”Zack! ” When the gentleman arrived, Larah greeted him with a nice greeting. When Zack arrived, Larah was overjoyed. She couldn help but feel a strong attraction to the man. Sarah is a werewolf and one of Zacks most trusted companions. They are left alone with a bunch of wolves warriors who abandoned them. When it comes to carrying out responsibilities, Larah is dependable.

Zack was taken aback by the scene when he gazed out the window, as is typical in this situation. It appears that Zack was famous in their town, especially to those women. The man is good-looking, hardworking, and well-educated, and he has a fantastic shape and posture to match. He also had an important role to play in their town. He was universally hailed as a hero. Every woman had a strong desire to be with him, especially Bella.

Like any other woman, Bella used to think of Zack as a hero, and she was not alone in this belief. Zack entrusted Larah to guard Bella because of her cursed sight. Zack discovers her in the cave where he used to hide during the war before. Bella had cursed eyes, which translated to ”cursed vision. ” Individuals or creatures will die when they look straight into her eyes.

According to the legend, the story begins with an imprisoned enslaved person seeking the power of a god to liberate himself from his oppressive masters. And the cursed eyes were immediately empowered as a result of the goodness of the heart of the enslaved person. It has a wide range of different colored eyes. The left eye is blue-gold, while the right eye is green-yellow. After that, they became free and were allowed to live everyday life and raise a family on their terms.

On the other hand, its progeny inherited the cursed eyes, which unknowingly murdered a significant number of people in the process. The cursed-eyed people were slain one by one until all of them disappeared. But people don know that there is still a one-person left, its Bella Ortiz. Curse-eyed people became a legend and were kept hidden from the general publics view until Bella exist and she met Zack, the man who saved Bellas life. Though, Bella has another gift; she can resurrect someone. But even she doesn know how it happened.

Zack requested assistance in resurrecting Robert to bring the conflict to a close. Only Robert is believed to be capable of putting an end to the wolf kings reign. It was a shame that he had to force Bella to accept it before he would let her go. Zack put up with her for one reason: the fight had an influence on many people, including children, the elderly, and the mortals. She had a soft spot for them because she had experienced hunting down and killing her family by those evil creatures.

Bella was eventually successful in resurrecting Robert. As a token of appreciation, Robert granted her a permanent home among them in the forest. She has nowhere to go because she has no family left. Zack was responsible for keeping an eye on her and taking care of her.

Zack constructed her hut and provided her with food regularly. Bella does not consider him to be a jerk. They are not like others, who are wary of her because of her physical look.

Bella secretly admired Zack. Just like any other woman, Zack was a hero to her since he saved her from the cave. If it hadn been for the mans resolve, she would probably die already.

Bella decided to close her eyes and take a position. She shook her head when she remembered Zacks rumors; she became even more frightened and concerned. When Zack was sent to Italy during the war, rumors say that she dated lots of women. Every time she thought about it, she winced a little. She could not affirm because asking Zack that question was embarrassing for her. Zack was also adamant about cooperating. The fact, that Zack may be upset when she confronted him about it. Though, she notices that those women involved with Zack were the most part, will only be in place for a brief period. Bella believes the women were taken aback when they discovered that they gained nothing from Zack because he never had a serious relationship with any woman ever since.

But there were still many ladies who desired to be with him—women who admired him—there were still many of them…

”Ella? ” Zack said this at the exact moment as he knocked on the houses front door.

Bella committed a clerical error. As he regained consciousness, she fell into a deep sleep. Zack is the only one who refers to her in this manner. Shes not bothered by it at all. At first, she was pleased with it. She seemed that there was compassion in calling her by that name, but her delight was short-lived when she realized how feminine it was. But she figured it was just a simple nickname for her.

Bella was surprised why Zack had come to her house. She couldn find the right words. Zack kept knocking on the door. So, Bella wore a blindfold so that she could not see Zack directly. Because it was black lace, she could see exactly what was happening. This serves as a protective shield if someone else stares her in the eyes.

To avoid looking at Zack, she pushed the door and knelt. Even though she is blindfolded, she still avoids him because she is concerned that she could kill Zack accidentally.

”Whats going on? ” Bella wondered. Even though she is pure Italian, she is already fluent in English. She gained a great deal of knowledge during her life.

”Youve got a frown on your face once more. ” Zack gripped Bellas chin, and Bella let out a sigh of contentment. Shes on the verge of realizing that she missed him. But she chose to remain silent. Zacks face was flushed with excitement. At the same time, Bellas heart was thumping against the wall.

”Why you are here? ” she demanded, rising in pitch. Zack teases her even more at this point to keep her from appearing disgusted.

He took a few long breaths and let out a little giggle. ”I went to the near town, where I was born and raised. And it happened that I passed by a fabric store on my way home. So, Ive made you a new blindfold, ” Zack said.

Bella took a good look at Zack. As soon as she was recalled, her dissatisfaction evaporated completely. However, this has always been the case. When Zack goes for a walk, he always brings something to her.

”Thank you, ”Bella said and picked up the bag.

Zack kept his mouth shut for a few moments, but Bella could see he was paying intently and her heartbeat even faster. She muttered under her breath.

He suddenly burst out laughing. ”All Im doing is staring at you. Do you get upset immediately away? ” Zack asked.

”What? Please let me know if you have anything further to say. ” Her voice was gruff as she said, ”If there is, please inform me so you can exit right away. ”

Zack managed a squeak of laughter. ”All right…all right, but you should come to my house tonight. All of them will be there. I want to make an announcement, ” he said and left.

She did nothing except look at Zacks back as if she were a robot. What on earth could that possibly be the announcement? Is Zack thinking about getting married? Bella was tossed around by the wind. She believes it is entirely unthinkable. The thought shook her up a second and third time.

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