Alpha’s runaway mate

How many nights has it already been?

”Where is she? Where the hell is she? ” The Alpha roared as he burst open the main door of the Wade Palace and stormed inside that huge mansion.

Meanwhile, whatever he could grab on the way, he broke them and anything he could not reach he threw the grabbed items in his hands at them to break it. The scattered pieces flew in the air and hit the wolves who were standing in one corner with their tails tucked between their legs.

”Master, we are sorry to say this but she did run away from us once again. We have been very cautious and tried our best to not let her escape. But she was better than any of us here… ” One of his underlings answered him with a shaky voice.

”What? Again! Again! Again! You all are nothing but proven to be very much useless in doing anything. From time to time, you kept failing me… And I kept on forgiving you. Give me one reason, why should I keep you all in my pack? All you had to do was to find one girl and keep her safe until I came. One little girl! It was all I asked you to do and you all are here to tell me that you lost her? ” Wade shouted at the top of his lungs while those pitiful wolves backed very deep into the corner with their trembling legs.

He marched very close to those wolves and stopped right in front of the wolf who spoke to him. He glared at the wolf with contempt and dark fiery eyes as he growled between his teeth.

”Are you telling me that you all let her escape under your watchful eyes once again? Do you even deserve to live? ” He pointed his fingers at all the wolves in front of him and questioned them with a grim face.

The wolves looked at each other in fear filled eyes and tried to hide behind one another to escape from the wrath of the Alpha in front of them. As Wade had already decided not to let go of them so easily, he gave the wolf who was close to his feet a powerful kick to the stomach.

It sent the wolf flying across the room and made the other wolves gulp in terror as their heart raced against their rib cage. The wolfs body landed on the antique redwood coffee table that was placed in the middle of the room and smashed it. He let out a loud moan and that noise irritated Wade even more.

Wade made a quick turn and stormed towards the wolf he had kicked a moment ago. The wolf immediately jumped up and shook his body. He then hurriedly spoke in a trembling voice,

”I am ok, Boss. I am perfectly fine… I am not hurt at all. So, please do not come near me. ”

As the wolf found that wailing out loud in pain would increase their alphas anger, he swallowed his cries. He tried his best to not let out a single noise out of his mouth after that. As he wolfed down the whine, he slowly crawled to the other end of the room to stay away from their angry Alpha for the time being.

Wade took a deep breath and closed his eyes to calm himself as he saw the wolf retreat from the broken table. He had lost his cool once again that day because of that stupid run away girl. He very well knew that he should have not shown his anger on these stray wolves.

He took them in as they were abandoned by their clans when they were young. Until now they have never failed in any of their missions and always remained grateful to him and his family.

But recently his anger just showed up any time and he could not find a way to control it. Also, the only person who helped him keep it in check is missing now. He rubbed the forehead in irritation and dropped his tired body on the sofa. That was the only item in that room which had escaped his wrath.

”Find her! Or else I promise that no one will see the next sunrise, ” He uttered through his gritted teeth as he warned his pack.

He then picked the priceless artifact which was placed on the side table. At that moment, his assistant, Daniel, jostled in front of him as he tried to stop Wade from breaking that golden artifact which was treasured most by Wades father, Harold.

”Master, Master… Please don …This is one of the important gifts from your grandfather that your father received and you do know that he cherishes it a lot. You cannot break it or else your father will become very upset and might break my neck, ” His assistant, Daniel held Wades hand tightly as he tried to stop him from throwing the artifact across the room.

His words only made Wades rage increase ten times more than what he already had before. As he glared at the hand Daniel held, he made a low howling noise. Then he muttered at a low voice,

”Let go of my hand at once, Daniel, before I decide that I might need to crush you in my palm instead of this stupid statue. ”

”But Master… Please… please don … Please, I beg you to try to control your anger. Anyway, anger won bring that girl back here. We need to stay calm and think about what her actual motive is to approach you in the first place! ” Daniel said as he wondered if he would be able to save the statue from this angry alphas hands.

He then continued to say, ”We also have to figure out why she came at you so many times…. Cough… cough… ”

As he blushed a little on top of his nose, he said, ”…but only to run away from you every single time. What if she was sent by our enemy gang to make her your weakness? You have to be very careful at times like this as we know nothing about that girl as of now. If you ask me I will say that it is better to forget about her, Master. ”

His assistant tried his best to reason with him while ignoring Wades howl. But Wade was in no mood to listen to Daniel at all. Moreover, all he wanted was to find that girl and lock her in his room even if his enemy sent her. She had tested his patience several times already and there was no way he would forget her and let her go freely so easily.

”If you are so worried about her identity then did I not ask you to find out about her when she came to me first? If only you succeeded at that time then we would not be in the current situation right now. Do we? ” Wade asked him in a stern voice and pulled his hand away from Daniels tight grip.

The wolves that were standing in the corner were surprised to see Daniels fearlessness. They all now looked at him with new admiration. No one ever had the courage to even lift a finger at their Alpha but Daniel did it with no effort.

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