”Are you even my sister? ” Daniel lifted his head with fiery eyes and questioned her.

”Aren you a little over reacting to this situation? ” Stella asked her brother, Daniel with a huff.

She then said, ”If I am not your sister, then who am I? Oh!!! As we thought, did our mother really adopt you? I have always wondered why you look so different from our other family members. I think now I understand the reason. ”

She shook her head in disappointment and gave him a scrutinizing look. Daniel looked at her with disgusted eyes and had great trouble stopping himself from pouncing on her.

”Don talk rubbish! Just move aside! So that I can get out of your sight and you can blabber all you want to this wall after I leave. I have to attend an important meeting in ten minutes, ” Daniel pushed her aside and tried to open the door.

”Ahh! Not so fast, dear brother… I heard that you are searching for a missing girl. If you want my help, don shy away. Just ask for it. I can definitely use my connections to find her very easily. What do you think? ” Stella said with sparkling eyes which made Daniel hesitate for one second.

But then his brain issued a serious warning and stopped himself from even considering her suggestion. He knew very well what that crazy wolf was capable of doing once he got any favor from her.

No! She is only trying to use me to find out about the current situation. She must need something from me or else she would have never extended her help this easily. I must not get caught in her trap and lose my neck in the process.

His mind clearly showed a picture of his head hanging in Wades office. He shook his head several times to get rid of that thought. He reminded himself several times to not get caught in his sisters trap.

One of the powers his sister possessed is to bring in the fearful images that ones mind tries to hide. He cannot lose to her at any cost and had to keep clear of his mind. He then simply ignored her and opened the door to enter the building.

”Dan, I am not going to force you or even ask you to consider it twice. But just be mindful that, even though I doubt that you might not be my brother, I still consider you as one of our own. And I really don want to see your head hanging in our Bosss office, ” Stella mumbled behind his back and chuckled.

She succeeded in discovering his fears and almost sent chills down his spine. Daniel gripped the door handle and turned his head at once.

”How did you know about this? ” Daniel asked her through his clattering teeth.

”See! I told you and you just keep proving to me that you are not one of us. Look at you, all trembling like a loser would. How could you not know we are all linked together and we could read each others mind? ” Stella poked his head and asked him with a cunning laugh.

”But thats only possible, if I allow you to… NO… Wait! Did you use your power to listen to our conversation? This is against the rules set by the clan. You broke the rule. ” He glared at her and then pushed her against the wall.

Stella scrunched her teeth a little but was not ready to back down yet. She scowled at him and tried to push him. But he showed his full strength and grabbed her neck with both his hands.

”I also hope that we both are not born in the same womb. If not for our mothers sake, I would have crushed your neck a long time ago. Don play your dirty tricks with me. I don know when I will lose my patience and go against my wishes and just kill you. Also, have you ever wondered what would happen if the master finds out about what you did just now? Do you think he will forgive you as always after knowing that you heard his conversation without his permission? He would first hang your head on the wall before mine! ” He muttered under his breath and tightened his grasp on her neck.

When Stella started to cough, he let go of her but then hissed at her with a warning.

”You are lucky, I am busy today. As I don have time to deal with you right now, I am going to let you go. But mark it, I am definitely going to report this incident to Master Wade. ” Daniel mumbled before turning around to leave from there.

Stella rubbed her neck with a slight laugh and questioned him with a straight face.

”Do you think he does not know about this? He knew but as of now his thoughts are only covered with that mystery girl. Also, if he knows that you rejected my help then what do you think would happen? Whose neck will he go first? ” Stella asked him.

Daniel clenched his fist and asked her in a very low voice, ”What do you want? ”

”What? I can hear you! Hello… Speak a little loudly, ” Stella with a wide grin teased him as if she could not understand what he was saying.

He gritted his teeth and almost shouted at her, ”I said, what do you want in return? ”

”Oh! Nothing! But… Since, I just enjoy torturing you so much from when you were young… I would like you to clean my room every day, for lets say, for a year or no… thats too less. Maybe throughout your life! Also, you have to bring me my food three times a day. Doesn matter where I am or what I am doing, you have to get my food on time for me to feed. Oh! And also, whenever I go on a date with a human, you must not let our mom know about it. You have to cover for me and make some excuses. You know how unbearable mom is, whenever we mingle with humans, ” Stella continued to list the things one after another with no end to it and made Daniel speechless.

After listening to her silly requests, he almost wanted to push her out of the window from the thirtieth floor. But then he controlled his emotions and sarcastically asked her,

”Is this what you mean by nothing? I can do any of that. You can just go to hell! ”

He then opened the door and left without waiting for any response from her. Stella pouted her mouth and complained to the closed door.

”However I look at him, he really does not give me the vibe that he might be my brother! There must be something wrong with him, ” She mumbled and scrunched her eyes.

”I didn even ask him for much. How could he just reject me outright? Such a pinch penny, ” She howled in distress and then suddenly her face brightened.

”I can sense someone special is going to visit our master today, ” With a wide grin, she went back to her desk to make grand preparations for that special someone.

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