Another Generic Isekai Tale

Oh boy, here we go.

”Mh.. Yeah, its a pretty nice day. ” I stared into the sunny sky. No clouds in sight… Well, except for the truck heading towards me at fast speed… Wait.

”WHAT THE FUC-! ” Cue explosion, cue death. End scene. Transition…. But first, monologue.

Hi, my name is Sato Takanashi. Your very not so generic now Japanese male. Im saying not generic, cause Im pretty sure I just died by a truck falling from the sky and landing on top of me, crushing my body within an instant… Or is that common around these parts?

Anyways! I was around 23 before I died, and I had just gotten a nice job that would get me a pretty hefty pay. I was staring into the sky, relishing in the achievement of a lifetime… And I guess God took that too literally.

So here I am. Dead, and somehow still thinking. My vision was black, and all my other senses had vanished.

Not gonna lie. Death is pretty boring. Its been around 10 minutes and nothing interesting has happened. Then again I don think something cool should happen during your death.

I wonder whats happening to my body. I was crushed preeety bad. Do you think Ill even be recognizable-

”GASP! ” Suddenly an overwhelming force invaded my body as light suddenly flooded my eyes while my senses returned to me. I sat up from my laid position, greedily taking in air. ”What the hell? ” I eventually calmed down, finally realizing what was happening.

”Im… Alive? ” I stared at my… Tanned hands? That doesn seem right. Im a pretty pale person, what with staying inside alot. The outside world scared me, and I truly proved myself right. Getting hit with by a flying truck, how the hell does that even happen.

”More than that, my whole body is different… ” Gone was my skinny body. Replaced by toned arms, that while seemed weak, seemed to hold great strength.

”Hmm… Abs… ” I lifted up the shirt I was wearing, revealing a pair of six pack abs. ”Thats pretty neat. What about my hai- Ah, still the same as always. ” I take a piece of hair and bring it to eyesight, greeted with the same old black hair Ive always had.

”Okay, so all these events lead to one thing… I got **ing isekaid. Shouldve been obvious, considering I got killed by a truck. That, and Ive got a rocking new body. Screw my old body!

”Well, I guess I should figure out where I am. ” With one look around, I figured out where I

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