Alpha’s Greatest Desire

Bella\'s Jealously

”First and foremost, I would like to mention that I have finally found a place for all of us, ” Zack stated after kidding around with his people.

Bella hunched down in a corner. Her condition makes it difficult for her to interact with others in social circumstances. In addition, no werewolf dared to speak to her or greet her when she was alone.

The majority of werewolves can speak many languages because of their extended lifespan. Mainly in the English language.

When Zack returned with something from his house, it is a black tube, which piqued Bellas interest. He opened the black tube and pulled out a piece of tracing paper. Zack laid out his plan and presented it to the other members. Bella was taken entirely by surprise. She was able to see Zacks plan devised from five meters away.

It is the creation of a villages perspective plan. Zack stated that he used to be an architect. It wasn until later that she realized she had been duped by the man who was meant to be there for everyone. Bella learned that Zack admired the werewolves so much.

A question was raised by Harold, one of the more experienced werewolves, ”Where are we going to build a village? ”

Bella shows mercy for the older man. He has a daughter who has been missing since the beginning of the war and has not yet been found. For now, he is with Aira, his eldest daughter, and currently a member of the pack. Aira is one of the ladies who have feelings for Zack as well.

A friendly smile from Zack greeted Harold. ”Blood Ring Island. ”

Bella was on the edge of collapsing from exhaustion. Blood Ring Island is a private island located in the northern limits of Sweden. The scenery on the island is breathtaking. Natural resources abound in abundance. There are many different kinds of creatures that live there. There are a lot of people that are interested in coming there. Christopher Ring is the owner of an island that he received from his late parents. He is also a real estate developer and commercial entrepreneur with a strong track record of success.

How is Zack planning on obtaining the island from a wealthy individual? Hes got to be utterly nuts to be doing this. Bella talking to her own self. Bellas imagining was going through made her expression grow bitter. Zack bragged about himself once more. Eventually, Bella became disinterested and returned to her house.

After she had lain down, Bella was compelled to sleep. She was deep sleeping when roused by a series of knocks on the door. Her only option was to rise and reapply the blindfold before attempting to open the doorknob. Her heart rate increased as a result of the collision with Zack. In her mind, she wanted to reprimand herself for how she was feeling.

Zack was reprimanded, and he sneered at her. ”What? ” Bella made a hissing sound. ”Its late already, and you knock on the door; its as if there isn going to be another day. ”

Zack busted out laughing at this point. In a lighthearted tone, he said, ”You
e appalled because you just saw me. ”

Bella has taken a backward step. ”After all, its already my bedtime. Who else would be willing to play a game with you at this hour? Your women will be the only ones satisfied, and Im not one of them, ” Bella stated emphatically.

Zack busted out laughing at this point. On the other hand, Bella bit the inside of her bottom lip with great force.

”I understand why you
e annoyed with me right now. This has been bugging me for a long time, but Ive put it aside ever since I first met you, who I remember as soft, reserved, and rude. By the way, you
e already envious, ” Zack remarked with a sneer.

Bella was able to restore her composure. Her ability to murder with one glance may diminish. Because she is envious, her brain begins to heat up. She is upset because she has noticed that Zack takes pleasure in ladies attention. Bella was upset because all she wanted was Zacks complete and undivided attention to her.

”If you cannot say anything pleasant, please leave, ” Bella said gently in response. It brought her great satisfaction to realize that she had finally been able to put a name to the sensation that had been plaguing her for weeks.

”All right… all right. Ive come here because youve mysteriously gone from the meeting a while ago. You were never given any information about the plans. ”

Bellas demeanor darkened as the conversation progressed. Zack didn see that Bella rolled her eyes at what he said, which is a good thing because it would be embarrassing.

”Im not interested, ” Bella states emphatically. ”Is that anything that can be done? Don be concerned about anything. Im already familiar with Blood Ring Island, ” she recounted her previous encounter with that island. ”Can you tell me how you
e going to get that? It is the property of a wealthy individual. Do you think hell agree to let you purchase it? Please understand that I am not attempting to bring you down, but how are you planning on obtaining the funds? ”

”All the werewolves had their own money, ” Zack says. ”We have the finances to complete the project. We were able to begin saving since Larry was the leader and have continued to do so till today. Robert and Larah are in charge of handling the money. They are in charge of handling the revenue generated by the werewolves by their sewing and woodwork sculptures. Robert comes here regularly, and I always give him money. For more than 200 years, we have been putting money aside. The two of them hypothesized that they might have saved enough money to buy a large plot of land. ”

Bella was caught aback by what she heard. She hadn considered that, so she didn respond straight away. Zack is correct. These are the primary sources of revenue for the werewolves. Older werewolves sew winter clothing out of fleece. Werewolves are also animal lovers, and they are known to take care of lambs. The inspiration for the wooden sculptures came from the trees in the surrounding forest. All the products they made had been transported to the nearby towns, and Zack is currently on the lookout for a buyer.

Zack went on to say more. ”Id heard good things about the island and decided to visit it. It was a fantastic learning experience. As a result, I hired someone to track down the propertys owner. You are correct. It was revealed to me that Christopher Ring is a very wealthy man. He owns a significant amount of money. Though, Christopher is well-known for having a problem with gambling as well. Hes now gone into hiding, and Ive been on the quest for him to speak with him about it. While I have no way of knowing whether or not he will sell the island, I am still hopeful. To keep the groups morale up, I must have a positive attitude at all times. ”

Bella couldn say anything because she was utterly taken aback. Bella was embarrassed by what she acted.

Zack breathed a sigh of relief. ”Robert isn aware of my plans at this time, but I aim to inform him as soon as possible. Do you have any more questions?

”Um…nothing. Im exhausted, ” Bella said.

Zack breathed a sigh of relief. ”Okay. Take it easy for a bit. We
e still going to be up bright and early the next morning. ”

Bella was surprised because Zack didn say that they would go somewhere. ”Why? What are our plans for tomorrow? ”

Zacks lips twitched slightly in response. He turned and walked away, saying, ”Well go hunting. ”

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