”Its nice when you
e bent over, ” Zack said.

Bellas face warmed. She wanted to cuss the man but couldn ! Her eyes blinked though she was blindfolded. She just went through the motions of annoyance.

”Had you seen a pretty woman while she is annoyed? ”

”Yes. You. You blush. Your lips are getting redder. ”

Bella bit her lower lip so hard. She doesn know why it felt weird when Zack mentioned her lips. She thought he touched it. Her whole system was tickled.

”Just blushed; its good, right? ”

Bella growled again and shook her head. ”Lets shut up. Im feeling something, ” she changed the topic because she felt a crack.

Zack became silent. Soon, a giant black pig came out of the fertile field. They waited patiently for what would happen until it was faithful to their trap.

The giant pig made a noise, but Zack immediately killed it with a force of werewolves and a knife. Moments later, they decided to go home. Zack carried all their belongings.

When the group arrived, they were immediately greeted by werewolves. Bella was annoyed again when Karen welcomed Zack. Some werewolves get close to Zack.

”Ill cook. What do you want to eat, Zack? ” Karens cute question.

”Its up to you. All right. Talk to you later. We
e going to rest for a while, ” Zack said goodbye and accompanied Bella.

”Take a rest. Ill call you when we
e all done cooking, ”Karen said.

Zack nodded and walked away from them.


”Zack, me too. I like that, ” Zara pointed to the pork steak that Zack had placed on Bellas plate. Bella was shocked. Zack did not sit in his former seat. When there is a party, the wolves sit in the middle, and the women ignore it. And while happily partying, the werewolves were laughing and joking. Zack said that he would choose a wife so that someone would take care of him — something he just laughed at.

But this time, Zack sat beside her. Bella was there often because she did not want to participate in them. She was just annoyed. Even though she told Zack to return to his former seat, he refused. He said he prefers to stand aside from the awkwardness that the werewolves are shocked by. If only the mouth could be torn, everyones mouths might have been pulled because they were gaping.

The werewolves adjust. Each of them is looking for a place to be close to Zack. Zara was also fast, ahead of Karen, who was forced to side with Zara. Zara was then between Karen and Zack while she was on the mans left. Karen frowned about it.

”Zara seems to like that. Give it to her, ” Bella whispered to Zack.

”Ha? ” Zack asked in astonishment. He didn seem to notice what Zara said. He turned to the woman and handed her the bowl. Zara accepted it with a smile. Karen almost grabbed it.

Bella shook her head. Zack laughed because he saw Bellas reaction.

”Don be annoyed. I don pay attention to them anymore, ” he muttered.

”Wow. Im still the reason why you ignore them? ” Bella asked. She whispers so that others cannot hear. She was shocked and, at the same time, flattered.

”What you said before about doesn annoy you anymore. I know one of the things that annoy you are those women around me. So, I would ignore them. Is that okay? ” Zack whisper.

Bella sighed. The meat almost came out of her nose. She didn know what to say! Zack caught her off guard!

A part of her heart is happy, and there is also something that she cannot be believed. She did not know how to answer. She is confused. She wanted to get away for a while so she could think clearly.

So after eating, Bella ran away from Zack. She went home and locked herself in the hut. Zack knocked, but she did not open it. Bella insisted on not making noise until Zack gave up.

Bella could not sleep. She rolled over on the bed until the sun came up. Her head was heavy due to a lack of sleep. She preferred not to get up first. She just kept lying down until she heard Zack.

She moaned, and a pillow covered her face.

”Bella? I know you
e awake. We need to talk about something, ” Zack said, and the knocking intensified at that moment.

Bella was forced to get up. She adjusted herself first before facing Zack. After tying the blindfold, she opened it.

”Where did you go from last night? ” Zack asked.

Bellas forehead was furrowed. Bella has amused again. ”Here. Im didn leave. ”

”Here? I was here last night, but no one answered, ” Zack said.

”I fell asleep. I didn hear you. ”

”I was worried. I even circled this whole village. I didn know that you fell asleep … ”

Bella immediately believed that Zack was worried. He does look stressed and sleepless. His hair is still messy! She didn expect it. Once again, that troubled her feelings. Bella could hardly speak again!

”Promise me. You won do that again. Don suddenly disappear. Okay? ” Zack said in a severe tone.

Bella nodded. Her heart was still pounding, but she didn show it. She was silenced.

”W-What are you going to say, by the way? ” Bella asked.

Zack sighed and was forced to explain. ”Louis just called. He invited us because its the twins birthday. Ill take you so Robert can see you too. I will also tell them about the island. Ill talk to Zara and Mark for instructions on this. ”

Bella secretly rejoiced. She is the one Zack include instead of others. She can travel to the states again! Roberts relatives are kind to her, and she wants to see them too.

”All right, ” Bella replied breathlessly.

Zack smiled. Bella looked at the mans red lips. She swallowed because she suddenly felt thirsty. Its like … she wants to kiss him. She also wants to do what other women do.

”Get ready. Well leave right after I talk to Zara. ”

Bella nodded. Zack looked at her for a moment until he finally said goodbye. She entered and was immediately held to the chest alone. She groaned when she felt her heart beating so damn crazy. Because of the scene that is running through her mind!

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