”It would be lovely for us to have such a vast vegetable garden when you buy the island, Zack, ” Bella remarked admiringly as she gazed over Louis full plantation. She assumed it was a few acres of land as well. Louis was in the company of his son. It was Damian who was in command. He assumed it will be passed down to his kid.

Reyns suggestion was accepted by the Stewart siblings. They agreed to spend a week with Louis on vacation. They also asked them to visit another place, but they declined. They stated that they will return. They had to return home so Zack could speak with the investigator and learn more about Christopher.

Zack also dialed Zaras number right away. Zack stated that they would stay with the siblings for a while.

Zack said, ”I thought of it too, Its also amusing because you think of wolves as well. ”

Bella sighed as she turned to Zack and noticed the man staring at her. Bella bowed right away. Her gut swelled with butterflies. Zacks solemn stare caught her off guard.

”W-why you look at me like that? ” Bella inquired. She was also curious as to what Zack was thinking about her.

”Im simply glad you
e having fun instead of being irritated. ”

Zack was correct, and Bella sighed. She was apprehensive since she had noticed.

”Y-You still disgust me! ” Stella remarked this as she considered an excuse. Zack might bother her again, so she had to do it!

Zack chuckled. ”Really? ”

Bella sighed, unable to come up with an alibi. ”Yes. What? Youve irritated me again! ”

”I am not. What is wrong? ” Zack inquired enquiringly.

e flirting with me. ”

”What? Flirting? ” Zack inquired, puzzled and laughing.

Bella savagely bit her lower lip.

”This is entirely your fault. You
e staring at me, aren you? ” Bella snarled.

Zack burst out laughing. Bellas face was flushed since she couldn bear the thought of blaming the man.

Zack smiled and replied, ”I didn believe that staring at you is considered flirting. ”

”Zack! ” Bella grumbled. She eventually gave up because she couldn get a response.

The field was filled with raucous laughter. Bella frowned till she sank into a deep slumber.

”Can we just talk about your island plans, shall we? ” Bella pretended to be recovering when she said a while ago.

Zack smiled and started telling the story. ”Tim and Kirl are already aware of the islands existence. They are eager to provide money if funds are scarce. ”

Bella gave a kind grin. For werewolves, thats a huge deal. ”Really? ” I asked.

Zack smiled and nodded. ”Aside from that, because Tim is a lawyer, he is eager to assist me with the legalities, ” he added.

Tim was wealthy, he knew. It appears that Zacks fantasy island will come true! He ejaculated impulsively, ”For sure, werewolves will be happy! ” I said.

Zack gave a warm smile.

As Zack stroked Bellas cheek, she sighed. Her cheeks were flaming and her pulse was beating with excitement as she crouched down. She became stiff and unable to move!

”S-sorry… Am I too loud? ” Bella said, ashamed.

The ferocity with which her chest pounded!

When Zack approached, her heart began to pound again.

Zack let out a small laugh. ”Yes. You
e making a lot of noise. But don worry, Ella. Its great to hear your rumble. ”

”Zack! ” Bella bowed even more and said embarrassed. She felt the burning of humiliation in her ears till she just rested. When was the last time she was as cheerful and boisterous as she used to be? Well, she has no recollection of it.


”Are you sure you
e not going to extend? ” Reyn said, who was smiling as she took care of her family for breakfast. Reyn looks after the family, and Louis appears to be content with her. Bella can help but be envious because, as a woman, she, too, wishes to start a family.

Bella realized how much pleasure she was having at Louiss property. The place is full of affection, despite the fact that it is silent because they are the only ones that live there. Louis exemplifies a responsible husband and parent, while Reyn exemplifies a caring husband and mother. She also appreciates the twins willingness to assist. Diane is serious, whereas Damian is insane.

”Maybe they are waiting for us already, ”Zack smiled and poured some juice into Bellas glass.

Reyn widened her grin even further.

Bella smiled every time Zack took care of her.

Reyn exclaimed excitedly, ”You look good together. ”

Bella coughed some more. Zack joined her right away. Bella turned really red when she faced them.

Louis chastised his wife, ”Reyn, ” but smiled.

Bella reddened a little more. Even Louis appears to be amused by them.

Reyn burst out laughing. ”What? Whats wrong? They don have a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. And Bella is stunning while Zack is a gorgeous young man. They look good together, ” Reyn said while smiling.

Bella had to be blushing from head to toe. So, Diane smiled as she sat peacefully next to her mother, and Damian grinned as he sat quietly close to her father. ”Stop already. Ella isn used to being teased like that, ” Zack added, smiling.

Bella was deafeningly quiet. Bella wanted to thank Zack for saving her from sinking into the seat a while ago.

”Mom. Can I go with Zack? Id like to visit the ranch as well. I miss being able to ride a horse and use Zoro, ” Damian asked.

Reyn fixed her gaze on Louis. The latter responded with a nod.

”Diane, how about you? You don want to come? ” Louis had enquired.

”Ill just accompany Mom. Ill also look at her on how she cooks because I want to learn someday, ” She said while affectionately looking at her mother. Reyn gave her kid a quick nod.

Louis turned to face them with a nod. ”Okay, Ill pick you up later. Ill need to visit dad first. ”

They both nodded and went back to eating their breakfast. They conversed for a time before Zack and Bella said their goodbyes. When they got into their respective rooms, they simply parted ways.

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