Another Generic Isekai Tale

Starting The Journey

”Okay, so mind telling about what the hell happened here. ” After screaming my lungs out for a few minutes, I finally stopped and reluctantly untied the girl before bringing her back to this run-down house. Of course, I made sure to drape her with whatever I could find. ”With magic being real and all. ”

”Its just as I said, magic is real. ” Wearing a large cover I happened to find, the girl replied to my question. ”However, only for a select few people have it, people called Magi. Those who do are branded as Witches and are forced to hide away from the world. I happened to find this village, people who didn care about my powers… And they paid the price for it. ” Her eyes showed sadness as she talked.

”Uh-huh. ” Magic is real but people find that weird and kill the people who have it… Wow, this world already shows massive signs of being **ed up. Wheres my fantasy Isekai tale? Slaying monsters while becoming the strongest being ever. ”So can I get more details about what you guys do? ”

The girl nodded, extending her right hand out in front of her. Mere moments later a small ball of fire the size of a baseball appeared on top of it. ”Simple stuff like this is simple, but more complex stuff will take more of our magic. Of course, we can train ourselves to increase our mana capacity but it takes years to get it to a decent size. That is why we seek experiments. ” The ball of fire started to steadily grow, eventually becoming the size of a basketball. ”Of course, I can do much more but Id rather not hurt you. ”

….Now Im confused. No, I was already confused. These people can use magic… Against ordinary people… How the hell did she get killed by them?! She literally just said shed rather not hurt me, which means she obviously can!

”How did they kill you? Why are you forced to hide if you guys are so strong? ” I bombarded her with questions. ”It should be easy to kill anyone who would want to hurt you. ”

”…While some of us want that, its just that we can . ” I showed a confused face as she continued. ”Our magic cannot harm normal humans, only other Magi. If we really wanted to, we couldve stopped these pointless killings, its just that we can . ”

”But you just said you can hurt ordinary people. Im most definitely ordinary. ”

”Of course you
e not, ” she tilted her head to the side. ”You have magic running through your veins. A very large amount I might say. ”

I pause, letting that answer process through my mind.

”WHAT?! ” I scream, getting up from my seated position. ”WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE MAGIC?! ”

”I did find it odd that you were asking about us, but I simply assumed you had hit your head. ” Nonononono, don skip over my question like that!

..Wait, no, I have a better idea. Status.

[Name: Sato I forgot his last name]

[Level: 1]

[Title: Reincarnator, Isekai Protag, Prodigy Magi]

[HP: 5,000] [MP: 10,000]

[Strength: 10] [Vitality: 10] [Agility: 10]

[Intelligence: 10] [Wisdom: 10] [Luck: ???]

”Urgg. ” I could feel a headache forming. Titles, please.

[Reincarnator: Increases EXP gain by 50x]

[Isekai Protag: Increases Charm by 500%, MP + 5,000, HP + 5,000]

[Prodigy Magi: Increases proficiency in all things magic by 300%]

Wow, its so simple even a baby could understand it. Also incredibly overpowered. So that explains why I have magic… Fuck it, embrace the OP.

”Anyways, how the hell are you alive, Im pretty sure you were dead. ”

”I possess a special type of magic which allows me to revive myself. ” Huh, doesn that seem kindaaa broken.

”Makes sense, I guess. ” It doesn . ”So what are your plans now. Since I just figured out I basically have to hide my face from society, Im not feeling that swell. ”

”Hm, to follow you, of course. ” She spoke as if it was the most natural thing to say to someone you just met.

I blinked, hoping for her to say she was joking…. Spoliers; she isn .

”I-I mean, shouldn you go back… to wherever your family is? ”

e dead. ” Oh, Im sorry for your loss, plz don follow me.

”Any relatives? ”

”Dead. ”

”Friends? ”

”Gone. ”

”Fucking… Do you have ANYBODY you know! ”

”All the other Magi are dead, except for me. ”

e dead?! Why didn she mention that, the **!? Thats some pretty important stuff.

I sighed, trying to calm myself down. ”Forget it, you can come along… But first we need to find you some actual clothing. ”

”No need. ” She stood up from the ground, taking off the covers as she did so, showing off her naked body. With a snap of her fingers, a light surrounded her figure before it dissipated.

She was now wearing a white, buttoned up shirt which could barely contain her breast, along with a pair of black jeans.

[Clothes Magic Has Been Learnt]

”Woah… ” While I was also impressed with her figure, I was also stunned with the information that planted itself into my mind. Unconsciously, I snapped my finger. With a flash of light I was now wearing a simple black t-shirt and shorts with a simple pair of black running shoes. ”…That was weird. Oh well, lets get going… Uhhhh ”

Weird, I don even know her name yet.

”Its Aimi. ”

”Okay, Aimi, lets begin a very perilous journey to wherever the hell we
e going. ” With a raise of my fist I walk out the door. Aimi following close behind me.

”Wait, whats this world even about? ” This was gonna be a long journey… Or maybe not.

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