Alpha’s Greatest Desire

Going To Mount Dublin

”Did you have a good time? ” As the three of them sipped their coffee on the balcony, Lea asked the question with a smile. The location provided a panoramic view of the entire ranch.

They had a wonderful holiday because we were able to visit the waterfall several more times. They joined them on the horse, and by that point, Bella was riding alone — something she regrets now that she no longer has that support system by Zack.

”Yes. Bella enjoyed the treks we took around here. Bella had a strong desire to return to the waterfall on a regular basis, ” Zack said with a grin on his face.

The couple exchanged pleasantries and glanced at one another. ”Did you know that was the place where we first met back then? When he was wounded, I also took him to the hospital and treated him there. In addition, it was there that Tim went when he lost his memory, ” Lea spoke forward and described what happened when the primordials launched an attack. The ranch became the focal point of the combat, and as a result, it was completely destroyed. Although there were several storms, everything eventually went smoothly for the newlyweds, who were delighted.

”You know, maybe that place will also be important to both of you and serve as a motivation for the both of you to grow. ” Tim made a joke.

Bellas cheeks were pink. Zack burst out laughing and shook his head a few times. There are many who would like to match them once more. They seemed lots were interested in them each other.

”Ive had enough, ” Zack moaned bitterly.

”Oh, Zack. Im sorry. Not only that, but do you not believe that during the time youve been together and known one other, youve ever felt anything for each other? ” Lea made a light-hearted joke.

”Unfortunately, this is not the case. Zack is surrounded by a large number of female friends. Even his emotions appear to be a source of worry for him…. ” Bella said.

”Bella… ” says Zack. He shook his head in bewilderment till he burst out laughing. ”You
e seriously under the impression that Im a playboy. ”

Bella had a sly grin on his face. ”Yes, it is correct. And, obviously, you take pleasure in the attention. ”

”Its also clear that you
e envious of the situation. Don you remember me telling you that I no longer pay attention to them and so no longer think about them? ” Zack responded with a grin.

”Zack! ” When Bella learned they were looks stupid in front of Tim, she exclaimed, ”Oh my Goodness! ” Even the couple, who was observing them with a broad grin, seemed to enjoy themselves. Bellas desire to sink into the seat seemed understandable.

”I believe we no longer need to tempt you, ” Lea remarked, a smile on her face. Tim smiled and nodded.

Bella moaned, and the entire room burst out laughing. And, as was often the case, her heart raced like crazy, she felt, and she realized that everyone had finally guessed what she would truly feel. As a result, she became increasingly irritated with Zack. In response to the mans laughter, Bella lightly booted Zack on the side of his body.

When the couples satellite phone rang, they realized what had happened. Lea responded to the call. Lea took a few steps back to talk with someone while Tim went into the house to buy some more beers. Zack and Bella were left on the balcony.

Bella was deafeningly quiet because she had an idea that came to her out of nowhere.

Lea expressed her belief that they did not need to be enticed. She wondered if Zack has a feeling for her and if they were experiencing the same thing. But what is the reason why Zack doesn do anything? What is there about that Zack doesn take her seriously?

e being quiet, ” Zack said in hushed tones.

Bella let out a sigh. ”Im simply thinking right now. ”

”Who are you talking about? Me? We are together right now; are you still thinking about me? ” Zack made a joke.

”Its always a joke to go through that, ” Bella sarcastically observed. She was starting to become bored, and by that point, she was becoming really irritated. She is incapacitating. She had the impression that Zack was just preying on her emotions.

Zack was deafeningly quiet. Bella became nervous all of a sudden. She was uncomfortable next to Zack for a variety of reasons. Her eyes were drawn to Zack, but she promptly bowed when she realized that Zack was looking at her. As she thought about it, her heart was pumping with excitement. Butterflies were swarming over her midsection. At the mere sight of that, her entire system went into pandemonium.

”Kate is expecting a child! ” Lea responded with a loud exclamation.

Zack and Bella were completely taken aback by the news. Lea, on the other hand, burst into tears of joy, and as soon as Tim returned, she raced to embrace him and break the news to him.

”Are you serious?! ” Tim looked at his wife and exclaimed, ”For real? ”

Lea nodded Tims head several times. ”That is why Mom can leave Kate. She is the one who is in charge of her care. Bruce is with Mom, while Dad is responsible for Imee. That is why mom is perplexed as to why Kate isn getting stronger. Kate was examined by a vampire doctor, and it was discovered that she was expecting a child. ” Lea called attention to the elderly vampire who has the power to read the physical condition of others just by caressing them.

”After discovering the root reason for Kates weight loss, they were able to devise a solution. For her to not feel weak, an excessive amount of cow blood was administered. When Dad was satisfied that everything was in order, he said that he would visit the ranch, ”Lea added, ”According to Dad, they will also inform Kirl. Bruce might be able to bear children, same to Louis. ”

Zack nodded and finally understood everything. Bruces success was likewise celebrated by Bella. He was confident that the couple would be content because they had wanted children for a long time as well.

”Perhaps you
e like that as well, ” Bella said, a smirk on her face.

”I certainly hope so! ” Lea stared at her husband with a hopeful expression on her face, anticipating an answer. Tim kissed her on the bridge of Leas nose. I can see the attraction between the two of them.

Bella let out a sigh. That was something she wished for as well, in a corner of her heart. But how is she going to acquire it if the man she dreams of is a complete and utter joke?

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