Alpha’s Greatest Desire

Look Good Together

”How are you doing? ” With a smirk on his face, Reyn inquired of Bella. She was eating alone on the sofa. Zack had just walked out the door to buy a drink.

Except for Robert and Lala, Louis relatives arrived. Zack regrets not being able to inform the couple of the reason for his visit. Louis was the one who brought up the idea of buying the island, and they were pleased with the notion.

Because of Zackss announcement, everyone was even happier. Aside from the plan, Louis twin son has a birthday to celebrate. Although only a few years had passed, the twos pace had shifted.

Bella believes this is due to the twos bodies having mixed blood flowing through them. The twins ancestors are wolves and vampires. Reyn, on the other hand, is a human, but her body is filled with synthetic blood. Zack informed him of this. Reyn was a sweetheart. He doesn perceive it as a threat. On that particular occasion, he appreciated her and spoke to her in that manner.

They left right after Zack spoke with Lara. Lara had been howling all along. She wanted to come, but Zack wouldn let her. The woman responded with a harsh frown and a scowl. Bella groaned quietly and chose not to strike her.

Bella had resolved to remain silent, but Zack grew animated. When he remembered everything, he silently smiled.

”Can you see that building, Bella? ” As they boarded the train to the airport, Zack inquired. Even immortals have legal documents allowing them to travel to any country they desire.

Bella sat up straight and examined the object that Zack had pointed at. When she saw the lovely structure, she sighed. She could clearly see the pattern because it was only a few meters away from them.

”From afar, it appears to be a castle to you. The walls are brick, and their beauty has been preserved despite their age. Architecture University. Thats where I was studying at the time. Until now, the educational quality there is still good, ” Zack said.

Bella smiled and nodded.

”In Barcelona, there are many wonderful things to see. Ill give you a tour when we have enough time. We shall go on a trip to Spain. ”

”What makes you think youd do something like that? ” Bella apparently stabbed her, but she was stunned on the inside. Stella had known him for a long time, but he had never been this. Its only now.

Stella has never explored the length and breadth of Spain. That country was lovely, but she couldn appreciate it because of the issues that had arisen in their families before.

”Must there be a reason? ” Zack inquired, a smile on his face.

Stella took a step back and averted her gaze. Zack becomes much more handsome when Zack is being like that. Why is she felt like that? She has no idea, either!

”Yes. Youve never done anything like this before… ”

”Sorry for the inconvenience. You were left to me by Robert. I only want to look after you so that I can keep you. But I believe there is no longer any danger. Id be happy to take you for travel, ” Zack replied truthfully.

The thrill froze Bella. She felt compelled to pinch herself. Because she had been touched, she couldn help but feel that way.

”That is why I am also interested in purchasing the island. Ill persuade Christopher Ring to sell it to me once weve spoken, so we can have our own place. A safe haven where we can be ourselves. A place where you won have to worry about ruining someones life because of your eyes, ” Zack gave a favorable response.

Zack was secretly admired by Bella. He was extremely nice to her and the rest of the group. Bella didn believe she was with him. She couldn help but feel self-conscious. Stella used to tease and make fun of him but Zack still care about her, despite her obnoxious displays.

Bella answered nervously, ”T-thank you. ” Zacks plan had overwhelmed her. Then she asks herself, Do I really have feelings for him?

Zack nodded, his lips painted with a lovely smile. Bellass heartbeat became faster. She wanted to inquire about the mans smile, but she felt ashamed.

So, Bella chose to remain silent…

”Did you eat enough? ” Reyn inquired again, eliciting Bellas response. She gave a quick nod.

”Yes. Because Zack had taken it, I ate more. He threw food at me, ” Bella responded.

Food for the birthday celebrations poured lots. There was food for humans, wolves, and vampires, as well as blood.

”I made fresh meat for werewolves. They also butchered calves, so the vampires had plenty of blood, ” Reyn flashed a triumphant smile before looking exhausted. ”Will you be returning home after this? ”

Bella smiled and nodded. ”It appears thats the plan. ”

Reyn smirked. ”You know what, you should stay more time here to see Louis plantation, which is located behind this property. Then you may relax by visiting my other relatives ranch. It has been renovated, according to what Ive heard. You and Zack both know how to ride horses, right?. ”

”But— ”

”Thats all right. We could stay here longer. Louis also stated that he will inform Robert. I also need to discuss the island with him. While we wait, well pay a visit to the siblings. ”

Bella sighed and turned to face Zack, who was approaching. It appears that he has heard everything.

”Don worry; there are no important things to do back our place. So, I don see any reason why we shouldn stay here. ”

Bella trembled. She had the impression that she and Zack were on vacation together. Only now, towards the end of her life, would she truly appreciate it.

Stella gave Reyn a satisfied nod.

Reyn said eagerly, ”Okay, Ill going inform my relatives right now, ” and then she hurriedly left.

”Im going to call Zara. Shes the one who had the satellite phone, ” Zack said. ”And… Bella…Ill teach you how to ride a horse. ”

Bella became even more ecstatic! Thats what she wants! ”Okay, ” she replied simply, although inside her she wanted to scream with delight.

Bella shook her head. She realized she wasn annoyed with Zack anymore. In addition, she has the impression that her feelings for Zack are altering…

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