Alpha’s runaway mate

Kick! Kick! Kick!

They screamed in horror as they did not expect him to return so fast. Few wolves jumped up in fright and hit the wall behind them. He then pointed his finger at the wolves and ordered,

”Find her! Find her at any cost and use any means necessary. I will give you all two more hours and if you cannot find her then I will make sure to bury each one of you in the rose garden next to the east wing. ”

He then kicked the wolves near him once again before he pointed at the garden outside the window. Then he marched out of the room with steady steps with an emotionless face.

Before leaving, he made sure to send a powerful kick to the door as well which broke in half. The wolves shuddered in terror and shivered as they almost made wet marks on the floor.

Daniel glanced at the shaking wolves with pitiful eyes and sighed. There really seemed like nothing he could do to calm Wade other than finding that girl.

How many months has it been already when the master had talked to anyone calmly or even laughed heartily? Nowadays, all we are experiencing is the terror of our lives almost everyday and living in fear of when he would burst out like today and make us feel miserable, Daniel once again let out a huge sigh.

Suddenly, he missed those shiny days when everything was so calm and peaceful around here. He then gazed at the injured wolves in the room and said,

”You all did hear the Alphas orders clearly. Trace her and find her in exactly two hours. If not, I cannot guarantee your safety any longer. I have been trying my best to hold him back but right now, only bringing that girl here would calm our master. Do you all understand? ” He asked the wolves.

The wolves nodded their heads in understanding and howled in response to him. Daniel took a deep breath and held his aching forehead. He then said to the wolves in a secretive voice,

”I will try to extend todays meeting for another two hours. So, find her! Find her and bring her to him if you all want to live. Make haste before its too late. ”

The wolves then jumped out of the window hastily and dashed out into the woods behind the mansion. Once the wolves disappeared from his view, Daniel came out of his daze.

He then rushed out of the room and chased after Wade who had already gotten inside the car. Wade sat on the passengers seat on the back side of the car with an expressionless face resembling a freshly carved terrifying statue.

The assistant gulped after looking at that and realized that Wade was still in his fury mode. So he did not speak a word to him and quietly got into the posh car. Then the driver drove them towards their luxurious hotel that was located in the heart of the city.

”How dare she run away from me after using me for the fifth time? Who does she think she is? If anyone dumps someone, then it must be me! Who gave her the authority to use me and toss me as she wishes like a dead rat? ” Wade mumbled and kicked the front seat with full force where Daniel was sitting.

Daniel wiped his sweat that had formed on the side of his neck and turned his head slightly backward to look at Wade. He was too afraid to open his mouth but then the driver signaled him with his eyes which meant,

If you want us to get to the hotel safely today then you better calm the Boss sooner. Or else, I can guarantee anything.

Daniel coughed thrice as if he was clearing his throat a little. Then he slowly said, ”Sir, if you ask me, I think you should relax a little bit. Anyway, I have already told those Omegas to find her soon. Moreover, we still don know who she is or where she came from. ”

He gulped his saliva and said, ”Also, who knows, she might be a stray as well. Remember, your grandpa always warned you to stay away from the strays as we don know what they might carry with them? He was even unhappy when you brought those stray wolves home when you were young. Even though you fought them all and made them bow down on your feet, he told you that they were not even worth fighting. ”

Daniel tried to remind him about his grandfathers advice but that only backfired at him. As soon as those words came out of Daniels mouth, Wade raised both his legs and kicked the seat in front of him more vigorously.

”Shut up! Just shut the hell up. If you say one more word then I will kick you out of the car right this instant. Then come running to the hotel on your legs, ” Wade spit those words and aggressively kicked the car seat again and again with no intention to stop.

After his energy was all spent, Wade leaned against the backrest as his eyes twitched with rage that got moved to a new high level. Daniel glanced at the driver who almost had fuming eyes after hearing the foolish talk he made just now to their master.

The driver mouthed to Daniel, Don you know he hates his grandfather the most? Are you stupid? You will definitely get us all killed today.

Daniel turned his head to the other side and scrunched up his face in distress. He thought,

Oh! Yes! How could I forget about that incident so easily? Masters mother was a stray wolf and she got kicked out after he was born by his grandfather. How could I be such a fool? Daniel knocked his head continuously on the window next to him.

Is there no way I could solve this problem without finding that girl? He wondered as his heart informed him the truth blatantly.

How could he forget that once Wade decides on something then he would never let go of them. As Daniel could not come up with any good ideas, he decided to leave it to fate.

He slowly opened the file in his hands to revise the documents one last time before signing the deal. For now, he decided to keep his mouth shut for everyones wellness sake.

He continued to check the documents inside the file and made sure that there was no mistake in that contract. He hoped that Wade would ignore this mysterious girl for the time being and concentrate on the meeting that would take their enterprise to a next level.

”Master, today we will be meeting the chairmans daughter of Sunflower Limited who has now extended their tourism venture in our city. If we could get this contract signed then our hotel will get a revenue increase of one hundred and twenty percent by next year. If everything goes smoothly then we can inaugurate the resorts in those holiday destinations that we have planned for the coming month, ” Daniel informed Wade about the clients meeting as he aimed to turn Wades thoughts away from that run away girl.

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