Alpha’s runaway mate

My offer still stands

s the other way, ” Stella shouted behind Daniels back.

Even though her scream reached Daniels ears, he did not give it any thought and continued his journey towards the ground floor on the staircase with a heavy heart.

”Tut! Tut! As I said earlier, you just confirmed that you never learn. I can already imagine you bowing down under my feet in a couple of hours. I feel that time might be even less and is going to come very soon. Maybe in a few minutes? I will wait until then for you to come crawling back to this big sister begging for help, ” Stella sniggered at him.

”Even if I die, I would never do such a silly thing, you Devil! Also, I am your big brother. I was born two minutes before you were born, don you dare forget that! ” Daniel shouted from two floors down while he put his tongue out and purred at her.

”Such a douchebag, ” Stella scorned him and shook her head in contempt.


At the same time, in the outskirts of the city inside a dirty motels bathroom, Mila held the pregnancy test strip in her hands. After looking at the results, she cursed at her bad luck.

”How? How could I not get pregnant after so many attempts? Does he even have any sperm in that wobbly stick he has in between his legs? ” She cussed at someone who she was trying very badly to take advantage of.

In the middle of his work, Wade sneezed several times after she cursed him. He was about to sign the contract with Robyn but then he had to stop because of his sneezes. He used his index finger to rub under his nose once and then continued with his work after controlling his sneezes.

Mila threw the pregnancy test strip in the dustbin in vexation and stood up from the commode. She walked out of the bathroom and dropped her tired body on top of the smelly mattress.

At first, it was very difficult for her to put up with this new environment. But then after staying here for almost a month now, she got used to her current circumstances. Anyway, her savings were depleting and she would not have enough money left to afford even this motel in a couple of days.

”Damn, I have to get pregnant before I run out of all my cash. Then I can try to loot those wolves of their wealth. ” Mila kicked her legs in the air and then slammed the bed with her hands.

She wondered, If its even possible to loot them?

She shook her head as she understood that before she could touch a single coin, they would eat her alive. She then stared at the dirty ceiling which was too unappealing even for a beggar to look at.

”I had been sleeping with him for several days now but there is still no use. Why? Why am I unable to get pregnant? Why? Just Why? Why? ” She kicked the foot board in frustration with full force as she questioned her actions.

”Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! ” She jumped up and sat on the bed holding her aching foot.

”Bad Footboard… Very bad, footboard, ” She pouted her mouth with tear-filled eyes.

The pain was not so intense but still her tears would just not stop. She could not help but feel a little down and frustrated thinking about her current situation. And also because of what happened to her earlier.

I, for one, sure have no luck at all, no luck at all… She sighed.

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