”Does the patient will going to be okay? ” Kevin Taylor inquired of the doctor in a hushed tone. The doctor was completely thrown off his feet. He is Robert Carter, a former surgeon, and a physician of Edward.

When Kevin realized Edward was still not in good condition, his heart sank. It had been severely damaged by the explosion a year before. Luckily, the doctors were able to save him. To extend Edwards life, he underwent a series of procedures.

The older man has been on life support for the past year. Erick exhaled a sigh of relief. He was also furious with the individual who had committed the crime. Besides being his boss, Edward is also his father, even not in blood, making him extraordinary. Edward treats Kevin as his own child already.

Kevin was of legal age already so, he able to help and assist Edward. He couldn give up his power because he owed the older man so much. Before he came to Edward, Kevin owed a significant amount of money. His parents became ill simultaneously and were taken to the hospital. He was in college at the time, and he doesn want to stop his studies because he was about to receive his diploma in Business Management degree. He was only able to study as a result of the scholarship. His earnings from his side job as a waiter were enough to cover their daily expenses. It would have been acceptable to live a simple life, but his parents financial situation had rendered them unable to work. His mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her father was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Kevin was clinging to the merciless debt collectors of Toronto. They were prepared to murder him if he didn have anything to pay for it. He studied college at that time, and his parents had short-term chemo treatment.

Edward saw Kevin that time at the lowest point of his life. So, Edward decided to hire him to his business as a clerk because Edward believed that a massive corporation should be founded to hasten payment to the fortunate few.

Kevin developed into a diligent worker. As a result of his dedication and hard work, he elevated his living status. When Edward saw him at the lowest point of Kevins life, he already took note of him. Unbeknownst to him, Edward had investigated him and identified his problem. Edward grabbed at the chance to lend a helping hand. After paying off all of his debts, he invited him to become his right-hand man.

Kevin was on the verge of tears of happiness. He immediately had sworn his allegiance to Edward. To this cause, he is prepared to commit the rest of his life to him. He told to Edward that putting his faith in him was not a mistake. Interestingly, Kevin also showed that he was doing the right thing by serving Edward and giving him his complete attention during their time together.

And, yes! Edward wanted to have revenge on the primordial werewolves. Kevin was well aware of the intensity of Edwards feelings. If he were in the position of the older man, he would most likely do the same thing. Edward, on the other hand, wasn simply out for retribution. His father was now only half-dead and was a source of great distress. Many werewolves were disappointed, angered, and even in tears due to what transpired. And others will share their sympathies and outrage over what happened to Edward.

Dr. Robert claims to have tried everything, but life support is the only thing that keeps Edward alive.

Kevin sat shakily on the chair at Edwards bedside shortly after the doctor said goodbye to him. Edward has no family, and as a result, no one else is responsible for him or keeps an eye on him. The elder man did not remarry. He was only concerned with the pack. The pack, on the other hand, has a new commander. Upon leaving a message, Edward requested that I notify him immediately if anything horrific occurred in the pack.

In addition, he did not announce the news to the public on television. He paid a significant amount of money to keep what had happened hidden. Using deception, he led the immortals to believe that the older man was no longer alive. He also doesn want the immortals to find out that he survived the blast and that he will return, which would be a catastrophe.

Edward is confined to a high-priced private hospital for the rest of his life. Edward owns a company; thus, he receives preferential treatment. Armed soldiers also surrounded his room.

Despite his best efforts, Kevin cannot claim that everything is okay. His situation will improve once the genuine criminals responsible for his bosss hospitalization are brought to justice.

”Sir, you need not be concerned. Every detail will be taken care of entirely by myself. Though, the creatures who have caused you harm, on the other hand, are still alive. They will have to deal with the repercussions. And Ill make sure they don like the revenge Ill take… ” Kevin murmured coldly as he cast an icy glare at the unconscious older man.

Kevin sat back in his chair and took a deep breath to clear his head. He asserted that he needed to travel to Europe to assassinate the primordial werewolves personally. So hell go and do it but he thinks that he needs some help from others as well.

He immediately asked Darius to investigate the immortals weaknesses, which he completed in record time. Kevin is just interested in the final report. Developing a suitable method for apprehending immortals is essential for him to be successful. Darius is the most skilled soldier working for Edward. He is thirty-eight years old and a citizen of the United States. He is also dependable when it comes to acquiring information. As quick as an actor and as insightful as a thinker, thats what they get when they combine the two. Kevin thinks that they cannot afford to fail at this stage of revenge.

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