Jacob felt as if ten minutes had passed, the voice was getting louder and louder. Slowly, he decided to peek with one eye.

A surprising thing happened. The vast prairie before him disappeared. Replaced by a white expanse of snow, it looks like a shimmering silver light.

Surprisingly, Jacob didn feel the cold at all. Again he thought, his brain began to fill with madness.

If this is a dream. This is the strangest and longest dream. Because, if under normal circumstances, when Jacob felt he was in dreamland, the next moment he would wake up, and return to his world. However, not this time.

His feelings began to be filled with anxiety. If this is not a dream, then this is something real and nonsensical.

Jacobs ears suddenly moved, like rabbit ears that stood up in alert for noises.

It was . . . a voice foreign to Jacob, a language hed never heard, but yet painful. His heart was suddenly filled with sadness. Feelings of extreme anxiety. Like a mother who knows her child is threatened by death, if she doesn help immediately.

At that moment Jacob looked around him. Every now and then his eyes narrowed, scanning the expanse that stretched out in front of him. His steps slowly began to take him across the snow-covered land. All the parts presented are nothing but snow. As if Jacob was at the South Pole or Antarctica.

The South Pole is the land surrounded by the ocean. The opposite of the South Pole, the North Pole is a frozen ocean which then turns into a large iceberg, and is surrounded by land.

At the South Pole, the average temperature reaches -49 degrees Celsius, and has even reached -89.6 degrees Celsius. However, Jacob did not feel cold at all, even though the clothes he was wearing were very thin. Rest assured, Jacob really was in for a long dream, or if what he was experiencing was real, Jacob predicted, this wasn his world.

The only key to this strangeness is a foreign voice in a language he doesn understand, and he must find the owner of that voice. Jacob became more and more sure, he had fallen or entered another world.

As he paid more attention to detail, Jacob walked in the snow. He could even see snow crystal flakes. Its like looking at it from behind a microscope. with a certain magnification.

The snow crystals fell slowly onto the surface beneath Jacobs feet. The different shapes and beautiful looks had unknowingly captivated Jacob. He stretched out his hands to catch the crystals. A faint smile appeared on his lips.

For a moment Jacob forgot his main purpose of walking up to that place. Until, his sense of hearing again caught a faint sound. Like the sound of footsteps sinking into the thick snow.

Jacob looked left and right. Turning his body in all directions, again looking for the source of the invisible voice. Jacob had decided to get into the strange noise makers game. With the hope, can find an answer, where he now stands.

The voice sounded like greeting him. Even though Jacob didn understand it, he felt that the voice had a questioning intonation. Without thinking, Jacob answered in his mother tongue.

”Sorry, if you
e near me and ask. I don understand what you
e saying. ”

There was silence for a few moments, Jacob faithfully waiting for an answer. Then a voice behind him startled him.

”Is this your manners in speaking to one another?—meaning your back to the other person. ”

Jacob turned his body, what was behind him now he could see clearly.

”Sorry, I didn mean to be rude. I just didn know where you were. ”

The owner of the sweet-sounding voice smiled.

The smile instantly froze time. Jacob was transfixed by the owner of that smile.

If he could guess ten times. Then he will guess with the same answer ten times.

That in front of him is the figure of an angel from heaven. Pure white skin, has sharp eyes and sparkles, green like emeralds, the long hair flowing silvery white. The ears appear to be pointed at the top.

The perfect angel. Although Jacob had never seen the true form of an angel. However, for him, this figure in front of him, if it was a woman. So she is a woman of perfect beauty.

More than Shasas beauty, with her beauty, Shasa got the title of village flower.

Jacob suddenly thought of Shasa, and his matchmaking, and his mothers. He thought, if he came home with the woman standing in front of him—researching Jacob—his mother would definitely have a heart attack, because she was so happy to have her dream daughter-in-law.

”I know whats on your mind. ”

The sweet voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts. Jacob blushed. A very rare thing, that could make Jacob blush with embarrassment.

Jacob chuckled. Feeling awkward. His crazy thoughts were known to the woman. Made Jacob frown.

How could she, the woman know, what was going on in her head? thought Jacob.

”Yes, I can read your mind. And get rid of those strange and unreasonable thoughts immediately. ”

Jacob, again suffocated. She knew what Jacob was thinking without having to say it. If so, shes a woman. He thought again, couldn help but think.

”I know you doubt who I am. Yes, I am a woman. ” The answer without a straightforward question came out, silenced Jacobs brain from thinking. He tried to clear his mind.

Focus on imagining his plantations, meadows, and livestock. With hope, his naughty and wild thoughts are no longer readable.

The woman smiled. The smile that shook Jacobs soul again. It made him unable to stand staring at her for long, and decided to avert his eyes. Otherwise, he couldn guarantee that his mind would be tightly shut, hiding what was in his heart.

”You must be curious, how did you get here, right? ” The perfect woman offered an answer, Jacob nodded immediately.

”Jacob Mandel, thats your name? ” Jacob was no longer surprised, the woman aptly said his name.

”You are now in the Land of Snow. ” Jacob was surprised by the womans statement.

Without even being told, Jacob knew, he was in the middle of the snow now. But the Land of Snow? What country is that? Which side is the South Pole or the North Pole?

”Land of Snow, which has a different dimension to the world you came from, ” the woman continued. Unravel Jacobs curiosity.

Ah another world turns out, the world of the genie? Magic? Jacob thought, which of course the woman knew.

”You could say that—another world, but we
e not genies. And, yes, we do have a power you could call magic, even though its not actual magic, ” Jacob closed his presumptuous thoughts that had escaped again.

His lips slowly opened ….

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