Huff Huff Huff

”Run guys ”

”There catching up ”

Currently at a parking lot next to a what use to be a 5 start hotel 3 individuals 1 female and 2 males. were running from a dozen corpses known as Zombies.

”lets go this way guys ” said shin

he is almost out of breath but that does not stop him from running while holding the womans hand.

Her name is Jessica. they have been happily together for 3 years. But shin has plans to propose at her there 24th birthday since they both share the same birthday. There is nothing shin would not do for Jessica.

The other guy name is jason. he has been Shins best friend since childhood. They are pretty close so close that if not for looks people might mistake them for brothers.

Hearing shin words they both followed him down the street he was pointing at. but being out of breathe their speed was slowing down by the second.


The roar of the zombie became louder the closer they got to their pray.

Jessica shook after hearing this roar but to cool her down a hand gripped her hand warmly.

This hand did not belong to shin but jason. Who was running right behind her.

This caused jessica to look at jason, who also looked at her with an exhaust but meaningful expression.

Shin was to busy running and thinking of their survival didn notice.

”huh ” Shin who felt something on his shoulders looked back.

Not long Shin felt hands on each of his shoulders which caused him to look back thinking zombies caught up to them.

seeing what was behind him mad him scared and happy because not only were zombies the zombies getting closer but the two people he care about the most had their hand on his shoulder showing support.

However this feeling would not last for long as he was pulled back and thrown in the ways of the zombies.

While his two most loved person ran off with even looking back. to make matters worse they were holding hands.

”why Jason, Jessica ” said shin with pain in his expression.

He couldn understand why would they do that.

were they together behind my back

Jason, Jessica why

I loved you guys most in this world I always protect you guys.

Jessica did 3 years mean nothing to you.

Jason did our 18 years of friendship mean nothing to you.




Shin scream as he was being bitten by the zombies the pain was unreal.

”j..ju..just ..pleas ..tell.. me why ” shin said his las word as his vision faded as the pain of being eaten alive was to much to handle.

where am I?

Am I dead?

questions flooded Shins mind as he got up.

”wait wasn I just eaten alive by zombies after the jason and Jessica betrayed me? ” this caused shin to get angry as the memories of their betrayal flooded his mind.

”good since I survived I will kill both of you no matter what ” shin anger blinded him to the fact that he should not me alive right now, even if he was he should be in a lot of Pain. but because o

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