Bella got dressed and took a shower. When she got dressed, Zack came.

Zack has just taken a bath. Bella immediately smelled the personal scent that she loved so much. Zack is physically clean so he always smells good.

”Are you done? ” Zack asked.

”N-not yet, ” Bella replied calmly, shaking her hand as she put the stuff in her bag.

She seems to be infected with what she saw with Reyn to her husband. Even she seemed to want to do that to Zack.

Bella sighed when Zack stopped her.

Zack sighed as he bowed. ”Is there a problem? ”

”Yes. You smell good. Why is that? Why do I like your smell? Bellas heart whispered desperately, at once sighing. There she proved that Zack had a profound effect on her.

”Nothing. Whats wrong with you? You know Im like this. Im not comfortable staring at you, ” Bella blurted out and proceeded to fix things.

Zack chuckled. ”Yes, of course. You get the impression that Im flirting with you when I stare at you, ” He made a joke.

”Zack! ” Bella scolds him. Here comes the rambunctious wolf once more. He flirts again, and whatever she denies, she enjoys it. Bella used to chastise him because she was terrified to fall in love with Zack.

”Okay, Are you finished? Ill carry your belongings, ” Zack replied, smiling, as he carried her bag out the door. Her heart warmed when Bella saw how gentlemanly he was.

Their two horse-drawn carriages were ready to take them to the ranch as soon as they stepped outside. The butterflies in her tummy vanish for the duration of the journey. Once they arrived at the ranch, the commotion calmed.

As Damian ran to the barn and eagerly mounted the black horse Zoro, Zack laughed.

”Zoro is Damians favorite horse, ” Tim said and bowed to them.

Bella smiled at the man, ”Lets have a look inside, ” he said. Tims maid is smiling and helping them with the bags they brought.

Theyd already entered the mansion. Bella had a secret admiration for the location. Reyn is absolutely correct. The ranch is stunning. There is no evidence that the location has suffered as a result of selfish people seeking immortality.

”This ranch also has a waterfall behind it. Ill take you for a stroll there as well. ” Zack said to make her happy. Thats what Bella wants. The waterfall is just stunning, and she will adore it.

”You can ride by yourself. You don need my help to ride this horse. ” Zack was ecstatic.

Bella gave a kind grin. Zack teaches Bella to control the horses speed. Thats what they did for five days before she figured it out. But Bella will acknowledge that she isn quite there yet. She still wanted Zack in the back to guide her on the best course of action.

When they were taken to the ranch in the afternoon, Louis also returned home.

”You ride this horse. Lets take a trip out to the ranch before going home. Ill demonstrate the waterfall Im talking about, ” Zack said.

Bella doesn have a choice so she jumped from the horse. Its her first time going to the waterfall because theyve been practicing horseback riding. Zack hurriedly reached the ranchs back wooden gate and opened it. Zack closed the wooden door behind Bella and rode behind her again as they passed through the gate. It directed them in the right direction till they reached the waterfall.

Bella was taken aback by the beauty of the scene. It is bordered by smooth rocks and flora. In addition, the water is crystal clear. She believes swimming there is enjoyable!

”Come on, Lets see whats on it, ” Zack said. He assisted her in descending and secured the horse to the tree.

Bella moved closer to the waterfall. Zack was approaching her, and she had lost track of him. Zack simply came to a halt as it grabbed her, and then sprang into the waterfall!

Her scream reverberated across the waterfall. When she and Zack sank under the water, she was stunned. When they went up, she coughed. Zack pressed her to her chest, but he laughed.

Bella whimpered, ”Zack! ”

”All I want is for you to appreciate this waterfall, ” Zack said, smiling.

Bella asked, ”Is that so? ” then she sprinkled water on Zack. Because Zack wasn prepared for what she did, Bella laughed. She bounced back quickly.

They ended up making fun of each other. Zack was not about to give up. Water was also sprayed on her. Bellas eyes were not hit in any way because she wearing a blindfold. She wanted to laugh since she had even used the blindfold as a weapon.

The waterfall was a roaring cacophony of laughter. Because of Zacks raucousness, she had lost track of her own noise. Bella was overjoyed for the first time in her life. She is no longer concerned that someone will see her and apprehend her. She can think of anything else right now but her pleasant time with Zack.

”Stop! ” Bella yelled.

Zack smiled and added, ”Okay, lets just swim. ” Zack tried to drag her down to the base of the waterfall, where the water was rushing down.

Even if Bella wants to go in that direction, she is nevertheless terrified. ”D-don . Its possible that my blindfold will be removed. Perhaps Ill just embarrass you, Zack… ” Bella turned down the offer.

”Um… Lets start by closing your eyes and removing the blindfold. ”Zack made a suggestion.

”But- ”

”Have faith in me. Nothing horrible will happen as long as you
e with me. Okay? ” Bella was eventually swayed by Zackss assurance. Because she was aware of his potential. Bella knows he fulfills his promise.

Zack pulled the blindfold from Bellas eyes, and she closed her eyes. She sighed as she felt the powerful fall of cold water on her body a few moments later. She also froze and burst out laughing. Bella secretly thanked Zack. She would not have had that blissful moment if Zack hadn pressed her.

She enjoys being underwater even with her eyes closed. There are times that she opens her eyes so that she can see the water in the cascade.

If Zack hadn intervened, she would not have left the waterfall. They already have to go up because they might be soaked from the cold.

As they were going to mount the horse, Bella remarked to Zack, ”Lets go back here. ”

Zack smiled and nodded. Bella smiled as well, feeling as if that lovely moment had been imprinted on her heart.

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