Have you ever felt, living in the wrong place and space. However, the timing feels right?

You want to live in that place and space, because you feel alive at that time. Even though … theres a price you have to pay, to stay in that place and space.

Until ….

Someone came, and changed everything. Makes you have to make one big decision that will determine the future of you and all of your people.

Return to your old life, which is full of splendor, offering all the conveniences with just the flick of a finger. Or start a new life, which is full of challenges, which is different from your old life.


In a land in the East that is always covered with eternal snow, there lived a princess who was almost one thousand five hundred years old. Just counting the days, the princess is one thousand five hundred years old.

A land that has never known the sun and heat. Led by the King and Queen for generations. You could say they have a long life. Live for thousands of years. Including the immortals for the descendants of the King and nobility. While the people only live for hundreds of years, and even then if they have certain knowledge. Which not all commoners have the opportunity to learn about the science of immortality.

Those who have high knowledge, will not age and will not die, unless they fight, lose, and their knowledge is mastered by their opponent.

However, the battle between people who have high knowledge, no longer occurs since the kingdom was ruled by King Luo XVI. The sixteenth generation, who managed to create peace for centuries.

The Great and Mighty King Luo. With his highest strength managed to defeat his eternal enemies. Until no one can beat him.

Until one day, Luo XVI managed to defeat the only opponent who had the highest knowledge and energy in the Land of Snow. At a very young age of five hundred years, Luo XVI managed to reach the highest cultivation. From then on, he was appointed the new King, a just leader for his people.

From the Luo lineage, the reins of power have always been held by the Kings. Has many male offspring, several Princes. After a few centuries, the eldest Prince will be appointed as the new King.

Until the next generation. The XXV King Luo only had a descendant of Princesses, which numbered up to twenty-four princesses.

All residents in the Land of Snow have physical characteristics that are almost similar to the fairy tales from fairy tales. Ears that taper up. Beautiful voice. Has fangs. What distinguished them the immortals, the Kings and Queens, as well as the nobles, from the commoners was the color of their hair, the color of their corneas, and their height. Ordinary people, have jet black hair color. Dark black color of the cornea of ​​the eye. The average height is about one hundred and sixty centimeters for adult men and less than that for adult women.

Meanwhile, the immortals have the color of their corneas according to the cultivation energy they have mastered. And their height can reach almost two to three meters.

The skills of the immortals also vary, depending on the level of knowledge and energy that has been mastered.

Is Annethaxia Luo the youngest daughter, descendant of King Luo XXV. The princess who was bestowed with extraordinary beauty, like the Queen, Zaffira. Her skin is white. Her hair is silvery white. Which is the hallmark of the immortals. The color of her eyeballs is emerald green. Indicates her energy level has reached level four of seven levels. Just counting the days, Annethexia Luos daughter is one thousand five hundred years old.

Every caretaker in the Luo kingdom made the best preparations for the youngest daughter Luos birthday. At the age of one thousand five hundred in the Land of Snow, for the immortals, it meant that they were ready to have offspring.

Finding a mate for the princess is not an easy matter, because you have to pay attention to the lineage, origins, and abilities of the partner. Her brothers have married and all go through an arranged marriage arranged by the King and Queen.

However, their brothers, until now, none of them have had children. The burden that Luos youngest daughter has to carry is increasing, marrying and having a successor, so that the reins of leadership remain in the Luo clans lineage.

Annethaxia Luo knew that this opportunity would be used by people who had long wanted the highest position in the Snow Country Kingdom. Aiming for the throne, in order to rule the prosperous country to be used for their interests.


In another part of the land far from the Snow Land in the East, in a different dimension, lay a land no less prosperous than the Snow Land. The land that has a fireball called the Sun, as the center and the largest source of light and heat.

The sun is surrounded by another, smaller sphere. Its called Earth. The earth itself rotates or rotates on its axis.

The rotation of the earth causes day and night. This happens because there are two parts of the earth that are partly facing the sun and partly facing away from the sun. The part facing the sun experiences daylight; the part facing away from the sun experiences night time. Things that never happened in the Land of Snow. All the time, in the Land of Snow it is day and night.

The sun is the center of the solar system which is surrounded by the planets in its orbit, including the earth. This event is called the daily apparent motion of the sun. The apparent daily movement of the sun is caused by the rotation of the earth which makes the sun appear to be revolving around the earth. The sun is a star that produces its own energy or light. The sun moves around a black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

The alternation of day and night, makes the earth has land with fertile soil. Overgrown by colorful plants. Most of them are green. Very different from the Land of Snow, everything is covered in silver or white snow.


Jacob Mandel, one of the human inhabitants of the earth. His daily work is gardening and raising livestock, taking care of plantations and livestock which he has been doing for generations. Her skin is brown due to frequent exposure to the sun, making her look exotic. With a firm jaw shape, not too wide forehead, sharp nose, broad chest, muscular arms, according to the work, so as to form perfect muscles, looks very manly.

His tall stature–about one hundred and eighty seven centimeters tall, often dominates, making him respected by his workers on plantations and livestock.

Jacob was very good at riding horses. His favorite black horse, Jacob named Black Beauty. Very strong horse. If Jacob rode it, he would look more manly. The horse knows that its master loves it very much.

Jacob lives in the countryside with his mother, his father is long gone. He has an older brother who lives in urban areas. Five years adrift with Jacob, his name is Javier Mandel.

Javier was similar in stature to Jacobs, except that his strong jaw was always neatly trimmed of fine hair. Unlike Jacob, who maintains a thin beard that continues with his beard.

Javier is a successful businessman in the metropolis. He always looks neat. Shirts and suits, as well as ties and watches always faithfully complete his appearance. Unlike Jacob, who always dresses casually with a plaid flannel shirt, jeans and a cowboy hat.


This is a story of two worlds, different dimensions of space and time. Follow two different love stories. How did this story begin?

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