Alpha’s runaway mate

Not so fast, dear brother

On the way to the hotel, he briefed Wade about the particular clients personal information they were going to meet today. Daniel kept on throwing praises about the businesswoman while Wades heart only covered the nights that he got to spend with the mystery girl.

”She runs one of the leading businesses in that country and is also known for her eccentric beauty as well, ” Daniel told him with a smug look.

The driver turned his head slightly towards Daniel and threw him a mocking smile. He understood what Daniel was trying to do and he was sure that it was not going to work this time.

”What? Mind your own business! ” Daniel mumbled to the driver and made him shut up.

”Master, her name is Robyn. I am so sure that you would start to like her the minute you meet her. She has started up the company from scratch and built it to its current level without anyones help. It would be great if our partnership is successful, as it would, in turn, bring a lot more money than we predicted into our business, ” Daniel reported to him with gleeful eyes.

After saying that he waited for Wade to be curious and ask him many questions about that woman partner. But all he got as a response was only silence from the back seat. As he didn get an expected reaction from Wade for quite a long time, he looked up in the rearview mirror and found that his boss had a little disturbed expression.

”Sir, I think you should concentrate on Robyn for now instead of thinking about that unknown nameless girl, ” Daniel commented while trying to hide his enthusiasm as much as possible.

As expected once again, he did not get a reply from Wade but he was not ready to back off just yet. Ignoring the warning from the drivers side, Daniel continued to say,

”Sir, Robyn is well known among the business magnets and also highly sought after… We cannot miss this opportunity for someone we don even know or where she disappeared to… ”

Before Daniel could finish his sentence, Wade kicked his seat once again and shouted,

”Shut up! Just shut up, Danny! Stop telling me the same thing multiple times in different ways. I am not stupid unlike you and I clearly understand what you are trying to imply. But listen to me, I will say this only once. I want that girl! I want her even if you have to search this whole world. I don care but just find her! Or else you can just go ahead and jump into the ocean, for all I care ”

Wade punched the car seat in front of him and made a huge hole in it. Daniel shivered and glanced at the shocked driver in defeat. After that throughout the journey, he did not open his mouth any more and could only wish that those wolves better find that mystery girl soon.

Thankfully in a few minutes, they reached the hotel safely. Before getting down, he instructed the driver to get the car seat changed. The driver nodded his head in understanding but still had a mocking smile on his lips which irritated Daniel.

After dropping them at the hotel, the driver did not leave immediately. Instead, he waited until Wade and Daniel went inside the hotel and disappeared from his eyes. He then took out his secret phone to report the current situation to Daniels father, Harold.

Meanwhile, Daniel dashed behind Wade and tried to soothe him. He knew that it would not work at this point but he could not let Wade attend the meeting looking like an iceberg.

”Dear Alpha, I think you need to control your anger at least a teeny tiny little bit. If your father finds out about the current situation, then he would not be very happy. Really, not very happy about it. Let us only focus on this meeting and close the deal successfully for now. I promise you, I will make sure to get that sly… ” Before he could finish, Wades glare made him almost stop his breath.

”Cough… cough… I mean, to bring the mysterious girl in front of you before this meeting ends. So please, I beg you… ” Daniel promised Wade, even though he was not so confident in finding that girl anytime soon.

Wade stopped walking suddenly and glanced at Daniel with his piercing gaze. Daniel almost hit his nose on Wades back. Thankfully, he was quick enough to jump behind and save himself on time.

Wades burning emerald eyes almost broke Daniels willpower to speak anymore. Daniel was about to tell him the truth that finding the girl might be impossible but stopped short.

”I will believe you for this one last time, Dan. But if you cannot find her then I will make sure that you would not stick to this position any longer or even better… ” Wade leaned very close him to his ears and whispered in deep husky voice,

”I might just hang your head in my office to remind myself that I should never put my trust in someone like you. ”

Wades warning sent shivers down Daniels spine. He then walked towards the elevator as if he never issued any warning at all. He ignored the greetings thrown by the employees who crossed him and walked briskly into the elevator.

Daniel touched his long neck once and imagined his head hanging in Wades office. His body shook once in the terror of that sight.

No… No… my dear head… I hope those wolves succeed at least… this once… or else.. He rubbed his neck several times up and down to ensure that his head is still stuck to his body.

Then he rushed after Wade to get inside the elevator. But before he could enter it, the doors got closed on his face. Just before the doors became completely closed, Wade moved his hand on his neck to imply that he would really chop his head off if he did not find the girl.

As the elevator slowly moved upstairs, Daniel watched the numbers change helplessly with dripping sweat all over his body. He then took a deep breath and ran towards the other elevator. But then he saw that even those were not on the ground floor and most of them were on the top floor.

Left with no other choice, he started to run towards the staircase and climbed three steps at a time. He did not stop anywhere until he reached the thirtieth floor. He held the railing tightly and tried to catch his breath.

”I hate him! I hate him! ” He shouted and stamped his feet on the floor as he breathed heavily.

At that time, the head of the secretary opened the door and came towards him with a smirk. She handed an open water bottle to him and asked him with a mocking tone,

”Are you ok? I heard from the reception that Bosss mood is at its worst. After looking at your pathetic self, it seems like thats true. Still, you cannot just stand here and shout like that. What if a customer is passing by and hears you? You should always think about the hotels reputation before your personal feelings, my dear nemesis. ”

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