er alone time with Wade.

”I hope you had a great stay here, Ms. Robyn. The conference room is this way, please… ” Daniel said and showed her the way with both his hands.

He then tried to avoid Wades gaze on him and tried to escape along with her. Even though Robyn was not interested to go, she thought she would have more chances to be alone with Wade once the meeting is over. So she walked in the direction Daniel showed her.

After noticing Daniel rushing behind her, Wades face got harder and harder. Daniel thought he had finally escaped the claws of the angry wolf. But Wade was faster than him and within a few steps, he blocked Daniels path.

Wade then murmured in Daniels ears, ”Did you find her? ”

Find her? I climbed thirteen floors just now because you did not let me come along with you in the elevator. How in the world would I get time for anything else? He wondered.

He could not express his thoughts as he was sure that Wade would really hang his head on the wall once he asked that question. He shook his head in slow motion and said in a low voice,

”We are still working on tracing her, Master. We will find her soon. ”

”You better keep your word and find her before this meeting ends. Or else… ” Wade poked his head and pointed at the wall in front of them.

Daniel sweated profusely and nodded his head continuously. Wade then walked away from him while placing his hand on Robyns back. When he noticed her body turn red because of his naughtiness, he thought,

All women are the same! It doesn matter if they are successful or not! Anyone would be willing to come under me with just a single touch of mine.

When Daniel saw Wades change in behavior, he let out a sigh of relief and followed behind them with a happy face.

He is back to normal again, He smiled for the first time that day.

At that moment, Stelle came from behind him and shouted, ”Boo! ”

Daniels smile disappeared immediately and he jumped up in fright.

”What the hell! ” Daniel screamed and turned around to see Stella standing next to him with a crooked face.

”Don get happy so soon. You still haven found the girl yet, ” She mumbled.

”Ohhh…. Its you, ” He held his thumping chest and shook his head in disappointment.

”Stop showing up in front of me whenever you want. Just get away from me and mind your own business, ” Daniel hissed those words and tried to push her away from him.

But then Wade, who was just letting Robyn inside the conference room, closed the door behind her once she was inside. He then turned around and stared at Daniel.

”Have you made up your mind to defy whatever I am doing or saying from now on? I had asked her to come here and attend the meeting instead of you as you will be going out and doing the job I assigned you to do this morning, ” Wade finished the sentence with a poker face.

”Job? What? Which job? ” Daniel blinked his eyes innocently as he looked at Wade with a huge question mark on his face.

As he thought that he was already doing his job by accompanying Wade to attend this meeting. What other work would I have other than this one? He wondered.

”Yes, JOB! Job, The JOB! ” Stella stressed the word job several times and she pushed Daniel away this time.

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