Alpha’s runaway mate

Did you just curse at me?

With a whining tone, she mumbled, ”Why can he make me pregnant? If only I could get pregnant then I can escape from that old man, Harolds clutches. ”

She glanced at the roof and tried not to let the tears fall out of her animated eyes. I am going to try again and keep trying again. Even if I have to suck his soul out of his body, I will make sure to get pregnant whatever the cost may be.

With determination, she kicked herself up and stood on the bed. But then all her resoluteness went away like a burst balloon, the minute she realized that she did not know where to find him.

Until now, she was very lucky to find him wherever she went. But that won be the case from then on, as she lived very far away from the city now. Just to reach the city in the horrible traffic would take half a day. And if she gets even a little late at night then there won be any public transportation available for her to use.

”This cannot be happening to me! ” She plopped down on the bed again as she lost all her hopes.

She rolled on the mattress from one corner to another as she racked her brain to think of a way to meet him. Her brain was so empty… It was so empty that she almost cursed at her simple mindedness.

”I made sure that I had poked several holes in all those condoms that he used. So, by now there should be at least one or two babies formed inside me. But then why am I still unsuccessful even after so many trials? ” She stomped her foot on the bed.

”Are we doing it wrong? ” She wondered.

The second that thought hit her mind, she instantly sat up on the mattress.

She picked her phone from the nightstand and opened a random adult website. At first, she was hesitant to click on those videos as she found them unappealing. But then by mistake her finger randomly ran across the screen and accidently clicked the play button on one of the videos.

She jumped up in fright when someone moaned in that video and dropped her phone on the door.

”No! No! NO! Please don break on me. I have no money to fix you, ” She screamed in horror.

”How could I drop it? ” Just when the tears were about to escape her, she heard the moaning sound once again.

She started to laugh in excitement and picked her phone immediately from the ground.

”Thank you, Thank you for not breaking, ” She held the phone with two hands and did a swirl in that tiny room.

Then with her half closed eyes, she peeked a little at the video. When she had gathered enough courage, she watched quite a few videos to make sure that they were actually doing it correctly.

”Everything is going fine. Yes, We did this! And this too… ” Her hands trembled and she suddenly felt her legs go weak as she recalled their sweet time together.

Her cheeks were flushed red and she had a slight trouble breathing. Just when she thought that it was enough lessons for one day, her phone suddenly rang and scared the sh*t out of her.

She threw her phone up in the air in fright. But then thankfully, before it hit the ground one more time, she caught the phone mid-air and let go of her held breath.

”Goodness! ” She wiped the sweat on her forehead and glanced at the phone screen.

”Nothing happened to you, right? ” She wiped the corners of the phone with absolute care.

She then noticed that the call was picked up by her without her knowledge as she tried to prevent the phone from falling to its death on the ground. Harolds hoarse voice echoed around the room from the speaker and she jumped up once again in a panic attack.

”Are you pregnant with my sons child or not? ” Harold questioned her directly without any greeting and neither he had any intention to hide his irritation.

Mila could not believe that the old man would find out about her unsuccessful attempts so soon. With a trembling voice, she replied to him,

”No, sir. Not yet, sir. But I will be soon, sir. So, do not worry, Sir, ” Mila said while holding her aching head with one hand.

”Soon? How soon? When will you ever get pregnant? Are you sure you are doing it right? ” Harold asked her in a strict tone.

How will I know? She wanted to scream at him but then her present state of affairs does not allow her to react in a way that might anger him.

”It has already been five months since you promised to give me a grandson. Don tell me, you are thinking of escaping from me and breaking our deal? ” He questioned her with quite a stern voice and made her feel his cold gaze even on the phone.

”No sir, How could I do that or even think of something like breaking our deal? I am always trying very hard and putting my best efforts but I don know why I just could not get pregnant at all, ” She shook her head in dismay and her voice turned hoarse.

Harold coughed a little before he said to her, ”Make sure you do it properly next time and I expect to hear some good news within a month. Or else, I will consider that our deal is off and I will send my pack after you. Do you understand? ”

He asked her in a very serious business tone and disconnected the call without waiting for a response from her. Even after the phone call was cut Mila kept on nodding her head as his words echoed in her ears.

”Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir! I really understand, Mr. Harold, ” Mila replied with a nod while making many funny facial expressions as she knew that he could not see her.

As the call was cut, she threw her phone on the bed in annoyance. Then she rubbed her face and paced back and forth inside her room.

”What am I going to do now? Ha… Think, Mila… Think… There must be a way to escape from this hell, ” She pulled her hair in frustration.

Mila tried to think of a way to come out of this sticky situation unscathed but as usual, she could not get any good ideas.

”Ahh! Why am I so bad at this? Other than getting myself into trouble, am I really not good at anything else? ” Mila wondered as she then recalled what happened a few months ago.

It was a warm sunny day and the sky was clear of clouds. Mila was studying her favorite romance novel as usual while lying under a huge Ravens tower tree behind their home.

She could guess that her bad luck started from that day. Her mother, Rubina who always works very late, suddenly came home early that day after finishing her witch work. When she noticed Mila lazing around and enjoying all by herself, she just could not let her daughter be happy even for a moment.

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