“Big trouble! There’s an avaleyu cow!!”

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As I was hanging around with Fikar and Kontos-san at the guild after lunch, soaking wet adventurers rushed through the doors.

Hearing the news, the adventurers around us took up their swords and stood up.
Gartis-san was out conferring with a neighboring town, but his wife Mesil-san was quick to take the helm and dish out orders.

“Ludo and Fikar, you’ll be executioners.
Five 4-stars led by Gallia, assist them.
Other 4-stars, you’re on standby.
3-stars, go on perimeter alert.
Don’t get tripped up by the mud, and don’t let it focus on one person or this’ll be impossible! Move out!!”

Due to the risk of magic beasts running amok, the guild wasn’t supposed to be left unattended, especially during the day.
Ludo-san and Fikar, two of the guild’s most skilled young men, would take down the beast with the aid of the men who had been playing on the floor.
Mesil-san, the commander, and a few 4-star women would stand nearby, ready to jump in at any moment.

It depended on the target, but for certain subjugation missions, it was common to have multiple people take the same roles and responsibilities.

Executioners1 took the main role, attacking and defeating the target.
Assistants, or auxiliaries, either diverted the target’s attention away from the executioner or stepped in with light attacks.
Perimeter guards surrounded the target at a distance, watching for danger from other magic beasts or from the terrain if visibility was poor.

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Avaleyu cows were the main culprits of damage done to Tortea by magic beasts, and I’d directed perimeter security multiple times for the guild.
Tortea’s magic beasts used weak magic at best and we kept our distance from the executioners, but you never knew what might happen and it was best to always keep your weapons drawn.

“Don’t forget your warming pill!”

Before heading out, each of us was given a candy that tasted like medicine.
When I bit into it and chewed, a thick liquid stuck to the sides of my mouth, and although the taste remained long after I swallowed, I could’ve swam in an icy pond for half a day without getting cold.
Ease of movement was very important during subjugation missions, so we had to dress lightly, even if it was raining or cold.
No umbrellas, no jackets, no nothing.

It wasn’t so much a downpour as a perpetual shower, but it was enough to make it dim outside even at the brightest hours of the day.
Guided by an adventurer that had been on patrol, we ran into the forest.
We soon heard loud, agitated cries and realized that it was rampaging at the edge of the woods.

Avaleyu cows were large and savage bull-like magic beasts that grew to 3 meters in length.
It had a rough temperament, to put it mildly, and it often became enraged over the slightest things.
There were even eyewitness accounts of one going berserk when it spotted a butterfly fluttering by.

In addition to the danger posed by its size and strength, it could cover its horns with fire magic.
Getting attacked by them was manageable, but the real danger came from the possibility of that fire spreading out of control into towns and parched forests.

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We didn’t have to worry about any fires this time since it was raining, but the avaleyu cow was knocking down trees and gouging holes into the ground nonetheless.
It seemed to be targeting the trees being used as perches by Su, who was beating her wings and growling menacingly.

Su nimbly leaped through the canopy, forcing the avaleyu cow to turn its back to Tortea as they stormed deeper into the trees.

“Let’s keep going this way and surround it without it noticing.”

Fikar’s group of seven continued onward, taking care to keep their heads low and out of view.
Some of the 3-stars followed them, while the rest stayed behind to guard the town-side of the encirclement.

I, being the newest 3-star, was assigned to the area closest to town where the forest thinned out.
To make myself as little of a potential target as I could, I hid the lower half of my body behind one of the few trees that were there.

Kontos-san and I stood back-to-back as he conjured a barrier in the direction of Tortea.
I looked at him, wearing his usual robe and raising his hands up high, but there were no flashy lights and there was no floating formation.
Though, I could tell that his barrier was firmly in place.
Maybe he was worried that the avaleyu cow would get riled up by the light.

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To prevent Kontos-san from getting ambushed from behind, I kept my eyes peeled for any signs of the beast through the rain.

Fikar and Ludo-san, who used a bow, took turns as they attacked, mostly aiming at its legs and eyes.
At the same time, Su was diving within its reach to provoke it, so the mission was taking less time than expected.

Su could spit out big flames, but avaleyu cows dealt with that magic, too, and probably wouldn’t be too hurt if they were hit.
However, being repeatedly hit by attacks from outside of its range was definitely making it go mad.

Fikar stabbed the bull, whose eye had been shot out and leg cut off, putting it to an end.
Nobody had been hurt and there was almost no damage save for the surrounding trees and terrain.
Cheers rose from the adventurers as the avaleyu cow’s convulsions finally ceased.

“Ludo, Fikar, well done!”

“Oi, go get someone to help.
And a cart.”

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The auxiliaries got right to work, draining its blood.
The meat that covered its 3-meter-long body was tender and flavorful and, when one was killed, juicy beef arrived on the tables of every person in town.

While avaleyu cows were ferocious magic beasts, they were also greatly appreciated.

With our success, I tilted my head back and let out a sigh of relief.

Looking up, I saw a perversity mushroom growing just above me, also peering around the tree at the avaleyu cow.
Its cap2 was politely preventing the rain from falling onto me.

I exhaled another kind of breath.

“No, I don’t need your kindness or anything…”

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