f his anger for the ones he loved the most he did not think of those questions.

”Ahhh damn ” Suddenly to shin suprise a severe pain hit his stomach.

Am I really this hungry that it hurts I should find food fast thought shin as he looked around to see the store he was running to earlier.

One had to know the only reason him, jason and jessica left was to find food since they ran out of food a day before.

after some seconds he started walking to the store holding his belly.

”Wait what the heck ” shin could not control his emotions because asoon as he reach the broken glass window of the store he was able to see part of his reflection.

He had white hair, red eyes if you added rotting skin, one can say he looked like a zombie.

Forgetting about his hunger shin look at himself with a very suprised expression.

wait how did I survive getting eaten by zombie don tell me Im a zombie but that can be why am I still conscious and I have no wounds or bit Marks from the zombies did it heal that fast what is going on Shin didn understand why if he really was a zombie why wasn he attacking people mindlessly and why isn his flesh rotting but healing non of it made sense.

If I really am a zombie does that mean I have to eat humans, no I can i have to find another ways to live. shin thought as he walked into the store.

he wants to survive until he get his revenge on Jessica and jason but not by eating humans.

Not wasting time he walked in the store. What Shin say was that most of the food was gone.

”hmm ” Suddenly Shin smelled a very good smell scent. It reminded him of fast food.

Not wasting no time he rush to the source of the smell. When he reach the place the smell came from he was disappointed to see that it was corpse of a zombie with its head crushed in.

It seemed that people mostly clean the store out and when they were in the process of doing that they were attacked by this zombie.

whats going on did becoming a zombie mess up my sense of smell. Shin thought as he turned his head away from the zombies body as a bloody sight like this is new to him.

”Ohh finally ” When Shin turned his head he spotted a bad of chips on one of the shelves.

Not controlling himself he rushed to the shelf and took the pack of chips up. After that he open the pack up and eat the chips.

But asoon as he swallowed the chips he vomited the that out.

”Whats going on ” Shin said as he try eating more chips from the bag but his body still rejected it.

”No, then Im really a zombie ” Shin said as he watch the chips in his hand but not long the hunger pain attacked his stomach again.

”arghh ” shin drop the pack of chips and held his stomach. This cause the rest of the chips that was in the pack to scatter on the ground.

Damn am I really going to die Shin thought this as the pain felt more intense.

Shin kept clenching his stomach as he looked at the Zombie body on the ground.

An Idea came to him as he look at the body on the ground.

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