Alpha’s runaway mate

How many nights has it already been?


Isn he angry just a minute ago at all of us for not finding that girl just now? What made him change his mood so fast? Is it because I told him about the after deal arrangements? He wondered as he eyed the wolves who were also tittering at the corner of the room along with their Alpha.

At that moment, his phone rang and stopped everyone from laughing at once. Wades face became stone hard and the wolves in that room bore a serious expression after their Alphas change in mood.

Meanwhile, Daniel scratched his head as he pulled his phone out of his pocket that kept on ringing non-stop. He could not decide if he should pick the call or persuade his master to attend that meeting.

Even his laugh was enough to make us shiver nowadays. Will we ever get to have a peaceful day in our lives? Daniel was disgruntled as he thought about the Alphas recent behavior.

I will have to do something about this girl who is disturbing our masters peace of mind! Daniel thought.

He silenced the phone and put it back in his pocket without taking the call. He then looked around him and breathed a sigh of relief. He noticed that there were several other pieces of artifact still intact and had escaped from Wades angry grasp.

After noticing his roaming gaze, Wade kicked the broken artifact pieces that laid near his legs to imply that he was getting annoyed once again. Before he could decide to break any more artifacts , Daniel decided to rush Wade to leave the house.

”Boss, if we don leave now then we will really be late and the client might even leave the hotel. We will be losing millions in contracts if we miss to sign this deal. I promise you that I will find the girl even if I have to lose my head. So, just believe me this once and come with me, ” Daniel said in a pitiful voice.

Wade ran his long fingers on his hair in frustration and stood up at once. He then walked towards the entrance of the house with long strides without looking back.

I should ask the maids to remove all these from his view until we find the missing girl, Daniel made a decision to at least protect the remaining artifacts before chasing after his master.

Even then what Daniel could not understand was why a playboy like him would suddenly be stuck to some random wild girl. He could have any girl he wanted and he only was ever interested in girls who came to him willingly.

Also, Wade had never shown interest in any woman after spending a night with them. But this time, it had already gone beyond only just an interest or a fling. He had become so possessive with her that now he had started attacking his own pack.

How many nights has it already been? Daniel wondered and started to count the nights Wade spent with that girl with his fingers.

Just then Wade turned around suddenly as he decided to go back into the room once again. Daniel almost got a fright as he thought that he was about to get hit by Wade, so he raised his hand high above his head to hide his face. But then when he noticed that Wade ignored him and walked past him, he breathed a sigh of relief.

After Wade and Daniel went out of that room, the wolves had just relaxed a little and took a breath. But then before they could even blink their eyes, with quick steps Wade marched near the wolves and howled at them.

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