so much. When he was still human, Even though he was not skinny, he didn have no muscles neither, but the him in the mirror right now, had a lean body, the tank top exposed slight arm muscle he didn had before.

”My face!! ” Shin looked at his face, he had to admit be was way more handsome now too. And the white hair and red eyes magnifies this look.

What does it matter anyway thats right now is the apocalypse, face and body value, is long gone, now its all based on profit and benefit now

Shin knew no matter how good one face is it won help them much in the apocalypse. When he was done, he left the hideout. He didn know where he should go now.

Walking out of the building, Shin look around, seeing only zombies all over, shin shook his head, he had no idea where he should go.

Not caring he started walking down a street with the least amount of zombies, even though nothing will happen to him, he prefers being around less zombie as possible.

Just as he walked down 2 street, shin heard a bloodcurdling scream.

”Hmm? ”

Shin looked at the source of a scream, and it turned out to be, a highschool girl with a terrified expression, as she walked trying her best to run away from, a group of zombies that are chasing after her.

Should I save her?

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