Look at that man. He set the walk, then he is late, whispered to herself. They didn have a wall clock, but she was sure it was already past noon. Based on the sunshine, it was already six oclock in the morning. It should be four oclock in the morning of their departure to get back early. Zack knew that, and Bella wondered why he still didn come early.

Bella preferred to go to Zacks hut. There were only five huts between them. She was about to go upstairs when it suddenly opened and spat out Karen. They were both stunned until the woman passed her and quickly left. The shape did not escape her sight: her hair was messy, and her lips seemed swollen. Bella immediately had an idea. The idea warmed her head. Instead of knocking, she was determined to leave.

Bella entered her hut and got dressed. Only then did she notice that her cheeks were wet with tears. Disgusted, she wiped it off. She also calmed the heart that was bitten by jealousy. Again, she scolded herself. He has no right to be jealous! Period!

”Ella? ” Zack called and knocked. That was repeated. Strong. It was as if he was being forced to open it immediately.

Bella didn want to open the door because her head was still full of anger, but she thought she had no right to feel that way. Bella doesn care about that. Even though it hurts, she doesn care about it anymore!

She returned the blindfold to her eyes, then approached the door.

”Ella? ”

”What? ” Bella growled while opening the door.

”Im sorry. I fell asleep. Then Karen came and— ”

”I have seen that. You don have to explain, ”Bella replied flatly and was blown away by the wind.

Zack sighed. He was silent for a moment and looked at her. ”Im sorry. Im sorry if I kept you waiting, ” Zack said in a low tone.

”Okay, Shall we continue going to the mountain? ” Bella asked incredulously.

”Yes. Lets not even go to the top. It is already past noon. Wherever we can be reached, we can only make a trap there. Lets go, ” Zack said immediately. He didn seem to want to waste another minute.

Bella sighed and dressed again. After that, Zack took their hunting gear.

They quietly climbed the mountain. Bella admits that their team is good when it comes to hunting. Bella will set the trap, and Zack will take care of it when it is caught. The force of werewolves will bring down the hog or any animal, and it will carry it home.

”Ella… ” Zack called.

”What? ”

Zack laughed slightly. ”You
e insulting. Every time I call you or want to talk to you, what, why, you say right away. ”

Bella smirked. ”You
e still wondering. Should I be kind to you? After you make me wait? After I saw Karen and— ”

e jealous again. ”

”Im not jealous! ” Bella exclaimed. Her voice echoed throughout the mountain; The birds flew away.

Zack laughed, accompanied by amazement because the birds also seemed scared by Bellas voice.

”Im not jealous, ” Bella sighed again and was blown away by the wind. ”What? Are you just going to tease me or what? ”

”Im sorry. I just want to apologize again because I got caught. And now that I know what you
e upset about, I will explain in detail. Ill be technical in storytelling for clarity. Karen came to me at five oclock. She said she wanted to look at the plan. She said she couldn sneak in last night because I talked to everyone a lot. She also said she wouldn be able to find me afterward. I think it was because of you that I went last night. ”

Zack continued. ”I refused because we have a walk. I closed the door and got ready, but I was surprised when she suddenly hugged me while getting dressed. She said he went through the window and wanted to communicate— ”

”Thats enough! ” Bella growled. She was palpitating with annoyance. She seemed to want to keep looking for Karen and scolding her.

”I don want to say, but its necessary for you to understand. I scolded her and, to her shame, ran out earlier, ” Zack pleaded.

Bella feels his sincerity. She just couldn nod right away because she didn want to think it was just an explanation, though she believed it right away. Now she understood it perfectly.

Bella did not respond until she reached the dense part of the forest. She quietly made a trap. Zacks sigh was steady.

”Bella! Talk to me, ”Zack whispered.

Bella gasped as the hot breath hit her cheek. Her heartbeat kept pounding because of their closeness.

Fortunately, she was able to make the pig traps quickly and satisfactorily. It was made of the vine. She tied it with robust and thin tree branches. On the other hand, Zack placed baits such as spinach, grass, and dead deer for any animal that could go there. They also covered it with grass so that the trap would not be noticeable.

And while waiting, they hid in the basement of the thick vegetation. They fell side by side while looking at the trap. Zacks plea was constant. Bella could not help but marvel and wonder. Why is it essential to Mikhail what she thinks?

”Shh! They might get confused! ” Bella growled and then put her index finger to her mouth.

Zack sighed. ”Bella, Im sorry … ” he continued.

Bella wanted to laugh, but she just held back. She felt she was too important to Zack.

”Yes? ”

”Ill do everything. What do you want? Just say it. ”

Bella almost laughed so hard. She immediately bit her lower lip to restrain herself.

”I don want anything, ” she replied, but she was already palpitating with joy inwardly.

”Really? ”

”Yes. ”

”Okay then. Just stop being jealous of them and— ”

”Im not jealous! ” Bella suddenly growled. She was very restrained, and her neck tendons were almost out.

”Don annoy me. Thats my only request. ”

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