jected to the arduous trials of performing at the festival.

Without thinking, I smacked the perversity mushroom on the head – well, its cap, I guess.
It fell off the sofa’s armrest and onto the ground, where it fell with a thud.
It was surprisingly heavy.

Fikar, still holding me in his arms, picked up the rolled-over perversity mushroom and threw it out the window that had been left open for ventilation.
I heard the flapping of wings, followed quickly by several crunches that marked the mushroom’s end.

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“Aah! What violence! That was an extremely important piece of evidence that you could play the Sorceress!”

“No, I don’t need that kind of evidence.”

However, the fact that Tussa-san was so confident that she would be Fikar’s partner meant…

I turned to her.
She was sitting with her arms and legs crossed and, next to her, a poisonous-looking thing appeared out of thin air.
It was purple and pink – the same colors that my perversity mushrooms used to be.
Tussa-san looked around with an annoyed face.


“Stop with that look of camaraderie! And what’s with your mushroom?! It’s a different color and it doesn’t have so many eyeballs!”

“Mhm, Cecile-san taught me how to handle them.
Their colors were weird and they popped up too often, so I asked them to turn it down a notch.
Though, I still don’t feel comfortable with them.”

“Tell me how.”

Tussa-san’s eyes were dead serious.

As the memories of the horror of being targeted all day and all night by all those eyes came back to me, I promised to tell her later.
Cecile-san might have made a discovery that will save all the women suffering from the plight of the fairy’s blessing.
Of course, it was more nuanced than just taking it out on the mushrooms because we were fed up with them.

It seemed like even the strong-willed Tussa-san was feeling overwhelmed by her perversity mushrooms.
But before I could settle into a sympathetic mood, one of the pink-haired 7:3-part men cut in.

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“Anyhow! That’s what we were thinking since it’s customary to leave the role to a woman who produces perversity mushrooms, and this year, Tussa of Carcathia has that blessing…”

“I refuse.”

“… so we were wondering if we could ask Sumire, who also has that blessing, to do it…”

Those mushrooms were no blessing to me.

“Hey! I worked hard to receive a blessing for this role?! I should have the rights to it!!”

“Right, it’d be better if someone with motivation did it.
I don’t understand the evening festival well enough to dance in front of everyone anyway.”

I think that, for the first time since we’d met, Tussa-san and I were actually in agreement.
For once, I wanted to support Tussa-san.

Although the number of performers was small, the festival was something that everyone in our two towns took part in.
Dancing in front of that many people was plain impossible.
Even in the creative dance that I had to do in junior high school, I did it with dead eyes.

The two of us were fierce with our verbal swords and, as the 7:3 Brothers’ parries grew weaker and weaker, Fikar tightened his arms around me.

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