”You could say that—another world, but we
e not genies. ”

”And, yes, we have a power you can call magic, even if its not actual magic, ” the woman explained.

Jacob closed his presumptuous thoughts that had escaped again.

His lips slowly parted, intending to say something, but were swallowed back.

”Im summoned you, for help. ”

The womans straightforward statement made Jacob spontaneously look up and look at the beautiful face again. Unfortunately, her beauty made Jacob unable to think properly.

Summoned, she said? Sort of like a video call from a smartphone app, right?

Its just, this version that can transfer the form of the summoned person, appears for real? Jacobs mind was running wild. Still don understand what the situation is.

Before the woman could explain what she meant, Jacob interrupted first.

”Wait!! ” Jacob raised his right hand.

”The two of us haven been properly acquainted. Im a foreign man, and you
e a foreign woman who somehow knows my name. ” Alternately, Jacob pointed at himself and the woman in front of him.

”In the beginning, you said, I was being rude. So what are you doing here? ” Jacob said it in one breath, without pause, and quickly.

The woman then lowered her gaze. Slightly bent her body. And said, ”Forgive my impudence, Mr. Jacob Mandel. ”

”My name is Annethaxia Luo. ” The woman introduced her name, without revealing her identity.

Still half bent. The woman surnamed Luo continued her words.

”Allow me to ask for your help, Mr. Mandel. ” Jacob, hearing his surname being mentioned, became flattered. Then chuckle.

”Master, it may be difficult to understand this situation. I will explain quickly. ” Annethaxia paused for a moment, making sure Jacob focused himself on listening to her pleas.

”My kingdom is in chaos. Our kingdoms youngest daughter, who is about to have a birthday, has become the target of people who don want our Kings successor. ”

”Some of the confidants in the palace have defected, betrayed. ”

”When you wake up, find a woman similar to your kind. ”

”Please save her. Perhaps, she will lose her mind a little. However, only temporarily. Once everything is ready, she will remember everything. ”

Annethaxia ended her words. Jacob took this opportunity to ask, ”And where should I find that woman? ”

Annethaxia smiled. Then replied, ”On your first footing, before I pulled you here. ”

Before Jacob asked further, what place was meant, a loud boom sounded suddenly from a place close to him.

Jacob turned to see what it was. And when he turned his gaze back, Annethaxia was already out of place.

The woman simply disappeared, just as she had appeared.

Jacob looked furious. He hadn even asked the name of the woman he had to help. Characteristics, and so on.

Ah! What a strange and troublesome dream. He thought.

A similar boom sounded again, Jacob closed his eyes and sharpened his hearing.

After a while, the thumping sound turned into a knocking sound. Rhythmic beat. Similar to Aunt Lees knock, when she knocked on his bedroom door.

Instantly Jacob opened his eyes.

Jacob was back in his private room, lying on the soft bed.

Turns out he really had been dreaming. Dreams that feel real. And Aunt Lee woke him up, it must have been time for dinner with his mother.

Jacob hurriedly got out of bed, grabbed his flannel shirt and hurriedly put it on.

”Jacob? Are you awake? ” Aunt Lees signature voice sounded along with the end of the knock on his bedroom door.

”Sure. Ill be after, Aunt Lee, ” said Jacob, still buttoning the last two holes of his shirt. He brushed his hair that was almost shoulder-length with both hands.

Then walked to the door of his room. Behind the door, there was aunt Lee waiting with a smile.

”Mrs. Jen has been waiting for you for a long time, ” Aunt Lee reminded.

”How many minutes am I late, Aunt Lee? ” Jacob asked, striding wide. Don want to miss a minute of being late.

”About fifteen minutes, Son. And you need to start thinking about a great seduction for your mother. ” Aunt Lee said it with a smile.

The woman who was called Aunt Lee knew that her employer would not be angry for a long time, if Jacob managed to seduce her. The old woman, only wanting to sulk for a moment, sought the attention of her youngest son.

About five minutes later, Jacob arrived in the dining room.

Aunt Lee is right. Jen, his mother was waiting for him at the dinner table. With a crooked face. Displeased with her sons tardiness, accompanied her to dinner.

”Im sorry, Mom. Jacob slept longer. ” Jacob apologized as he hugged and kissed the two cheeks of his beloved woman.

Jen, responded with a grunt and looked away.

”My man is tired of his mommy. So let her wait, the dish gets cold, ” Jen whispered.

Jacob smiled. He knew his mother was starting to sulk.

Jacob let go of his arms, then took a seat next to his mother.

”Stop sulking, Mom. I have a special surprise for Mommy, tomorrow. ” Jacob started the action. By making the mother curious first.

”What surprise? ” Jen inquired, forgetting the irritation in her heart a moment ago.

”If I tell you now, is no longer a surprise, Mom, ” Jacob teased. Making Jen, the old woman who still looks beautiful, snort.

”Okay. Tomorrows promise must be kept. Otherwise, you will be punished. ” Jen, staring intently. The womans habit when she was bullying her son.

Jens threats made Jacob burst out laughing.

”Yes, punish as Mommy wants. But before that, lets have dinner first. ” Jacob turned over his mothers plate and filled it with the dinner that Aunt Lee and the maids had prepared at home.

They also enjoyed dinner happily. Jacob tried hard to always please his mother. The only family left in his life, apart from Javier, the older brother.


After dinner, Jacob escorted his mother to her private room, making sure she slept well. Cover her, with a thick blanket so as not to be hit by the cold night air. Then kissed her forehead. What his mother used to do when she put little Jacob to sleep.

”Has your brother contacted you? ” Jen asked before Jacob left her room.

”Not yet, Mom. I think Javs—as his brother is nicknamed—is busy. ”

”What are he busy with, that he forgot to call his mother. Didn tell this old lady. ”

”Can introduce the daughter-in-law, at least your brother can greet the woman who gave birth to him, by going home. ”

His mothers last words, made Jacob sad.

”Mom. ” Jacob was at a loss for words. What should he say, to comfort his mothers heart.

”Sleep well. Sweet dreams. Tomorrow I promise to make Mommy smile happily. ” Jacobs promise at least made the corners of his mothers lips lift.

”You are indeed a dutiful son. I don know what would have happened to me and the relics—the ranches and plantations—of your late father, if you weren around. ” Jen then closed her eyes.

Jacob waited for her a while, until he heard his mothers steady breathing, then Jacob left Jens room. Slowly closing the door to her room.

Jacob returned to his room, and began to think hard about something. This could be the start of a new life. Long thinking made Jacob tired and finally fell asleep.

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