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You are totally useless!

That day was a little upsetting for Rubina because the client refused to pay her for her hard work. So, she returned home empty handed with no money to buy the herbs and other items required for her witchcraft.

At that time, when she saw her younger daughter enjoying her life without practicing witchcraft, her anger rose to the top. She stomped her feet twice on the floor to make Mila know her presence.

But when she noticed that there was no change from Mila, she took the broom and threw it towards Mila. It hit Mila on her head and the book she held in her hands flew away.

”What the hell!!! ” Mila jumped up and got ready to fight thinking that it was one of her loathsome sisters.

But when she saw her mother standing in front of her, she became speechless and backed away from her mother.

”Did you just curse at me? ” Rubina asked her youngest daughter, Mila and picked the broom from the floor.

She then used it to hit her slothful daughter while shouting, ”I was out working my a** off and what do you think you are doing here? Lying down on the field without any worries as if you own the whole world! ”

Before Mila could even react and escape from her mothers rage, she had already been hit more than ten times.

”Mom! Mom! What are you doing? Stop it! Please… It hurts… It hurts… Stop! Stop… Please stop it… I beg you… I am sorry, I am sorry… ” Mila shouted and ran around the garden.

She almost stamped and destroyed all the remaining herbal plants that her sister, Luisa planted just a couple of days ago. She had no time to worry about her sisters wrath as she was busy trying to escape from her mothers broom.

Rubina was in no mood to listen to her younger daughters plea. She chased after Mila and continued to hit her with the magical broom. At one point, Mila could not bear it any longer and she held onto her mothers broom tightly.

”Mom, you better stop hitting me or else I will break this broom of yours. Trust me I can break its neck with a snap, ” Mila warned her mother with teary eyes while trying to pull the dangerous weapon away from her mothers hands.

Rubina looked at her younger daughter with a mocking gaze and asked her in a sarcastic tone,

”Snap it? Snap it, you say? Are you even capable of doing that? Why am I even bothered to worry about you? ”

She huffed and took a deep breath to calm herself. Then she continued to say to her daughter, Mila,

”You will not even try a teeny tiny little bit to work on improving your skills in witchcraft. But here you are blackmailing your mother by holding the broom. ”

”Mom, When did I blackmail you? All I am asking is for you to stop hitting me and talk like a normal civilian. Is it even that difficult to have a normal conversation with me? What did I do wrong now? ” Mila asked in an angry tone as she tried to control her tears.

Rubina tried to pull the broom from her daughters hands to hit her once again but Mila would just not let go of it. She could not believe what she was hearing from her daughter.

”Are you really asking me what you did wrong? Can you see how your sisters are scaling very well in their tasks? But look at you, all you do is eat well, sleep well and spend your time without worrying about anything else! Who do you think pays for everything you are using? Do you think money grows from a tree? ”

When Mila heard her mom mention her sisters talents, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

”Mom! I am not interested in learning witchcraft. Anyway, I was not born with such skills like my sisters. So, what is the use of trying something that would not come to me at any point of time? Moreover, I don see any use in getting these skills. Don you know that no one believes in us anymore? I would like to live among humans and have a normal life. ” Mila stated which made her mother speechless.

Rubina glared at her daughter and asked in a stern voice, ”Mila, are you going to let go of my broom or not? ”

”No, I am not going to! What will you do? ” She flipped her hair backward and stared straight into her mothers eyes.

The minute her eyes met her mothers eyes, all the anger flew away and fear filled her heart. She decided to not let the fight go on, so she looked at her mother with pitiful eyes and said,

”Unless you promise me that you are not going to hit me with that ugly thing, I am not going to let go of the broom. ”

”Are you trying to negotiate with me now as all your screaming did not work on me? I am your mother and I know whats best for all of you. You will listen to me and practice witchcraft until you succeed. ” Rubina said with a stern voice.

”Then I am not going to let go of this broom until you promise me that you won hit me ever, ” She demanded with confidence and pulled the broom a little.

Afterwards, she did not know what happened and no one guessed such a thing would happen. All the straws that she was gripping with her fingers came out of the broom and flew in the air.

With a horrified face, she looked at her mother and then at the few straws in her palm. She immediately dropped the straws on the ground and tried to run away from there. But her elder sister, Luisa, caught her firmly by holding her collar and brought her near the herb garden that she destroyed a few seconds ago.

Mila just noticed the herbal garden which had now turned into a pool of mud because of all her stamping earlier when she was trying to escape from her mothers broom.

”Is this your doing, Mila? How could you do this to me? To us? ” Luisa pointed at her smashed herbs and questioned Mila as anger raised on top of her head.

She can believe her younger sister would be so stupid to destroy a few months worth of herbal plants. After great difficulty she had gathered them and given each plant sufficient care, so that they could be harvested in a few weeks. But her sister within a blink of an eye had turned her hard work into nothing.

”You first let go of me, Luisa! Why can no one talk like a normal civilian in this family? Anyway, what is wrong with you all and why are you picking a fight with me today? ” Mila told her in a sad voice as if it had nothing to do with her.

”Then tell me one thing, why does my garden look like an elephant ran over it? ” Luisa asked her as she still held on to Milas collar tightly and not it letting go.

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