Well, its been around an hour of walking… Its boring. The trail weve been following along hasn really shown anything interesting.

Of course, I found a way to cure my boredom. Watching Aimi use magic. From the events of watching her create clothes from thin air I found out something. Any use of magic I watch her do I instantly learn it, and I think its the same for alot of things in general. Just from watching Ive learned alot of magic.

[Fire Magic: Level 10]

[Wind Magic: Level 10]

[Earth Magic: Level 10]

…Okay, when I said a lot, I was exaggerating, but this is fine as well. I took the time to mess around with the three, eventually getting them to level 10 along with Cloth magic.

Apart from that, the past hour has been pretty boring.

”Where exactly are we going, ” Aimi suddenly said, breaking me out my thoughts.

To her question I shrugged my shoulders. ”Well just try to find a place to stay for awhile. ” Cue grumbles of protest from stomach. ”…And some food aswell. ” She nodded her head and we continued on.


”Guess we
e sleeping outside for the night. ” Night had fallen, and there weren any signs of civilization yet so we decided to rest for now. Of course, we were also lucky to stumble upon some wild animals. Don know what they were, but they
e meat tasted delicious.(AYO?)

I had also wanted to be the one to kill them to see if I could get exp from them… Lets just say that I got… a lot.

[Level: 24]

Okay, quite a bit. I got a headache from the amount of ringing that sounded through my ears. Swear I can still hear it now.

”Can I get more information about this world. ” Around a campfire made by magic, I wanted to get info about the world in general. It seemed that there was fantasy thing around, but I don know to what extent.

”Well… ” Aimi paused to take a small bite of meat. ”I don know much, but I do know the some about the more well known places. ”

”Lay it on me. ”

”We should be somewhere in the country of Espus. This country is pretty unknown to the world and therefore they don know much about other countries or cities. Development is small and the king is greedy for anything. All in all, this place isn somewhere you would want to go. ”

”A relatively famous city thats close is Ionia, The City Of Adventure. ” I raise an eyebrow at the name. ”Its where most people go to start their journey as Adventurers. Fighting monsters and stuff. ”

”PFTTT! ” I cough, hurriedly trying to catch my breath. ”C-can you elaborate on the Adventurer thing? ”

She nodded. ”People will go to the Adventurers Guild to register as an Adventurer. From there, they can take a quest to raise their rank. Depending on their rank, theyll be called for more important stuff like slaying dragons- ” I cut her off.

”DRAGONS?! ” This is getting way too confusing! ”I thought magic was banned or something like that! ”

”It is… In Espus. Anywhere else, magic is common. ” I take time to reel in those words, my mind in a daze.

Was she just unlucky to find this place? Or did she just not know about this country banning magic?! Everything was just so confusing!

…No, I think this makes some amount of sense.

With a sigh, I calm down, reluctantly accepting my weird terms of logic. ”I guess that should be our first stop… How far is it? ”

She seemed to try and remember. ”On a carriage its around 4 days, but on foot…. 12 days. ” I deadpan. Guess our actual first stop is a job.


It was a new day, and I was currently practicing magic. With Aimi asleep, I was kinda bored and decided to do this.

”With my dull imagination, Im sure Ill be able to come up with something. ” To start, I held my hand out, imagining a ball of fire shooting from my hand.


A ball the size of a baseball shot out from my hand and struck the tree in front of me with a loud thunk.

”Okay, now to imagine it rapid firing. ” I started to concentrate. Considering the only thing I know how to do with magic is to create a ball from it, this should take quite some ti-

*Woosh~* *Woosh~* *Woosh~*

3 fireballs formed from my hand and struck into the tree. The impacts cracked the tree as it slowly started to fall over.

”…Huh. ” I watched the tree fall, resulting in a loud boom. ”Okay, I guess Im underestimating my title. ”

[Fire Magic Level Up!]

[Fire Magic Level Up!]

20 notifications later, I was finally free from the ringing.

”Is there a way to turn off notifications, ” I pleaded.

[System Notifications: OFF]

I sighed in relief. ”Perfect. Now, onto wind magic. ” …Yeah, how should I do that? I mean, I could probably learn to fly, which I think would be helpful, but Im not too sure.

”To start off, lets just try simple levitation. ” I envisioned wind covering my body and slowly lifting me off the ground. For the first few tries, I could feel a force pulling me up, but it wasn enough… So I put in more mana… Results.


Before I knew it, I shot up into the sky, reaching great heights.

”A-Ah… ” I looked down, greeted by the beautiful land of the Earth or whatever, I was more worried about something else.


”AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh! ” My body fell down back to the Earth as I hurriedly tried to figure out how to stop my rapidly approaching death.

”STOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOOOOOP!!!! ” I imagined wind once again enveloping my figure, this time keeping me at a stand still and putting 40% of my mana into it.

My figure jerked, suddenly halting to a complete stop, mere feet away from the ground. I stayed still for a few minutes, calming down my rapid breaths.

”Maybe….. Maybe I should take a break. ” Learning magic is dangerous,

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